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  1. 32 Players in total registered in this 1 VS 1 Tournament, Registration are closed now and the schedule will be announced tonight so stay tuned with us. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!
  2. This is GW Ban appeal, request unban in RP section CLOSED.
  3. i don't recommend him as mentioned in his previous mod application and please stop making new applications, u already have one mod application active.
  4. contact me on discord for some questions, _Zain_#2996
  5. Your in-game name: [AC]Assassin Picture of in-game statistics: Will be uploaded soon.
  6. Hello @Ahmed_Jemai; You are reporting an admin here so it should not be done under this section and about your report, i have talked to Theodore about this and he have verbal warned both of u, cannibal stopped but u continued to spam and that's the reason u got kicked so i will be closing this report since this is not the section for admin reports.
  7. I don't recommend him. - Immature - Impatient - Asking about his app on discord.
  8. u have been recently banned for antistunt.cs so no
  9. Alright sir, the good thing is u agreed to it and it was your first time rulebreak so now i will be unbanning u with 15% stats cut. old score: 499 new score: 424 old money: $503,917 new money: $428,330 old kills: 2 new kills: 2
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