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  1. I think that you need to work on ur maturity,i'dont recommend him
  2. You are active and i think that u are mature enough,i recommend him
  3. So i think that u are new in the server u need to be more active and helpful sorry i don't recommend him
  4. So yes i got the items without his permission but i think he know about the weed house if u want ask him.
  5. nah it is not okay but amine told me that he got the perm from kacper
  6. What is your in-game name? Franklin_Anarchy Which staff member banned you? LeonardoC When did you get banned? 08/31/18 What is the ban reason? Account breaching Personal comment Amine told me to log in in his account,as i am the underboss for 512,so he told me to give his items to the members,i did nothing wrong.
  7. Dominik i see you hard working to gain this position and insist to gain it and trying to improove yourself which is good as well, Recommended! Don't let me down.
  8. You have my recommend: +Active(increase your activity more) +Helpful +Mature

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