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  1. Yes I will keep locking them. You have no idea what it actual means to investigate a staff member. Your definition of staff reports not working seems to be based on the whole concept of you thinking you are always right. Lastly, you are ignorant as fuck. Your last staff report seems to be 1,5 month ago and it actually put you in the right. So fuck off with your bullshit claims and report them like every other player does.
  2. Alright, as you wish. Let me get @Weston to deny you.
  3. I no where said this ban was (directly) related to the situation I brought up. Just bringing in extra information. Even if it might have been your friends account, YOU did use it.
  4. In that case, more like, you logged in on his account on your pc to give yourself the money. Essentially making you multi-accounting.
  5. I do wonder, if you were not multi accounting, why did you empty out about $50k from another account on the 10th of August this year. It was directly transferred to your bank. You might want to explain what all that was about.
  6. You have no idea about what I am either doing undercover in-game or behind the screens. So don't come at me with your non-arguments. My statements were exactly about your videos. It is you who cannot reflect on your own behaviour. This is not the place to blame others for situations you cannot comprehend. We have the report form for that as I said. Go there and stop throwing shit around here.
  7. Seriously, stop blaming everyone else for your own shit. I only see you constantly into some fight, looking for confrontation, provoking, etc, but once they get you somehow, it is all crying. Anyways, this is not a report section. Either make a report with the appropriate form (and get the same conclusion) or fuck off and get a sense of self-reflection.
  8. Lol so you show a video of you recklessly driving all around LS, staying close to cops, even speeding up to them while they are clearly with sirens on blocking the whole road, returning there after leaving... But the big problem is them one time ramming you? You should seriously learn to do some self-reflection. At the moment everything you are causing yourself is always the fault of someone else if we have to believe you. You cannot just keep blaming others for your bullshit "RP" and shit perception of situations.
  9. Trying to threaten us? No thanks. Denied. Come back when you stop ban evading and want a real honest chance.
  10. And what is the problem? You are still in a shootout, he bleeds out. Too bad, that is part of the game.
  11. So you are giving away 20 accounts with Spotify premium? You do understand that this sounds pretty shady right?
  12. You will hear of the outcome.
  13. We are not other communities. Within staff reports we usually go into quite some details with logs and all. These logs, which also include other players, are not supposed to go out in the public. I have yet to see an actual argument on why making it public would good. Also, the whole reason why this post was made, shows already that this is a bad idea. The poster made a staff report about a week ago, which is still under investigation as the reporter brought no evidence at all. This means we have to put a lot of effort into actually finding the correct situation in the logs. This whole idea was put up here because of selfish concerns. And yes, we are slow with handling staff reports. Our apologies for that. You will receive some answer when we are done investigation your reports.
  14. There is no reason to make staff reports publicly. In a lot of cases they are complex situations which we need to judge very carefully. We are handling every report as good as possible, even if it takes some time. In case the reporter did not receive an answer to his report over discord, in-game or by implication on his unban request, a forum message will always be send to the reporter.
  15. All this bullshit from you about how you will change, how it will not happen again, how you will remove your cheats, how you did not do anything illegal and about why you would need your 3rd last chance. Unban request before this: Unban request before that: Do you really think there is a way we can trust you for even 1%?
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