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  1. Paco


    mashallah may Allah bring u Ser to Paradise inshallah veri good ser, super person!
  2. Paco


    im not sure how you connected DM with a mosque, its just an aesthetically addition to possibly encourage different types of rp. Loc even said, you make it, he add it. Simple as that. You want a church? You want a Llama? Map it and he'll prolly add it where it suits.
  3. Paco

    Server Survey - MAY

  4. Looks nice, man! Continue the good work, looking forward to the release
  5. If only the world was that easy. Go get a job, or beg your mom.
  6. heelo ser .. Im SAPD sergent level 2 .. Am make veri low Money But Am Want To HElp drugs, Am Protecc hashish feilds .. I get Raise in Police Dept. ?? thenk You ser .. best flowers, peco "benchod" valez
  7. Just a quick question; why FiveM and not RageMP? Personally, I'd love to see a roleplay server in GTAV. Else, I'd want something that was proposed earlier in this topic, something similar to New Dawn. Good initiative, lads.
  8. Great step in my opinion! Does this include removal of clan tags?
  9. Paco

    Turfs and Smuggle

    Actually, how about you reward groups (neglecting official status) that contribute to roleplay and active playerbase by activating them a boost? Groups would collect roleplay points and etc by the group council, which then can be redeemed ingame by activating a preferred boost. 25 increase in drug prices and etc. Thus you will get groups focusing on making roleplay and actually trying to get these points and benefit from them. It will have a more subsidies value than just some points to get official status.
  10. i thenk i do veri god job, i help Nwebies and Poor people. i Think Am veri god admen
  11. Yes, of course! Do you want some RPG cases with the ranchers, maybe some hydras too? all free my friend mettheeeeeew certeeeer pleeees giev tthem
  12. How about you guys give an input on the suggestion, there's nothing to apply for cause there ain't anything settled yet. This is merely a suggestion for an improvement. I think the idea is great, definitely will motivate groups to do more activities in-game. Suggest the points to be added directly in-game so each group can see how much they have, and the faction council can monitor it. Smuggling, turfs, AVERAGE total activity of the group, RP, topic activity. Overall a great suggestion with many opportunities to increase activity. Good game, Pepe
  13. Paco

    My departure

    What a brazilian, telling me to come and then you leave Nevertheless, don't push yourself over the limit, you know how it goes! Keep enjoying life, we have our ways of contacting each other! See ya around
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