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  1. Unbanned, sorry for the delay.
  2. Jelly

    Unbanned Veldora_Gambino banned by -

    To be unbanned tomorrow. I don't want any more shit from you. EDIT: Unbanned.
  3. Jelly

    Unbanned Veldora_Gambino banned by -

    Yeah.. This is your sixth time you post a topic in this section, you have such a long punishment record, but for some reason we keep forgiving you because we believe you might change, you were about to get unbanned but you kept breaking the only rule, the one single, little, tiny, simple rule you had to follow - Do NOT message any staff members while you have a pending application going on. The Mudoo bot says this in red text the second you post your ban appeal, why is this so hard to follow? Did you even take a second to read what it says? I do have belief in you, so I will think what to do with you and will come up with a decision at the second of October. (2/10) Messaging me or any other staff member regarding your appeal, no matter what. Your life does not depend on it and nothing will happen if you take a break. If I discover that you messaged an administrator, moderator, helper, manager, assistant or whatever of the server, your appeal will be rejected immediately. One note: A review date does not necessarily mean an unban date. I will think what to do with your appeal at the given date, but be alert that your behaviour during this period has a great impact on my decision.
  4. This way or another, you broke the rules by sharing an account with somebody, with or without them knowing about it. As I said earlier, you are responsible for your own account. You will be unbanned tomorrow, if I or any other administrator find out that you are sharing an account again do not bother applying for an unban.
  5. Jelly

    Denied Veldora_Gambino banned by Kacper

    Ban appeal denied. You need to learn how to follow the rules, understand how to show respect and how to follow simple tasks. You were told NOT to message staff members regarding your appeal, yet you did. We forgave you for that, but you kept saying disrespectful things and acting childish. You may apply again when you feel you are able to follow the rules and show respect.
  6. Cut the bullshit. You were lying to me about several things, multi-accounting and talking to me by yourself were two of them. I asked you if you are currently alone, if you are the only one I am talking to and you responded positively, but nah. While talking to you I realised that sorry, but your English is not the best. (I do not mean to offend you by that, sorry if it does) Your grammar, punctuation and overall English level changed several times during our little conversation, and it's shown in the input you have submitted to your ban appeal up above. If your cousin as you claim, really plays on that account and you both are playing on the same computer, great. But I realised, if I am talking to two different people right now when both are under your name, how can I be sure it does not happen again? Perhaps it has already happened in the past? Sharing accounts is not allowed, you are responsible to your own account and if your brother, cousin, sister, mum, dad, cat figured your password, logged in and broke the rules - You are the one to blame. Speak the truth, stick to one story and tell me that. I want to talk with the owner of the account "Mr.Michael Johnson" and not anybody else. For whatever reason you were trying to lie, you better come clean or you will remain banned, same with your other accounts.
  7. Jelly

    Refund request - Bascma.Alemdar

    Sorry for the delay, we haven't forgotten you! Contact any senior administrator or above in game next time you see them for your refund. I have contacted the management team and you are eligible for a refund.
  8. Jelly

    What's up with this Unfair thing?

    So? So you report them for poor RP. This is laziness and lack of role-play, nobody hides stashes of bills inside his sock, as Kacper said - Bullshit. You guys claim it is not fair that they are not getting punished, but did you ever stop for a moment to report them?
  9. Jelly

    Not banned CuriousNinja banned by Parker

    You are trying to connect to the wrong server. You attempted to connect to another server that is not part of Mudoo Gaming, hence I deleted your picture. Please double check before making an unban request.
  10. Jelly

    Unbanned Dimitri_Rothschild banned by Jelly Valentine

    Unbanned earlier due to request from Tyrone, the staff member involved in this appeal.
  11. Both of you take this to somewhere else please. This is a topic requesting feedback, not personal comments.
  12. Jelly

    Unbanned Dimitri_Rothschild banned by Jelly Valentine

    To be unbanned in a week from today, at the 19th of September. Consider this as your last chance, do not screw this up.
  13. Jelly

    Unbanned Dimitri_Rothschild banned by Jelly Valentine

    I am not related to this case, saying this in advance. I have been requested just to type the command, Tyrone, not Tyler, Tyrone is in charge of this. Here is his input on your ban appeal: Link to the image: https://imgur.com/wHo9OqV
  14. Jelly

    Unbanned SketE banned by Teo_Oneil

    You have been banned in the past and were given a last chance. Why should we trust you this time to obey the server rules?
  15. Jelly

    Not banned SkatE banned by Teo_Oneil

    Tell him to make his own ban appeal. To retrieve your lost password, you need to remember the Email login details you registered on your account. If you do, click on the button stating that you forgot your password, and it will send a new password to the Email registered on your account. If needed, make a new forum account with a different Email, but the ban appeal must come from the banned player.

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