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  1. I Recommend him; +Mature +Active +Helpful +Patient
  2. I Recommend him; + Polite + Mature + patient - In-active(Just try to improve your activity)
  3. well as trytee stated above, you have been trolling in Mudoo RPG and trolled in tdm before so for now you are not worthy to become a staff member, maybe apply after some months by showing some better results. I disrecommend him for now.
  4. You are mature, active and patient enough but the only problem of yours is english, i will stay neutral for now and i myself don't speak english much but just make it to understandable level and you will get my recommendation.
  5. I Recommend him; +Ex-staff +Active +Mature +Helpful +Patient -Need to improve more english though
  6. Okay you are getting a good last chance from me and if i saw that happening again so the result will be more worst in future so for now, you will be unbanned with 25% stats cut after 3 hours.
  7. I dont like dramas for real, as i told you that you had a way that you could report him to us and your deaths would be removed aswell but your intensions was to quit to avoid death and in the next reply you keep arguing with me and i am gonna deny your appeal so the good thing is accept it and i will unban you with some stats cut which you need for sure as a lesson.
  8. The thing is why you left the server even if he was hacker, you could /report to admins and even if you got killed by him so we would decrease your deaths but your intentions was quit to avoid death so you left and you are doing this from a very long time as i said you have been warned,jailed and many temp bans before but you dont understand this thing as i see.
  9. Lying with me wont change anything for you, i will increase your ban time if you lie more.That video seems old af when i kicked that bugged player and after that you came back in usa base while i was watching you all the time and when you was going to be killed, you left the server.If you think you have been attacked by a hacker, use /report.You are quitting to avoid deaths since a long time and you have got many warns,jails and temp bans but seems like that you didnt got the rules in your mind and you keep repeating on breaking it.Tell me a good reason to unban you as i dont think that you understood the rules.
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