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  1. Full Name: Charles Corleone Choosen Number: 6 Phone Number: Six-Zero-Six
  2. Your In game name: Charles Corleone Possibility to attend: MID
  3. Owner: Anders Corleone Value: 6.9m Starting Bid: 300k Buyout: 3m Owner: Charles Corleone Value: 6.5m Starting Bid: 600k Buyout: 3.5m
  4. *Name: Charles Sindacco Alias(optional):None *Phone number:3764 *Vehicle used: Jester
  5. Through Panel when you register to samp mudoo rpg with your Ingame name and password Click at your profile > Forum name And you will see a option of changing your current forum name, remember you can change it for once only!
  6. The introduction of Charles "Caffrey" McCane Charles "Caffrey" McCane was born in El Quebardos, Bone County on 21 December 1993, Offspring of Charlie McCane and Jane McKiney, Sibling of Oakley McCane, When Charles was just a child, He was neglected by his parents due to the continuous attention towards his Brother Oakley, Charles was always trying to get the attention and love from his parents but he didn't manage to do so, as years pass by Charles started developing and experiencing jelously of his Brother and wanted to do something about it. At the age of 13, His family booked a Air ticket to LIberty city, He was really excited about it the night before the flight. Little did he expect, The moment he woke up, his family has left for Liberty city without him, due to the hate and anger created inside Charles all this years from his Brother he made up his mind and packed his stuff. Leaving the family and never returning, He took off with his bicycle and travel aimlessly as he had nowhere to go, 6 hours after he left El Quebardos he realized he was hungry and was lost in the deserts of Las Bone county, He looked for the nearest roadside and sat down crying under the scorching hot sun Luckily for him, a trucking was passing by and noticed him by the roadside, The trucker asked him what happened, all he said was "I'm lost can you bring me back to a city?" Without hesitating the trucker agreed to offer him a hitch ride to Las Venturas. He alighted from the ride with nowhere to go, thus he began roaming the streets aimlessly, He begged for food and water in the city and slept by the alleys. Days later, He gave up begging and began stealing food and water from nearby supermarts. Not much later, He was taken in by a local street gang by the name of "6th Avenue of the North", He was then taught combat skills and criminal activities in the gang, He picked up a fast and was well liked there and named himself as "Aaron", He eventually become a well known drug dealer and become a fugitive of the law for his crimes, including murder of LEO's and controlled products such as Cigarettes, Narcotics and human traffcking. At the age of 15, His Best friend, Muthur which he had met in the gang asked him if he ever regretted taking on his path, For a moment he was taken back by that question and didn't replied to his question, Muthur shared with him about his life story and if he had the chance he would have turned back and never had taken this path, Charles didn't knew what to do at the moment but to kept quiet, Muthur told him "Charles it's not too late to correct what it's wrong but it's too late to regret what has been done, Nothing is imposible," They had ended the chat and Charles was left thinking and slept on that thought for 2 years. At the age of 17, He had finally made up that decision and told Muthur about it, Muthur said, "Charles it was nice meeting you, You're great friend to me, if you've decided on that decision, i'II support you till the end, Do not forget about me", Charles thanked him for his words of advice and left back to El Quebardos, He was unsure if his family was still staying at the same residence as before but he still did tried his luck, Lucky for him they were still staying at the same residential, His parents recognized him and was shock that he returned. He was expecting a scolding from his parents of the wrong doings he has done but something else happened...His parents told him that they realized that the cause of today was their fault due to their neglience towards him, They then explained why they doted and gave so much attention to Oakley, because of his medical conditions, Oakley was a special child, if he wasn't given enough attention he’ll be emotionally and physically unstable. Later on they explained why they flew off without him, Charles was wrong about that flight, it wasn't a vacation it was to bring Oakley to see a specialist in Liberty. After hearing the above mentioned, Charles broke out in tears, regretting and apologizing that he didn't understand the situation and jumped into conclusions, After everything was explained he told his parents that this may be the last time that they will be seeing him, He explained that he was going to turn himself in and for all the crimes he might be sentenced in prison for a life time, his parents insisted to follow him to the station and he agreed after a awhile. At Las Venturas SAPD Head Quarters, He turned himself in, He was placed in a holding cell until further instructions, He was given a chance to trial in the court, 3 days later, His parents attended the court trial and was Glad that he was given a chance of repentance. He was then posted to RTC (Repentance Training Center) for 6 months to prove that he should be given the a lighter sentence, He completed the course with a good and was offered 2 options, 10 years in Maximum Security Prison without any visiting personal or to serve as a security personal in the prison for 5 years, He accepted and took on the 5 tears as a security personal option and was transferred immediately after the court case. During his years of his sentence, A major prison broke out happened and his skills and lessons that he learnt was placed on a test, He managed to control the situation and prevent anyone getting out of the prison but was badly inured, The Chief recognized his effort and called him into his office. The Chief asked "What made you turn yourself in and took on this role?: He replied "Family, I wish to correct the sins I've did wrong." The Chief continued "What are your plans, after your imprisonment sentence?" He replied "To serve in SAPD and correct the stuff's I did wrong and help those in need and not let them suffer by those demons that I was once like." The Chief smiled and thank him for that chat, and told him he can leave now. The Chief then wrote a recommendation letter to SAPD about his effort and his passion in SAPD and he was already more then ready to be early released of his prison sentence, Weeks after the letter was sent, Charles was accepted in the Academy and started working his way up from there, He gratuated from Academy and was posted to Ground Response Team as a Patrol officer. Charles had never forgotten Muthur, The chief and his family.
  7. Any updates on the official application ?

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