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  1. You never ever moved on from Gunther, did ya Mikro
  2. yes its on vice city, maybe gta 3 if corona virus
  3. Finally So it's gonna be an RP server, not a CnR as Timon presented?
  4. Username: @1337Taco Comment: Great stuff, keep on the good work PD!
  5. SAAF times, we used to conduct inhumane experiments on patients with questionable past.
  6. Paco

    Server Feedback

    I like whatever app you're using
  7. Paco


    mashallah may Allah bring u Ser to Paradise inshallah veri good ser, super person!
  8. Paco


    im not sure how you connected DM with a mosque, its just an aesthetically addition to possibly encourage different types of rp. Loc even said, you make it, he add it. Simple as that. You want a church? You want a Llama? Map it and he'll prolly add it where it suits.
  9. heelo ser .. Im SAPD sergent level 2 .. Am make veri low Money But Am Want To HElp drugs, Am Protecc hashish feilds .. I get Raise in Police Dept. ?? thenk You ser .. best flowers, peco "benchod" valez
  10. What is your in-game name? Paco_Velez Which player(s) do you want to report? Carlo, Staz & Nicest Gambino and Marciano_Pareja When did the rulebreak happen? 03/19/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Dominic Williams, Stock Williams and Clay Williams What happened? (quote what rule was broken) Regular officers conducting a traffic stop at Commerce due to Marciano_Pareja was observed breaking multiple traffic laws according the public security code. As officers of the law, we proceeded to stop the unlawful behavior and fine the lad, peacefully. Now, all of a sudden, the whole shit breaks out to a shoot-out after three civilians came to eventually aid Marciano break out of this evil traffic stop that could've ended his entire fucking life apparently. Let's take a moment and read this quote; I'm honestly tired of this fucking shit going over and over again. These are certain people who continuously aids the players and the community itself in a self destructive matter. You kill the RP, and I'm honestly not the kind of person that would step out of my comfort zone and make a fucking report. Though, I've literally had it enough with this consistent bullshit. Just a note, I don't have a fucking problem with y'all as persons, but you've really triggered my limits as a nigga trying to enjoy some gameplay after work and not end everything in a fucking DM. Evidence
  11. Great step in my opinion! Does this include removal of clan tags?
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