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  1. Review date is set to 27th of May 2019.
  2. Kacper's comment "Why did you use aimbot in the first place?"
  3. Ill give you last and final chance. You will follow the rules and RP. What you have done is not acceptable. Behave. Unbanned.
  4. You can Denzel's things a shit, I'm making you salute me 24/7.
  5. We see how finneys roleplay as farmers. /me plants the seed /me harvests
  6. #freethefarms We want to grow our own grapes and potatoes not to buy from others. Its time to say stop to those bullshits.
  7. You shouldnt have lied to me in the first place. Unbanned and your account is Michael_Castello.
  8. Tyrone.

    PD Volunteers

  9. Ban evading. Re apply in 2 months! Denied!
  10. Review date set to 2th of February. If you PM any Staff about your appeal, the review date will increase with 1 week (7 days). If you BANEVADE , your appeal will be straight denied and you will lose the chances of gettimg unbanned.
  11. First question, What is the definition of roleplay? Second question, What can we expect from you in the future, why do you deserve this chance of getting back into the server?
  12. Are you still interested in getting unbanned?
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