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  1. TiMoN

    Group Turfs

    thats why turfs should be every 23 hrs, no one's gonna login at 4 AM to defend a turf
  2. TiMoN

    Group Turfs

    i guess making a /collectturftax command or something can work
  3. in all fairness i loved the part where you called me a troll but roleplayer
  4. the solution is adding incentived for people to be civilians/criminals, not removing cops
  5. no removing all freecops because 1-2 dont know shit is not the solution
  6. rust might be a good choice too
  7. TiMoN

    Losing Interest !

    matthew put bank robbery orbpeople leave
  8. This is already a freeroam server
  9. Make a VMP server or whatevs, it's time to move on. Plus we can steal Marcel's and Carbon's scripts.

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