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  1. Mikro

    Unban appeal - Vladislav_Francletti

    That you might want to stick to one story only. Since you started with these claims you have changed your story quite some times. So what about the truth?
  2. Mikro

    Unban appeal - Vladislav_Francletti

    When will you be able to stick with one story for longer than 15 minutes?
  3. Mikro

    Unban appeal - Vladislav_Francletti

    Some hacker left me a small message telling me that you will provide us with proof/logs/images that a hacker left you that exact small message.
  4. Mikro

    Need help

    I will try to at least fix the subscriptions this weekend. Then moving on to making the link automatically. In between I will make sure all perks are activated correctly!
  5. Mikro

    Mudoo Gaming's 2018 Winter Games

    In-game name: Gunther What events would you like to participate in? 1v1 PVP Protect the President Additional info: N/A
  6. Mikro

    [Denied]Unban appeal - Sattar

    That was only after you realised you could not get away with it. You lied to jesuss that you could give him VIP status. You stole his account and changed the name and password. You later lied to jesuss about it. Today we tried to talk to you and you ended up insulting the translator. All of what you did was wrong. As long as you do not understand that, we cannot unban you.
  7. Mikro

    Unbanned Unban appeal - Zlatomir_Ivanov

    Only 200k? You made over 55 account reaching over 800k in money. And you think we would not find out? Really, what were you thinking. These are actions we do not tolerate AT ALL. We are not a charity, so you better have a good reason why we would want to give you another chance.

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