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  1. Crisby

    0.3 DL

    Totaly support it.Sooner or later we will have to do it ,doing this earlier will save us time in the future.
  2. Kacper was robbing the bank and asked cops for ransom.Nice try.
  3. Doughnut share my mods DeanC ok sir?
  4. Where is the profit in this ? $9,010 (last paid: 2 Jan 2019) 9k$ for 2 days..
  5. Totaly agree.The fact they are wanted is overused to shoot more cops on sight.
  6. We made turfs so groups would fight each other,apparently they all made a deal and wont even fight over them lmao.Just remove turfs already.Pointless.
  7. We both know you wont,the ammount of punishments you have is huge.You were given chances yet you failed. Last time i checked its not 2021 yet.
  8. You are very impatient for the possition you are in. To be reviewed in 1 December. Meanwhile do not try to message admins about it or try ban evading. If you try any of these, this will be immediatly denied.
  9. So far i am not convinced,try harder.
  10. You have been using it for quite a long time now thinking you can get away with it.You thought wrong.We have clear evidence that you have used it. I suggest the next reply by you be the truth.
  11. Since you understand your mistakes i will give you the very last chance but next rulebreak will be a permament ban.This is your final chance. To be unbanned on 15th November.
  12. You have 6 previous temporary bans and from what i saw last night you have learnt nothing from them,with a total of 18 punishments, stating you did read the rules yesterday does that mean this was the only time you did actually bother to read them? 18 Punishments literally almost for the same reason "Poor roleplay ,Deathmatching" How do you explain all these?Because for me its impossible to understand how can one get punished over and over and still do the same thing.
  13. Hopefully you will improve. To be unbanned on 15 November. This is your last chance from me.

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