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  1. Since you understand your mistakes i will give you the very last chance but next rulebreak will be a permament ban.This is your final chance. To be unbanned on 15th November.
  2. You have 6 previous temporary bans and from what i saw last night you have learnt nothing from them,with a total of 18 punishments, stating you did read the rules yesterday does that mean this was the only time you did actually bother to read them? 18 Punishments literally almost for the same reason "Poor roleplay ,Deathmatching" How do you explain all these?Because for me its impossible to understand how can one get punished over and over and still do the same thing.
  3. Hopefully you will improve. To be unbanned on 15 November. This is your last chance from me.
  4. So far there has been 0 roleplay from you side,why should i consider unbanning you?
  5. I am willing to give you that chance but you need to understand that from this point on you will be extremly careful on what you do and how you do it. To be unbanned after 24 hours.Hopefuly i wont see you again in this board.
  6. Do you understand how stupid doing that is?And there is no sign of regret to it.Explain.
  7. This is not the very first time you decide to lie in order to have things go on your way.Everything you did was on full purpose there was no "i didn't know" or "I didn't mean it" behind it.Kindly tell me why should i consider this appeal.
  8. You can store weapon cases,business storage was removed due to the fact we added house robbery.
  9. Group storage is already here its just your leader didn’t give u access to it.
  10. And you have said that soo many times: "As i said i will change at all ,no more shitty rp and shitty behavior nothing,Think me as a new player whoose came from another community or i dont know,but i will forget everything and i will start a new story therr Hope you understand what i want to say 🤗" "I know to roleplay ,But i cant roleplay with someone that tries to grab socks...If you think you can give me a chance go ahead" A chance..a chance..You were given chances and you wasted all of them.You can't even keep your word for 24 hours. To be unbanned on 15 October.Do not message staff members meanwhile. And let me remind you the very next rulebreak no matter what it is,you will be straight banned and don't even bother to appeal by then.
  11. In seconds or not how comes it only happens to you?Is it too hard to follow the rules?
  12. Why should i even consider this? So far you have proven you don't care about roleplay nor to follow the rules judging your punishment history.
  13. Yes right if by any way refund anyone others will want to be refunded aswell.just leave it as it is score doesn't matter much anyway.
  14. Only 4 clans?Shortest Clan War tour ever!

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