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  1. Mikro

    [RA]Ali_Bahi banned by i donot know

    No proof of your account being hacked could be found. So stop bullshitting. Either you are lying or someone close to you guess your password (which was probably very very weak). In both cases it is purely your own responsibility. Accept your faith, come clean and move on.
  2. Mikro

    Altaf_Hussain. banned by Don't know

    You did more with the money than that. Who else did you gave the money to?
  3. Mikro

    Unbanned Asif_Zardari banned by Don't know

    Guess you people just simply won't stop telling lies and won't stop keeping information from us. But we already know, so be aware of you moves. Yes reset to zero. We couldn't even get close to the amount of money you exploited. Rather be happy we did not put you in negative for millions.
  4. Mikro

    Klaus_Walker banned by Anonymous

    Aren't you missing people on there?
  5. Mikro

    Unbanned Asif_Zardari banned by Don't know

    So who helped you with using this exploit? - Tell me WHO you helped by creating a new account. - Tell me WHO helped YOU with abusing the bug (thus the name of the other player that created a new account to help you). I want names and details, don't leave out anything. Won't be that hard to come up with the truth for once.
  6. Mikro

    Altaf_Hussain. banned by Don't know

    Answer these questions with the truth. Any lie I will spot easily. 1. How did you find out about the bug? 2. Who did help you with the abusing the bug? (I want names) 3. How much did you use the bug? How much did you gained? 4. What did you do with the money? (I want names) Provide details. Short bullshit won't be accepted.
  7. Mikro

    Klaus_Walker banned by Anonymous

    So where did all your money went?
  8. Mikro

    [RA]Ali_Bahi banned by i donot know

    Stop being a retard and look what I said in your previous unban request. If you keep on lying and making unban requests, I will have no other option than to ban your forum account too. Use you next reply wisely.
  9. Mikro

    Unbanned Asif_Zardari banned by Don't know

    You know that is not true at all. So I still would like more details. Also, where did all the money went from both you and Chadury? And why did Chadury receive lots of exploited cash from Ahmed? Need to know exactly where all the money went.
  10. Mikro

    Unbanned Asif_Zardari banned by Don't know

    You were definitely not the only two. Perhaps tell us more about the other players your involved in this. Chadury for example did this not only with you. And you also seemed to have another helper. No need to keep details out because we know all the connections already. Please continue explaining what you all exactly did and who else was involved.
  11. Mikro

    Denied [RA]Ali_Bahi banned by i donot know

    What a coincidence that you came up with this story exactly right after your Pakistani friends were caught . Perhaps you are just one of them? Your account is not hacked at all. The least you could have done to make this look more legit was use your original forum account: https://forum.mudoogaming.com/index.php?/profile/667-saul/ Only make a new unban request when you are ready to tell the full truth. Any bullshit or lies will lead to an instant denial and perhaps a permanent denial.
  12. Mikro

    Unbanned Asif_Zardari banned by Don't know

    Tell us, what is your exact relation Chadury? Please include exactly what you did with him, for him and any thing else related to this situation. Tell the truth, leaving any detail out might lead to an instant denial.
  13. Mikro

    Denied [RA]Ali_Bahi banned by I don't know

    Nevermind. No account was stolen or hacked. Go somewhere else with your Pakistani friends (Altaf, etc). You all fucked up and got caught. There is no place here for those who lie. Denied.
  14. Mikro

    Denied [RA]Ali_Bahi banned by I don't know

    You did not answer all the question. Try to answer ALL of them again with more words.
  15. Mikro

    Denied [RA]Ali_Bahi banned by I don't know

    Who is this friend? How did your friend know the new name of your hacked account? Did you share you password with anyone? Why would someone hack your account? I cannot find any clear evidence of your account being hacked. So if you decided to share your account/password with someone or did the spamming yourself, you better just directly tell us the truth.

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