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  1. And I should believe that? My information says that currently in-game your are constantly spamming and flooding. I don't see the point in allowing you access to discord if that is the only thing you will be doing.
  2. Your ban was for "constant autistic posting". Being unbanned ingame does not mean we will automatically unban you on discord. Please explain to me what exactly it is that you did and how you will make sure that it does not happen again.
  3. Silvester, this is not a contest of who can insult the most. I suggest you calm your tone otherwise we might have to moderate your posts again.
  4. Considering that the unban request got denied and you provided no good reason for being unbanned, this request is also denied. I am convinced that you did not change a bit and will just use discord to start spamming and annoying admins again.
  5. The sincerity in your message is non existing. That is clearly not an apology because how you say it, you would do it again. Our discord is not yet ready to accept you back. Denied.
  6. You are just constantly being annoying everywhere. Also with you banned ingame, why should you need to be unbanned on discord if you are just going to spam about your ingame ban?
  7. Mikro


    I replied about this on multiple places already. At the moment it is not viable for us to connect to another payment provider. This is sadly more as just "connecting" as a lot of legal work is involved. Hence for now we can only accept donations through PayPal.
  8. Unbanned. One misstep and we will just ban you again. No warnings will be given.
  9. Mistake indeed. I am sorry the admin made this uninformed decision. Unbanned.
  10. Let me check what this ban is based on, I will be back.
  11. If you are allowed back, you will simply be banned the first moment you step over the line again. No warning or anything, straight ban. I will be consulting with Eduardo (who placed the ban) and Mazen if they want to give you the chance.
  12. This is no place to discuss another unban request. Basically you are here already starting to be annoying against admins again. Does not give me much hope that you will behave if we unban you on discord. What will you even do in discord while you are banned ingame?
  13. You mean your discord is Martinez_Martinez#9554? It is banned for advertisements. To be unbanned ingame, you need to find the correct unban request form for the game you are banned in. As for the discord ban, why did you advertise? And don't come with the brother bullshit lol.
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