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  1. hey motherfucking retard we own the farms before you even realize what is mudoo so shut the fuck up and go asslick somewhere else paki faggot
  2. Point remains, Carter is a lifeless manipulating dictator.
  3. Congress Member, President Electoral Commission, FBI Director and SAPD Lieutenant Carter postponed the elections because apparently his candidate is not ready yet. Welcome to North Korea.
  4. Some candidates are worse than I have warned for in my latest statement. (Click here) Candidates should prove their English language ability upon applying.
  5. whats worse than a paki commie? a dirty one.
  6. On behalf of SAN UNITED. I support Brendan Finney. You will do great!
  7. AWOL but meant to be governing. Such a shame.
  8. Ethical hackers have linked the IP of @4channeler to governor Shaw. Stop antisemitism. Bring him down! #racist
  9. While intelligence agencies remain silent, governor Shaw spreads fear and unfounded statements regarding terrorism. #impeach #nonsense
  10. (( Stop posting bullshit. Even though you're too stupid to understand the concept of this page. ))
  11. wtf u want me to dexter_lastname? no pls
  12. I don't go randomly insulting people because they are much better than me, that's the difference between a retarded butthurt and a normal human being
  13. NAME: Dexter Gildrig DATE OF BIRTH (CHARACTER): 05/05/1990 OCCUPATION: Politician and artist POLITICAL PARTY AFFILIATION: SAN UNITED. LINK TO THE PARTY'S TOPIC: https://forum.mudoogaming.com/index.php?/topic/3143-san-united-gildrig19-together-united-progressive/&
  14. A governor can't be late. A governor should be able to deal with deadlines or he shouldn't be a governor at all
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