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  1. Still not an answer to my question. Why did you try to hide in this unban request that you DID use illegal modifications? You do need to start taking some blame on yourself here. Otherwise we cannot proceed.
  2. You did not answer my question. My question was WHY you did not talk about those illegal modifications in your unban request. It looks like you are trying to hide those facts to make the situation look better.
  3. Why don't I hear you about the other modifications you used? They clearly gave you advantages over other players.
  4. You seem to be pretty sure you don't match IP. As you keep hammering on that fact. Is that because you are sure you changed your IP before creating a new account? Who is Denis by the way?
  5. As of today we will be giving Mudoo Coins to those boosting the discord server. These coins can be used to get VIP packages, just like when you would donate. Chip (our bot) will give you 2 coins every week you are boosting the server! Do note that this is just a little extra we want to give you. Want the full package quicker? We still offer our regular way of donating in order to support the payment of our server. Boosting our Discord server helps us in unlocking additional features for our server (read more), while donating directly to us will help us in funding the community. Start boosting the server today and Chip will automatically put 2 coins in your account a week later!
  6. Stop your fucking annoying posts/replies, ok? Your ban from posting will expire in a week.
  7. Use an external image upload service. Just google.
  8. Minecraft is not free and we will not support any links to hacked/cracked versions.
  9. You definitely don't have to to do heavy roleplay. You just have to stop the continuous robbing and killing. Instead do some interesting funny RP's, don't bring guns for once, try something which is fun for both parties.
  10. Mikro

    Upcoming Events

    *Also Mudoo RPG: explained the problem and how it is out of our reach, still working on finding a solution with the hosting provider*
  11. Oh just fuck off and do some actual RP. You are just playing to fuck other players over and either rob or kill them.
  12. Hahahaha you just changed this. World of Warcraft a pure chat client? Stop making a fool of yourself. Read this and tell me again how you did not copy it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Role-playing#Role-playing_games
  13. It is fully your responsibility to make sure there is actually a reason to kill someone, especially if you yourself came out of nowhere into the situation. Ah so you got banned, so you solve this by saying the admin was crying? Lol. It was all your choice to shoot without knowing a reason, but especially without even anything happening there. Definitely not an accident, just only you deathmatching.
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