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  1. which of those require approval from senate or w/e?
  2. umbrella term to disguise dming when ur bored
  3. The state is utterly oblivious to the current state of affairs, the president is willing to go into an active war zone to try and reason with rebels who have committed heinous crimes against the people of this nation.
  4. benis haha

  5. Daily raids of Rustlers on the city is not under control
  6. This is the fate that awaits the innocents civilians when their government ignores them.
  7. To further reinforce my proposal, the previous governor is long standing criminal and a traitor to his country and office. The mere audacity of him attempting to run for a second term in this upcoming election is shocking to me.
  8. Summary: The State of San Andreas has been under constant attack from rebels in Bone County. The weak and pathetic government; instead of crushing the rebellion has chose to shower it with gifts and rewards, dubbing them "humanitarian aid". Should Timon be appointed the title Dictator, he shall crush the rebellion in a matter of weeks. The State has been under attack for months following the rise of an incursion in Bone County, fighter planes have been spotted on a daily basis attacking innocents and bombing sites inside the cities. This decree will grant me, Timon absolute power over the state to deal with this incursion and crush the rebels. As perhaps the only competent governor and elected official, this role will be perfectly suitable. In ancient Roman society, during states of emergencies the Roman Senate would appoint a previous rule or military general as "Dictator"; the dictator would be given absolute power to preside over the matter of which he was appointed for. However, in order to prevent the dictatorship from threatening the state itself, severe limitations were placed upon its powers: a dictator could only act within his intended sphere of authority; and he was obliged to resign his office once his appointed task had been accomplished, or at the expiration of six months. Emperor Cornelius was appointed Dictator 6 times to deal with numerous rebellions and wars that have succeeded his rule. Read more here The current government has failed in its duty to protect its citizens from the daily attacks by the incursion of the LET faction and has instead showered them with gifts and rewards, dubbing them "humanitarian aid". When citizens of San Andreas fought back by bombing sites held by those terrorists, the current governor responded by providing medical aid to the terrorists. As dictator I will crush this rebellion in numbered days and prove that the current government is as incompetent as it is flawed.
  9. or maybe actually give him power to do anything without consulting the 3 managers who are also the highest ranking officials
  10. TiMoN

    [EVENT] Place Tracker

    LVAP ez win for anyone
  11. do only donators see this?

    smash the bourgeoisie

  12. You should start adding/removing teams based on international conflicts to encourage players to settle disputes and controversies through a healthy atmosphere of team deathmatching. Should also encourage players from both sides to join the server.
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