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  1. Jelly

    Group Council

    Hello our dear players. We have decided (following the input in this topic) to open a Group Council. Group Council will consist of 4 players (for now, may increase in future depending on need), and of a group manager (server manager). The Group Council will be tasked with evaluating group requests (the creation of in-game groups), evaluation of groups for receiving an official status, settling disputes and issues between groups which go out of hand, and revoking statuses and other privileges (such as the in-game group) from troublesome groups. The members of this council are expected to fulfill some basic requirements, which are: Not been punished in the last month Experienced with the server and the group atmosphere in the server Been playing the server for at least two months Mature, objective and reasonable person Ability to work in a team environment and accept different opinions Striving to improve the server and the group situation in the server Exceptions can be made to these requirements when deemed fit. If one is interested to become a Group Council member, he shall fill out the following format, and reply with it in the topic. In-game name: <answer> Registration date: <answer> Most recent punishment, type and date: <answer> Current group membership: <answer> Previous group membership: <answer> Motive for joining the council: <answer> Three positive and negative attributes about yourself: <answer> Answer these questions with detail, extensively and truthfully. We will be evaluating the applications and the applicants and announcing the ones that will be accepted.
  2. [15:32:34] You attempt to rob Beer (118 quantity) from Daim.R. Wait for their reply. [15:32:36] You attempt to rob Water (171 quantity) from Daim.R. Wait for their reply. [15:32:49] You robbed Water (171 quantity) from Daim.R (22). [15:32:49] * Edward_Gambino robs Water from Daim.R. By this, I understand that he saw only the attempt to rob the water and did not see the beer part. As for the claim that he called for assistance after you knocked him down... I don't see any proof of that. Do you have any more proof that can show that this guy broke the rules?
  3. 15-01-2019 10:20:33 - [s] Jay_Soprano (10)(133): nigga 15-01-2019 10:20:46 - [s] Mark (9)(12378): fucking autist 15-01-2019 10:20:50 - [s] Mark (9)(12378): gtfo 15-01-2019 10:21:09 - [DISCONNECT] Mark (9) disconnected (disconnected) 15-01-2019 10:21:14 - [l] Rodas (1)(14887): rip 15-01-2019 10:21:26 - [l] Rodas (1)(14887): this is rule break ? 15-01-2019 10:21:37 - [l] Rodas (1)(14887): like quiting when you dead 15-01-2019 10:21:41 - [l] Jay_Soprano (10)(133): ye 15-01-2019 10:21:45 - [l] Rodas (1)(14887): cause we can rob him now 15-01-2019 10:21:57 - [l] Rodas (1)(14887): /report ? You were not really following the rules either, so you both get to face the consequences for your actions. Both players (Mark, Jay Soprano) to be warned for disconnecting to avoid roleplay and lack of RP, in this order.
  4. Are you still interesting in this ban appeal? You got twenty-four hours to reply.
  5. Jelly

    0.3 DL

    You clearly don't know what this has to offer, and you don't even know if this is really your opinion. Please understand (everybody) that this does not mean we will a hundred per cent move to the new SA-MP version, it's just a poll to let the management team see what the community thinks about this change. We definitely thought about it and we will think if whether we should move or not based on the poll and the community's comments. This new update will give the server new features and abilities that you never thought of, including some pretty cool visual modifications that will just improve the server's general vibe. As I said in Discord earlier, the opportunities are very large and almost infinite. We can have an actual taser for the police force, custom made street signs and logos for shops, skins for server groups and other governmental groups, custom looks for vehicles and buildings... The sky is the limit. And then we can customise the sky and make the limit even higher.
  6. Unbanned, make sure not to end in this section again or the punishment will be harsher.
  7. You don't have to make the delivery if you do not want to take the risk, this mission is high risk - high reward.
  8. Yes, except that it is 'disconnected' and not 'desynchronised'. Since there is no actual proof that the other guy disconnected, I can not take any actions against him. 'Levi Gambino' to be warned and explained that he can not just pause a roleplay situation whenever he wants.
  9. To be temporarily suspended from the game next time seen in the game.
  10. This "stupid feature" gives you grenade cases, RPG cases and armour cases that you use so often, I am not sure you dislike it that much.
  11. Uh.. no. I changed my mind, you were given enough chances.
  12. Yes, this will happen sometimes but that's what the staff team is here to stop. We have and we will continue working into improving the server but we will not be able to establish our goal of we do not receive support from our playerbase.
  13. Stop going off topic. Yes, it is, and yes, we can. Also, yes it is your fault. Take his contact methods away and he'll be at your service, not every situation that involves one or more of the groups need to end with dead bodies. The current daily situations on the server lead to shootouts ninety per cent of the time, the rest are good RP and that part is great. Well hi, I am right here. Being the group manager is a lot to handle alone and there is no shame in asking for help, the management team is actively working to fix issues and assist players with their problems and this situation is one of them, I don't want to say this but we are jammed. Without help from the server who is the reason for this topic in the first place, nothing will change and we will not be able to do anything about it. Yup, they should and that's what they do. The management team is interfering in daily server issues because that's our job and when some group of players require help we do our best to assist them, right now we are on the aggressive and overly created deathmatch topic. Really, the SWAT issue again? SWAT hasn't properly deployed for a long time now yet you are still complaining about them, all that SWAT does nowadays is dealing with a large number of murderers because you and your friends create them. "Most criminals roll around with Desert Eagle." - Eh? No, your group does. The rest spam their M16 all over the server. Enough with this already.
  14. I see where this topic is leading to, exactly the same as this discussion topic always leads us to - A dead end because one side does not care enough to provide proper argument and express his opinion. If we want this topic to end in a conclusion, you need to stop talking nonsense and provide a proper argument, agreement or anything else you desire to add to the conversation. You wont either HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH This is exactly the type of replies that do not contribute to anything. im not the only one Does that make it okay to treat the server as a 'Cops & Robbers' one? Like it or not, this is the server. You can work trying to change some features, but this server will remain a roleplay server. I have been trying to keep the groups away from their deathmatch purposes but pretty words will not be enough to solve it, more drastic changes need to be made and I am happy I am not the only one acting towards changing this state. My thought is as described before, not every situation that involves a civilian needs to end in a shootout, this is the feeling we currently have and I expect you to start working towards changing it. We have lost a few active players who are unhappy with daily shooting scenarios and I personally miss them, I can not be the only one feeling this way. If criminals had to work harder to receive their weapons, would that decrease deathmatch and encourage other people to actually roleplay to get what they want? To cause fewer shootouts simply because they value weapons more than usual? I hope so, because changes need to made and we can not be the only side providing suggestions and improvements, I would like to hear the criminals' opinions as well. (Not you Kacper, you have proven unable to provide proper argument over and over again, you just show how you have no roleplay experience and you only find comfort in shootouts)

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