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  1. i thenk i do veri god job, i help Nwebies and Poor people. i Think Am veri god admen
  2. How about you guys give an input on the suggestion, there's nothing to apply for cause there ain't anything settled yet. This is merely a suggestion for an improvement. I think the idea is great, definitely will motivate groups to do more activities in-game. Suggest the points to be added directly in-game so each group can see how much they have, and the faction council can monitor it. Smuggling, turfs, AVERAGE total activity of the group, RP, topic activity. Overall a great suggestion with many opportunities to increase activity. Good game, Pepe
  3. Paco

    My departure

    What a brazilian, telling me to come and then you leave 😮 Nevertheless, don't push yourself over the limit, you know how it goes! Keep enjoying life, we have our ways of contacting each other! See ya around😘
  4. Hi, I'm bumping this topic due to recent events. Seems we're back at it again
  5. Paco

    0.3 DL

    My point was that they had an increase in their playerbase since their move; from zero to a stable 10-15. I'm not saying for a certain that the increase was all DL, but it definitely did something positive, regardless of whom plays there. All I'm saying is that it's a move that could potentially bring in more quality players, and a wider ethnic population that could also potentially increase the average English level in the server. The move brings in more custom possibilities to the players, and also puts us in a market together with the other English speaking servers.
  6. Paco

    0.3 DL

    since u brought up that topic; they already gained a stable playerbase since their move to DL
  7. Paco

    0.3 DL

    Honestly, it says more about those new players than us. Quality over quantity. Thus who actually bother to search for the 0.3DL imply more of a certain understanding in types of English level and common fucking sense. We'd probably get less registration, for sure, but at least those who register at 0.3DL are most likely to have a better RP understanding and differ in nationalities (unlike now, where we are being dominated by one).
  8. Paco

    0.3 DL

    wow As you mentioned earlier; most of the English based servers have already moved there, we may be getting a lower registration count, but I believe we'll get an increase of quality player registering. I see only positives with this, leggo gentlemen
  9. France 1 - 1 Croatia -> France win!!!!! VIVA LA FRANCE England 2 - 2 Belgium - > Belgium win 3rd
  10. Paco Yamaguchi France 2x2 Belgium France go through Croatia 1x2 England 
  11. Name: Paco Yamaguchi Uruguay 1 - 2 France Brazil 2 - 2 Belgium - Belgium go through Russia 1 - 1 Croatia - Russia go through Sweden 1 - 1 England - England go through
  12. Name: Paco_Yamaguchi Russia 2 - 2 Uruguay Egypt 2 - 0 Saudi Arabia Iran 1 - 2 Portugal Spain 3 - 0 Morocco Australia 1 - 2 Peru Denmark 1 - 2 France Iceland 1 - 2 Croatia Nigeria 2 - 1 Argentina Serbia 1 - 3 Brazil Switzerland 3 - 1 Costa Rica South Korea 0 - 3 Germany Mexico 2 - 1 Sweden England 2 - 3 Belgium Panama 1 - 2 Tunisia Japan 2 - 1 Poland Senegal 2 - 1 Colombia
  13. Paco

    Server Feedback

    I sincerely hope that my feedback was appealing, and that it contributes to a bright future. Also, I hope that the last suggestion is to be considered with all seriousness, and to be discussed by the management for further decision making. Best suggestion, i swer. Nevertheless, hope the feedback was ok
  14. I just woke up (12.30), I'd miss all the events too.

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