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  1. implying samp isnt cnr lul no it will be text based roleplay but the level of roleplay is not something that interests me
  2. any chance you can give me couple credit card dumps too
  3. which carding website did you get that list dump from lul
  4. There are kids in this community who were born after Minecraft was released. Let that sink in.
  5. NAME: Timon Burke DATE OF BIRTH (CHARACTER): 4/20/1969 OCCUPATION: Retired
  6. which of those require approval from senate or w/e?
  7. umbrella term to disguise dming when ur bored
  8. The state is utterly oblivious to the current state of affairs, the president is willing to go into an active war zone to try and reason with rebels who have committed heinous crimes against the people of this nation.
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