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  1. Crisby


  2. Yes right if by any way refund anyone others will want to be refunded aswell.just leave it as it is score doesn't matter much anyway.
  3. Only 4 clans?Shortest Clan War tour ever!
  4. Crisby

    SAPD - DRUG TRANSPORT - 28/07, 17:30

    Where we going ser ?
  5. Crisby

    Mudoo's World Cup Sweepstake!

    Elias Walker France 2-0 Croatia England 1-2 Belgium
  6. Crisby

    Mudoo's World Cup Sweepstake!

    Elias Walker France 2x1 Belgium Croatia 1x2 England
  7. Crisby

    Mudoo's World Cup Sweepstake!

    Elias Walker Uruguay 1x3 France Brazil 1-2 Belgium Russia 1-3 Croatia Sweden 1-0 England
  8. Crisby

    Mudoo's World Cup Sweepstake!

    Elias Walker Uruguay 1x2 Portugal France 2x1 Argentina Brazil 2x0 Mexico Belgium 3x0 Japan Spain 2x0 Russia Croatia 1x1 Denmark- Croatia will go to Quarter-Finals. Sweden 1x2 Switzerland Colombia 1x2 England
  9. Crisby

    Mudoo's World Cup Sweepstake!

    Name: Elias_Walker Russia 0x1 Uruguay Saudi Arabia 0-2 Egypt Iran 0-2 Portugal Spain 3-0 Morocco Australia 1-0 Peru Denmark 1-1 France Iceland 0-2 Croatia Nigeria 1-2 Argentina Serbia 0-2 Brazil Switerzland 2-0 Costa Rica South Korea 0-3 Germany Mexico 1-3 Sweden England 1-1 Belgium Panama 2-1 Tunisia Japan 0-2 Poland Senegal 2-2 Colombia
  10. Crisby

    Community input needed

    Just limit their number,there might be people who do not want to join a gang/group but want to play alone and are intersted in such.

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