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  1. It is pretty common sense. In the basis everyone deserves a place here to play without having their privacy compromised. If you really want a rule, take for example the first rule in M:RP: "1. Respect". What you did is clearly disrespectful. According to recent conversations he never gave direct permission to you. Neither does he think you are innocent.
  2. I think that changelog means the owner will get money at the tax date, not the tax money. Meaning every month after hotel property purchase the owner should get 90% of the property value. The other 10% is the tax paid to the government. Not sure how this is exactly scripted though, maybe @LocMax can shed some light on this?
  3. You are insulting almost everyone who is sharing THEIR opinion lol. You might want to get YOUR FACTS straight.
  4. I nowhere said that. Ok. No lol, you did that yourself with your replies.
  5. No that is not how it goes. You respect someone and will get respect in return. You cannot expect it to come on demand, you have to earn it. Anyways, you asked for opinions and people are giving them. Your response is to insult them and tell them to "get mikro's dick out your mouth" as well as tell them to shut up because "nobody was talking to you" in a topic in which YOU ASKED for opinions. The only thing you are doing here in every single reply is insulting and blaming others for things you are doing yourself. In no way I was considering banning you, but with behaviour like "get mikro's dick out your mouth", you might have just opened the door yourself. Better start showing a bit more respect.
  6. You don't want us to do shit about your opinion, because those are the facts, yet you do want us to share our opinion, but we cannot oppose what you say because you ?? How is this even a discussion topic if you bring it like this?
  7. And why didn't you do that before? That could have prevented the whole ban.
  8. MUDOO FRIDAY Get 2 extra credits for each €5 donated! This special deal will end in 24 hours, tomorrow 18:00 CET https://panel.mudoogaming.com/donate Be on time!
  9. ONE DAY Mudoo Friday DEAL Only this Friday 29th of November! 2 extra credits for each €5 Package discounts Whole month December Basic package / 108 credits Standard package / 2017 credits Premium package / 4035 credits Month credit deal 3 extra credits for each €15 donated
  10. Get your cash READY, because discounts are coming! NEW packages are online already and can be found at: https://panel.mudoogaming.com/donate/rpg Hold tight for the holiday deals which will be announced coming Tuesday 26th!
  11. Mikro

    My Password

    Your shitty writing and attitude confirmed it is your account. You can find your new password in your PM in a few minutes. Important note: improve your attitude and stop rulebreaking. I don't have a problem banning you for your disgusting actions.
  12. Mikro

    My Password

    How do I know that account belongs to you? I need details in that case.
  13. Mikro

    My Password

    Well, we store passwords in a safe way of course. So we cannot get your password back. It is not our problem that you lost it.. On top of that, I am having a hard time believing you, considering there are more people playing from your home/computer as well as the big list of punishments you have already.
  14. Mikro

    My Password

    So you forgot your password which you made and used just 5 days ago? And are you sure you don't have more/other accounts?
  15. First ban, so no extra consequences will be applied this time. Unbanned.
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