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  1. Tyrone.

    [REVIEW 05/11] Grave_Trip banned by Tryone_Thomson

    Review date set to 05/11. Do not PM any administrator about your ban appeal if you do so your review date will be extended with 1 week. If you try to ban evade your appeal will be straight denied.
  2. Review date set to 29/10. Do not PM any administrator about your ban appeal if you do so your review date will be extended with 1 week. If you try to ban evade your appeal will be straight denied.
  3. Tyrone.

    [REVIEW 05/11] Grave_Trip banned by Tryone_Thomson

    Hello Grave Trip. Its nice by your side to admit that you tried to money hack. Lets move to your ban reason. You were caught money hacking which you were really serious in doing that. If you had a lil bit brain you wouldnt try because you as a veteran of this community should know that "HACKING" is one of the common rules. What would you do with those money if the hack really worked? You were staying at the bank so no one notice it. Your recent punishment from the past 1 month. Looks like you kept rulebreaking once , twice or even more in a week. You were recently unbanned yet you got banned again. Care to elaborate why we should unban you in the first place? Give us as much as you can, the more the better for you.
  4. Provide screenshot of your GTA folder with the current date visible on your PC. Same goes for the CLEO folder.
  5. Why we should return you to the server after you have broken one of thr common rules which is hacking. What made you to use it what will you do to avoid such things. Elaborate as much as you can, the more the better.
  6. Aa you admit. Why did you used such illegal modification and decided to lie to us and hide it on your previous appeals? Care to elaborate.
  7. Tyrone.

    Denied Come_Smith banned by Kacper

    Denied. Re appeal when you feel ready to speak the truth.
  8. Tyrone.

    Denied Come_Smith banned by Kacper

    You sure that you are clean? Look up to your modified date, its modified today which clearly shows that you used some kind of illegal modification to gain advantage over the other players. Care to elaborate why did you use such illegal modification, lying will get you nowhere and will make the situation worse, you better speak the truth.
  9. Appeal once you can speak the truth and admit it. Denied.
  10. Tyrone.

    Summer Games (1st part)

    Your IG name: [IX]TyroneM Your Timezone: GMT+03 When do you play(/ct): Well Morning to Night A picture of your stats: Will be added soon
  11. Tyrone.

    Mudoo's World Cup Sweepstake!

    Name: Tyrone_Morrison Russia 1-3 Uruguay Egypt 3 - 0 Saudi ArabiaI Iran 1 - 2 Portugal Spain 3 - 0 Morocco Australia 1 - 0 Peru Denmark 0 - 2 France Iceland 1 - 2Croatia Nigeria 1 - 2 Argentina Serbia 1 - 2 Brazil Switzerland 2 - 1 Costa Rica South Korea 1 - 3 Germany Mexico 2 - 2 Sweden England 2 - 3 Belgium Panama 0 - 2 Tunasia Japan 2 - 1 Poland Senegal 1 - 2 Columbia
  12. Your in-game name [BB]TyroneM You real life age 15 Your country and timezone GMT+ 03 How do you describe yourself as a person I am a helpful person which likes to help people in needed. I am also loyal, polite and mature. I am friendly to those who deserve and I speak English fluently. What are your motives for becoming a moderator? I would like to become Moderator because of my experience in other servers. I have been administrator in one DM server for a year with a lot of players. I think my experience will be useful in this server. I would like to this community with something . As I stated before I am helpful person and always ready to help so the reasons I think the reason I stated above makes me suitable for that position. How will you deal with a friend that is asking for favors? Administrators have no friends if necessary. The favor is depends. If it's releated to our administration duty then I can not do any favors but If it is releated to another thing maybe we would think about that. How will you deal with a new player that keeps on rule-breaking, after several warnings? I would sincerely ask him to stop rulebreaking if he is not stopping he will face consequences. Any additional information you feel is relevant I would like to help to this server and to the community. I could be a good material to this server and I just wanted to try my luck by applying for the Moderator position. Screenshot of your in-game stats

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