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  1. [Denied] Unban appeal - McQueen

    Tell me clearly why you banned me
  2. [Denied] Unban appeal - McQueen

    I do not understand your meaning,And I have not been banned until now
  3. [Denied] Unban appeal - McQueen

    I did not escape anything,Do you have any evidence for your words?
  4. [Denied] Unban appeal - McQueen

    I wanted to tell Viking to come to the site and answer me.Because he fired me for no reason
  5. [Denied] Unban appeal - McQueen

    Do you have evidence for your words?
  6. [Denied] Unban appeal - McQueen

    @VIKING I have not done anything. Just changed my name
  7. What is your in-game name? McQueen Which staff member banned you? [IX]VIKING[vVv] When did you get banned? 03/07/18 What is the ban reason? illegal modification Personal comment Hi. Why should I be bannedfor some reason?