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  1. There has been a flow of hackers in that time, we might have accidentally banned the wrong player. I apologise for the inconvenience caused to you over this, you have been unbanned.
  2. Your video's description is saying, and I quote, "hello guys hope you enjoyed my edits". This is misleading as heck, you did not make this video and you never credited the actual author(s) of the video, you only added an intro and an outro to it, added some music and passed it off as your own. This is called "plagiarism", in grown up terms. You decided not to mention that you didn't create the actual trailer but only after you were called out for it. This was a nice trailer until you decided to represent it as your own by changing a few small details, this is not how it works here. Once you create a trailer for real, you are welcomed to share it with the public.
  3. Hello. Since there is a staff member involved in this report, me and Tyrone decided to handle it together to avoid an administrator being questioned by another administrator. Regarding Finn, Joe and Ariberti, this is Tyrone's message: As for Keith, he has been officially warned not to repeat such behaviour in the future. We expect our staff members to represent the server in a better way. I apologise for the inconvenience, thank you for taking the time to report.
  4. Billy is free to give his input on this report as he is the one being reported, he claimed before that he will not be the one to handle it. For this report only, Billy is a regular player that has every right to defend himself. For the record, this should've been submitted in this form because there is a staff member involved. When reporting a player, please make sure the situation is clear and understandable for people who were not part of the scene. Posting only chatlogs without explaining anything is not helping me, or anybody else that could handle this report to understand what really happened there. I understand that you were the cop who Billy shouted for help from due to being kidnapped by Muki, is that what this is about? If so, then why did you grab Billy?
  5. The only reason your previous reports were locked is because this is not the correct section to post them. That does not mean they are ignored, though. We check every report, but we prefer not to publicly announce it because the public simply has nothing to do with it. Your reports are being and will be dealt with, a lot of stuff are happening behind the scenes that you have no relation to, there is a reason we have hidden boards and chats. Thank you for reporting.
  6. If you were concerned about it getting exposed to the public, why did you use this in the first place? We would realise you are using some sort of illegal modification sooner or later, and take action.
  7. After discussing about the issue for several hours in private, we have agreed to let you play without using CAC due to your FPS modifications. I strongly suggest you to start working towards getting a better PC because your performance is not quite good for the year we are in, there are a lot of options for a cheap price if you need and I assure you that you would just benefit off of it. Your ban has been lifted.
  8. After discussion, the management team decided that: First of all, we understand that we have made mistakes while handling your ban appeals, I apologise for the inconvenience caused to you by our mistakes. Moving on, we are not a hundred per cent sure how exactly your tree-remover modification works, but unfortunately we can not allow you to continue using it. The trees are part of the game's environment and making them disappear is just an unfair advantage that we can not let you keep using, you would have to remove this modification. I want to make this clear, you are responsible for your own account. We can not tell who played on the second account registered from your computer, or as you claim, your brother's, but let me make this clear: If we would have a suspicion in the future that either you playing on your brother's account, or he is playing in yours, we will suspend both of the accounts. Sharing your accounts with other people is prohibited, and we will not allow it. As for the last point, for security measures only, you will be forced back on CAC to avoid future inconveniences. Do you agree to the above?
  9. Why does this community have to spread so much hate over everything? Damon is donating from his own pocket to the community and he asks for something as small as a few clicks in return, why do you have to insult him for it? He is well aware that he has a pending ban appeal, this thread has nothing to do with it. If you would like to participate in his give-away, follow the steps. If not, then just stay away from this topic.
  10. CAC is an anti-cheat program developed by people we trust, it will alert us of any hacks you have installed on your computer so you would have to remove them if you wish to play in our server again, as we can not take your word for it. Are you willing to remove your hacks and start using CAC to play in the server again?
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