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  1. Paintball Tournament Season 2 has come to an end. Congratulations to Team Bots for winning the tournament and taking the 1st position. Congratulations to Team Smitty werbenjagermanjensen for taking the 2nd position. Congratulations to Team Natural Born Killers for taking the 3rd position. Team Leaders can contact Server Manager+ in order to receive their prizes. Hope to see you soon in Season 3.
  2. Why would we trust you after you went lying to us that you are Hellers irl friend and so on? Give me a one good reason to let you in the server once again.
  3. Tyrone.

    Mudoo Gang Wars

    If we dont forget, those actions you have stated on your posts were being done by yourself. That cryfest wont lead you anywhere. Ive said it before and now. You people fail to understanr some basic things. Instead reporting the people on forum who rulebreak with valid evidence you decide to start up new topics what Mudoo should be and what not. And you were recently punished for the reason of "Deathmatching" yet you come and shit talk those people who does the same as you do and coming here trying to cover your wrong doings by spreading false accusations.
  4. Tyrone.

    0.3.7 or DL

    It would be perfect if both are merged.
  5. After reviewing the logs I saw that Pedro Andolini indeed blowed the ATM but it is not againts the rules. I will speak with Pedro regarding this to avoid such situations in the future. L&A.
  6. How do you know it was him if you didnt have clear view of the ATM?
  7. The player haven't seen since 15th of October so according to that we think that he has some IRL problems and therefore I decided to lock and archive this report and handle it once the player is seen IG. L&A.
  8. Toni Andolini was verbally warned for the his behavior shown towards you. Also accepting death is higly up to the person that is knocked , but Toni Andolini failed to RP it before accepting death so he had been verbally warned for it too. L&A.
  9. I dont see any problem in this report as the player didnt break any rule. He will be spoken to about his behaviour. Maybe you guys should grow up and avoid/ignore such people in the future. L&A.
  10. Ill be the administrator handling your report. Ill speak to Toni about the situation and return to you as soon as possible.
  11. Ill handle this report. Ill speak to Matteo Wilson regarding this and return back to you with conclusion.
  12. Bret will be spoken to. About the other situation. Totally IC, which has nothing to do with Administrative work.
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