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  1. To be unbanned once a 40% wealth removal is applied to your account. Do not waste this chance.
  2. Review set for 29 March until then: Do not message staff members to review your unban request, it will result in extension of its reviewal time. Do not ban evade or attempt to.
  3. So if i am willing to give you a chance how will you use the opportunity that may be given to you?
  4. You went randomly aiming at cops and stated "I was checking crosshair" a situation which ended up randomly shooting any cop who was nearby,your desire to just shoot people needs to stop.Not to mention the level of trolling you have been up to lately. Note this is your second full ban.And your "roleplay" has been worse than previously. How do you explain your acts?Does it all look good to you?
  5. Hello, Sadly i wish to inform you that you are permamently banned from Mudoo RPG as it turns this is your 5th ban. For more information read this:
  6. People who don’t know what /me is used for are irrelevant to this topic and the server in general.
  7. So you are stating that our players are not capeable to roleplay?Then why run a roleplay server? Months ago we had no turfs no smuggle,why were people roleplaying back then?Why are they not now?
  8. Since you decided to tell us the truth you will be given a second chance. Meanwhile delete any kind of mod that gives you an advantage. To be unbanned after 24 hours.
  9. You were banned for something you did earlier in the day.Now this is your gold chance to tell us the truth acting innocent is not going to help as i said earlier.
  10. Are you willing to come up with the truth?Acting innocent and that you know nothing about it wont help you.
  11. ScareCrow

    Group Council

    In-game name:Elias Walker Registration date:11 Jun 2018 Most recent punishment, type and date:27 Dec 2018 at 15:40,Kick for "?" Current group membership: None Previous group membership:V-PMC,SAAF,SAPD Motive for joining the council:I have been playing for quite time now and to be honest not all groups have satisfied me.Being part of the council gives me the opportunity to change things for better. Three positive and negative attributes about yourself: Positive: Working well with others, beign honest and not working for the benefit of myself but of everyone. Negative: Sometimes I can lose my temper, argue till the end if i think i am right.
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