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  1. AnthonyE, let me remind you though that this does not mean you can be a dick to admins. Seeing your punishments for the past months, you do have quite some trouble behaving already. Just letting you know, you are walking on the edge here. I don't have trouble reverting the unban if I see you continue being a dick.
  2. TODAY We will start moving websites around very soon. At the moment we are still evaluating what exactly has to be done and what the impact will be. Except for the forums, not much downtime is expected. We will keep you informed through this topic and the discord announcements channel. Main site and panels 0 downtime expected /help 0 downtime expected This forum 30 minutes downtime expected Sagov.us forums 3 hours downtime expected
  3. Lets hope there was no aimbot involved. And if there was, lets hope you learned and removed it. Unbanned.
  4. UPDATE Today around 14:00 the updating process and the downtime finally started. Due to all preparation the expected downtime was a maximum of 30 minutes. However due to certain circumstances this ended up being 1 hour and 30 minutes. After that all our game services have been running smoothly and without trouble on our new dedicated server. My apologies for the unexpected extra downtime. In the past weeks we have been working to asses everything needed and seemed to have overlooked a few things. Let me quickly evaluate for you what went wrong in this downtime. Database server The wrong database service was setup during the preparations. Only when importing some data after the downtime had already started, we noticed a certain edge case functionality did not work. This meant all the preparations in terms of accounts and permissions had to be voided. Within the downtime I managed to fully reinstall the database server and get all the basic settings configured in order to run the main SA:MP RPG server. Firewall Our host seemed to have a bug in showing the status of a certain firewall. This caused the server to be displayed offline for a lot players, even after it was successfully turned on. Internal networking Due to a mistake in our internal networking, our SA:MP CoD: Global Warfare server could not connect to the database service. This problem went unnoticed during the testing phase because at that point other IP addresses were used (the final IP addresses were at that point still used by the old dedicated server). After discovering a solution, also this server could immediately resume their services. NEXT UP This weekend, probably Saturday, we will be transferring our web server. Downtime of different sites, forums and panels can be expected. We try to keep them to a minimum, however expect interruptions for the whole day. We will keep you informed through this topic and the discord announcements channel. This will not effect the discord and game servers (except /help being down).
  5. Too late mate, it just came back up already.
  6. Server timezone, thus CET. Bit behind in schedule at the moment. Estimated downtime will start in about 30 minutes. Follow the announcements message on discord for the actual status.
  7. In the past weeks we have been researching and testing new dedicated servers. Due to the current dedicated server being on pretty old core software (kernel), a switch of server was inevitable at some point. With this update of the dedicated server we try to reach more performance, better structure and more possibilities for ourselves. Last but not least, this gives us the opportunity to remove unused and unnecessary part, some even saving us some money monthly. --- What is going to happen? Due to this being a dynamic process, we cannot promise exact dates, times and durations. First we will transfer both our SA:MP gameservers and their databases. Their IPs will not change and if you miss the downtime, you might not even notice that the server changed. Later this week we will transfer our web server and all our websites and forums. --- Planned None, everything is finished. --- Done 28th November, estimated at 13:30 (CET) Downtime for: Mudoo RPG, CoD: Global Warfare Duration: roughly 30 minutes Start: 14:00 CET Result: success Downtime: 1 hour and 30 minutes Details can be found in this post: click 1st December, estimated start at 14:00 (CET) Downtime for: all websites, forum and panels Duration: whole day in phases Information: click Result: success Downtime: around 1 hour
  8. Thank you all for your answers and votes up till now! We are still open to more replies and votes of course. Let me just comment on the sorted votes till now. 1. V:MP We have planned this for some time already, though could not find a developer or time for it. At the moment we are working with Morais to see what has to be done to set up a server. Especially as this is the top vote, we are really motivated to get a server online. But keep in mind, this is a new area for us, so it might take some time to create something nice. Steam sale ends in about 24 hours! 34% discount! 2. CS:GO Kind of surprised this ended up this high. Multiple people have mentioned it failed before even though then also a lot of people wanted it. For this reason we are still in doubt if we should put effort in creating a server. After a tiny bit of research, it seems like CS:GO at least allows for some modding. Not exactly sure about the full possibilities though. Do the voters perhaps have any idea about how we could make our possible CS:GO server more interesting/appealing so it won't be dead already after the first few weeks? 3. Minecraft A few months ago we already gathered a team and have setup over 70% of the servers (Survival, Sky Wars, Sky Blocks, Mini games). Sadly those people had to leave or lost their motivation and we had to stop the project. We are now looking into what still has to be done to probably at least release 2 of the servers. As soon as we are closer to having those servers fully set up, we will update you guys with the status. 4. Rust Dylan and I have taken personal interest in this game and have already set up our own test server. You can find it already by searching for "Mudoo" on Rust. Our next step will be looking into what direction we want to go with the server. This means coming up with a good idea, deciding on the settings, finding the right mods and perhaps making some mods ourselves. Just as the other servers, we want to create something unique and appealing. Any ideas are welcome! Let me know if you are interested to be added to the discord channel for discussion. Steam sale ends in about 24 hours! 50% discount! 4. Insurgency We did look into this game and found it pretty realistic and kind of hard to play. We are not sure if it is something that would appeal to our current player base or if it will attract new players. Apart from modelling maps there seems not to be much you can change on this game. Still we might setup a server within a month as it does not necessarily take much resources. Consider just buying it, as it is extremely cheap on steam at the moment haha. The sale ends in about 24 hours! It has a 80% discount, which makes it end up only being €1.99! --- Lastly, for inspiration of other possible games you might also look at the following page. It is almost nearly the same as the Steam list of possible dedicated servers, but still interesting to scroll through. https://linuxgsm.com/servers/
  9. Of course we are still working on the current servers. Though even if we would work on it full time, it is impossible to get an entertaining feature online every day or week. In the end it is the players that will have to entertain themselves with what they got instead of waiting for something new every day.
  10. I wonder, why did it fail and/or why would it fail here? What do you exactly mean? You will need to buy the official game.
  11. Sorry, finally managed to get the poll in this topic. Please vote (again) at the top of this page! Let us know what you want.
  12. Hmm Rust looks also nice and it seems like we could even make our own plugins for it.
  13. No idea who those people are. About VMP, it is still on our wish-list. We are currently looking with another developer to find out how to set everything up.
  14. Biatch, I am not claiming it was. Just asking because with the building and crap it looked kinda fun.

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