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  1. Bla bla bla boring. Your lying starts to bore us. Go scam some other community. You will not get unbanned.
  2. Use your lying pinocchio noose as antenna, might have better reception considering how long it is by now! Dylan already gave an example:
  3. I guess the information fits. I will close this and send you a private message in a minute.
  4. Hmm that is very limited information. When did you last play? Before you left, did you send someone all your money? Do you have any names of your friends back then?
  5. Do you perhaps have any information about your accounts? With only a name it is hard for us to find any accounts, let alone confirm it is actually your account.
  6. Mikro

    Forgotten password

    It has been solved!
  7. Your think it is this easy to get away with scamming us? Haha have fun being banned.
  8. Send me a personal message with information about your account so we can verify it is you.
  9. I am sorry you got caught in the shit of your cousin and his brother, but to be fair, that is not our problem. There is literally no chance of getting unbanned after what you/your cousin did to us. And I am not even talking about all the lying yet. So bye.
  10. You might want to review your own actions too. I can understand that some situations are frustrating, annoying and perhaps not your fault. However you do not just have one punishment on record, but a lot more. Judging from your anger issues, continuous flaming, provoking, flooding, and /report misuse, certainly not all of those punishments can be "not your fault". Regarding this specific situation it seems like you were making it extremely hard for the admin to handle it. Maybe the admin could have handled it in a different way, but the fact stays that you just made it take longer by your own actions. Secondly, you being killed after the situation was over, was being handled. However, you decided to go full retard in all chats and even ended up misusing /ask and /report. If you wish to report a staff member, you can do so through that appropriate form (you know how to find it). You can say about it whatever you want, but they do get handled. This topic will be locked as you started it off in a non-constructive way.
  11. VS CORONA Mudoo COVID-19 policies In light of the recent events and updates around the world, we will be following the advices of the World Health Organization (WHO). We care about all our players and wish for you to stay safe and healthy. To avoid the spreading of the virus, we are taking the following precautionary measures: If you have (minor) symptoms, stay home and avoid infecting others by playing Mudoo. We urge you to clean your keyboard regularly. It can get very dirty, you know. M:RP server slots will be increased to 150. We want everyone to have a corona free place. .. but, avoid groups of 100 or more players in-game. Please stay safe and spend you quarantine at Mudoo!
  12. Since the Paypal part was also solved on the other end, and it has been quite some time, I think you are punished enough. This means all your bans are now lifted. However do take in mind that this could very well be your last chance here with Mudoo. Use it wisely and definitely do not share your account again.
  13. What is your main forum account and discord username?
  14. He already played here for over a month, so he is not that new. At that time he was more active and did not receive that much punishments. Today however this was a part of his attitude: 27-02-2020 14:55:10 - [b] Charles_McCane: Official punishment will be issued. 27-02-2020 14:55:22 - [b] Charles_McCane: So fix your W button it's not our problem 27-02-2020 14:55:52 - [l] sveta_ferari: fuck u 27-02-2020 14:55:57 - [l] sveta_ferari: pussy 27-02-2020 14:56:21 - [l] sveta_ferari: hahahahah This was after he rammed multiple times and claimed it was a bug of his computer. Clearly this looks like he at least partly understand what was happening as Eduardo also remarked. But he decided to not care.
  15. If you are from Pakistan, a normal wire transfer will also not work to our Dutch bank account. So not an option. Explain to me what you did wrong in the first place. Thus, how you got banned?
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