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  1. You were banned by @Crisby (Elias), not me.
  2. You were told more than once not to create any more accounts and attempt to join the server while you are banned, because it is considered as ban evasion, which is not allowed. Why do you keep doing that?
  3. Really, you have played for less than thirty minutes and you already decide to activate your hacks? I doubt you really feel bad for this, not as much as you would like to play with your friends. I really hope you will not repeat this mistake, you are now unbanned.
  4. I like how you hurry us to check your appeal two seconds after you posted it, but fail to answer our questions over a week later. Denied, start paying attention to your topic if you really care about it. Next time you get denied, there will not be another chance.
  5. Then make this clear next time. You were surrounded by cops, all of your friends got taken down and you were standing alone with a Desert Eagle in your hand, and disconnected. Make sure that does not happen again. You have been unbanned, sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. You were asked a very, very simple question yet you fail to answer this over and over again, you do not care about what we tell you and frankly, I doubt you even read our messages. You got forty eight hours to answer two easy questions: - Why did you advertise another server, knowing it was not allowed? - We strictly prohibit ban evasions and we tend to heavily enforce it. Why should we lift your suspension if you are not playing by our rules?
  7. You were banned by me under Deka's request. Remain patient and wait for his reply, do not reply to this topic unless he tells you to and do not make other ban appeals before this one is resolved.
  8. https://forum.mudoogaming.com/index.php?/topic/2509-saadkhan-banned-by-admin/
  9. THE WINNERS: First place: Toey Berius with 35 points Second place: ImamRasyidbilhaqRD with 32 points Third place: Raul Gonzalez with 31 points Fourth place: [WS]Kenawa Soprano with 30.5 points * The points are out of forty (40). Thank you all for participating, see you next year!
  10. Spook-o-Treat Competition! It's the scary time of the year again! The zombies arise, the candies stack, the costumes are wore, all the tricks and treats collaborate to create the spookiest Halloween ever! The management team of the RPG server has decided to reward you trick-or-treat'ers with surprises, so in case you missed it: For the time being, you are able to go and request a treat from a random house, all around the country! Ring the door bell of any owned house (( /trickortreat )) and await response. Some old men are yet to understand the point of the trick-or-treat time, so you might get some weird items.. You are able to receive drugs, weapon cases, food, drinks, money and more! Introducing.. The spook-o-treat competition! From now till the thirty first of October (31/10), 16:00 by the server time, you are able to customise your appearance, put on some scary items, and compete against others. May the best costume win! Visit all the stores, purchase as many add-ons as you like and scare your competitors. (( /clothing in game )) Costume guidelines and tips: - Costume must be valid RP'ly. This means no floating objects, no abnormal objects as costumes and no over-stack of random objects. - Original costumes will grant you better chance to win. Decide on a theme and go for it, placing random objects on random positions on your body will not look nice. Dress up, mark your calendar, make up your mind and attend! The competition will start at October 31st, 16:00 server time (GMT +2) at the Los Santos City Hall! Prizes: First place: $1,000,000 in game cash + Buffalo Second place: $500,000 in game cash + Bullet Third place: $250,000 in game cash Fourth place: $50,000 in game cash Any concerns, doubts, feedback or anything else you deem necessary to post, shall be posted here. Your entrance will not count if you fail to attend at the given time!
  11. Are you still interested in this appeal?

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