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  1. This is honestly the worst thought topic I have ever seen in my life. sorry. The Star of David, related to the Jewish culture, is built out of two triangles at the same place (shifted up/down a bit) while one of them being upside down. This object, on the other hand, is an Islam related object called "Rub El Hizb" that can very easily be found in various interiors in the game, which is just a reference to the Qur'an. The Star of David is a six-pointed figure while the object you mentioned here is an eight-pointed figure. Your lack of knowledge made you rush to post a complaint here without making a research first, you saw something that looks familiar to you and you rushed to make a fuss out of it, but a very easy Google search would tell you how far from the truth you are. I really don't understand how you literally linked the Wikipedia page defining what the Star of David is, but you didn't bother to actually take a brief look at the image. Please stop spreading false information about subjects that you do not know enough about, and as for the next time learn how to properly make sure your facts are actually facts before attacking the entire management team for approving this. Thanks to Octavius you were given this interior but I assume that there will not be any more special surprises because you people clearly do not know how to properly treat it. Also, this is a lame reason to put the blame on Central Side Crew.
  2. I refuse to let this auction continue, it's my house too.
  3. There are other game modes to explore than roleplay, I'm certain you would enjoy the server as although it is directed more towards the CnR side, it has some roleplay features that you'd find interesting.
  4. I know that all of us come from Mudoo and I believe your favourite game-mode is roleplay, the reason we all are still here but please understand what you are voting for. Timon claims that: - "If I were to give a percentage off my head I'd estimate it to be over 90%" - "Considering the very high amount of serious roleplay servers I personally wouldn't join another one" Please keep that in mind. This will be a new community with a lot of new players and we will have to start over if we want that server to succeed, if over eighty per cent of the community servers are light/heavy roleplay then what makes us special than the rest? I believe most of them have already proven themselves as 'trustful communities' and starting a new one might not be a good idea. This condition of "there are almost no servers with developers as competent and creative as ours, which could perhaps give us an edge in the uniqueness of our scripts and features or our idea of light roleplay"... This is a big condition, are you sure it worth to take the risk and test our luck? You may consider FiveM as a place of new opportunities, do you really want to do the same there too? Also, please stick to the topic. Off-topic replies are not to be posted here, they will be removed and if needed the submitter will be warned.
  5. Consider using this as your last chance to admit that you have used illegal modifications, do it and I might consider lifting your suspension.
  6. I said do not edit the pictures. Anyway, denied.
  7. Please go back one folder, and post a picture of your GTA folder, folder only without the files inside of it. Do not edit or crop that picture.
  8. I insist you do, as I am confident that I am not mistaken.
  9. There has been absolutely no mistake here, I banned you from the server. You have used a hack that allows you to teleport (I will not specify the exact name) from one place to a further place, activated by punching the air. Sounds familiar?
  10. Jelly

    Group Council

    Hello our dear players. We have decided (following the input in this topic) to open a Group Council. Group Council will consist of 4 players (for now, may increase in future depending on need), and of a group manager (server manager). The Group Council will be tasked with evaluating group requests (the creation of in-game groups), evaluation of groups for receiving an official status, settling disputes and issues between groups which go out of hand, and revoking statuses and other privileges (such as the in-game group) from troublesome groups. The members of this council are expected to fulfill some basic requirements, which are: Not been punished in the last month Experienced with the server and the group atmosphere in the server Been playing the server for at least two months Mature, objective and reasonable person Ability to work in a team environment and accept different opinions Striving to improve the server and the group situation in the server Exceptions can be made to these requirements when deemed fit. If one is interested to become a Group Council member, he shall fill out the following format, and reply with it in the topic. In-game name: <answer> Registration date: <answer> Most recent punishment, type and date: <answer> Current group membership: <answer> Previous group membership: <answer> Motive for joining the council: <answer> Three positive and negative attributes about yourself: <answer> Answer these questions with detail, extensively and truthfully. We will be evaluating the applications and the applicants and announcing the ones that will be accepted. Current council members: Group Manager: Jelly Valentine Assistant Group Manager: Pepe Santos Members: Declan Finney & Daniel Clifton
  11. Are you still interesting in this ban appeal? You got twenty-four hours to reply.
  12. Jelly

    0.3 DL

    You clearly don't know what this has to offer, and you don't even know if this is really your opinion. Please understand (everybody) that this does not mean we will a hundred per cent move to the new SA-MP version, it's just a poll to let the management team see what the community thinks about this change. We definitely thought about it and we will think if whether we should move or not based on the poll and the community's comments. This new update will give the server new features and abilities that you never thought of, including some pretty cool visual modifications that will just improve the server's general vibe. As I said in Discord earlier, the opportunities are very large and almost infinite. We can have an actual taser for the police force, custom made street signs and logos for shops, skins for server groups and other governmental groups, custom looks for vehicles and buildings... The sky is the limit. And then we can customise the sky and make the limit even higher.
  13. Unbanned, make sure not to end in this section again or the punishment will be harsher.
  14. You don't have to make the delivery if you do not want to take the risk, this mission is high risk - high reward.
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