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  1. What about you recently sharing picture and personal information of our Mudoo players without their consent (in other servers)? That is no behaviour we accept here in our community.
  2. So you just got unbanned in SA:MP and already received your first mute? Lets see how you behave in-game for at least two weeks. Maybe if you show some good behaviour there too, we can unban you on discord.
  3. There might have been some internal problems with the theme update, those will be fixed as Jones stated. I do want to give some additional information on why you will see that specific warning sometimes on the forum. Not all of it can be "fixed", neither is it necessarily a problem. Our whole forum and all the necessary important information is of course going over a secured connection. It can however happen that a certain topic shows an image from a source which does not use a secured connection. In those cases you will see that specific icon in the address bar. When y
  4. Mikro

    Server Rules

    26/08/2020 09. SCAMMING, added clarifications: [#01] If a script which was made to replace a certain action is bypassed, scamming is allowed in the part of the action where the script is bypassed. For example /transfervehicle was made for selling vehicles and protecting that action. If you bypass that command, anything outside of the command may be scammed. [#02] Scamming a player without a passport is not allowed under any circumstance (including clarification #01). (note that these clarifications where already presented in the General Information topic, this
  5. Player thinks he can kill all law enforcement once he is unbanned because he has "one big reason" for doing so. Obvious there is never a reason for such mass DM. Please take this in consideration on his next unban request.
  6. I have decided to grand you one last unban in our discord server. This especially due to that it looks like you are behaving quite decent in-game and on the forum recently. In case you decide to leak/share any personal information again, or break any other rule, there are no more chances left for you to be in our discord server.
  7. Seems like you already got unbanned on discord.
  8. Some time has passed. You by far did not show any improvement ingame. Even managed to get yourself banned for spamming. So request denied.
  9. Unbanned, you can join our discord server again.
  10. Why should he have to counter this?? You are not even trying to make an argument, but rather provoke and disrupt the discussion in your own topic. Silvester, you are just a very big hypocrite. All you can do is complain and point out "mistakes" in what others do. If you are even in-game yourself already, all you do is provoke meaningless arguments and spread bullshit around. Not sure what you are trying to solve with this topic, as you are basically the problem you are describing yourself. Just like how you started this topic. It is unstructured and pretty much
  11. I don't believe that. Nevertheless you should still not promote other servers to people who you clearly contacting due to Mudoo. I hope you learned your lesson. You will be unbanned the 14th of August.
  12. I will unban you from discord on the 9th of August.
  13. Sorry for your actions? You are basically non stop shitting on the forum. Denied for at least another month.
  14. This looks like a more sincere apology to me. Lets me discuss if others think the same. I will get back to you.
  15. That is what you say all the time. You constantly break that promise. No other arguments on why we should allow you back in discord?
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