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  1. Ban evading. Re apply in 2 months! Denied!
  2. Review date set to 2th of February. If you PM any Staff about your appeal, the review date will increase with 1 week (7 days). If you BANEVADE , your appeal will be straight denied and you will lose the chances of gettimg unbanned.
  3. First question, What is the definition of roleplay? Second question, What can we expect from you in the future, why do you deserve this chance of getting back into the server?
  4. Are you still interested in getting unbanned?
  5. Review date set to 1st of January 2019. PMing any staff member for your appeal will result in 1 week increase of your review date. If you ban evade your appeal will be straight denied without the chance to re appeal in the near future.
  6. Firstly you have choosen a bad idea to DM at Public event and ruin it. Second you cant just kill people insultijng your religion or so, you simply report them if you feel offended and administrators would solve it. Third, Elaborate in 150 words what you did was wrong and what you should do to avoid doing it in the future. Fourth is that you got 3 recent bans and this is your fourth. You were given a lot of chances , which you failed to abide the rules. Why we should give you a chance to prove yourself worthy to the server and follow the rules?
  7. Ban evading. Re appeal in 1st of March 2019. Denied.
  8. Why did you lie in the first place that you didnt use such illegal modification and admited after few proofs were shown. What made you use lag.cs and what would we expect from you in the future? Eleborate as much as possible!
  9. Re appeal in 2 months. Ban evading is not tolerated in this community. Denied.

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