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  1. What is your in-game name? Darty_Adams Which player(s) do you want to report? Deltax When did the rulebreak happen? 08/30/18 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Brendan_Finney, William_Thompson, =AV=Kacper_Thompson & David_Rogers,. What happened? (quote what rule was broken) This is more of a PD matter, but since I was told to, I'll adress it here. We were called for a regroup at the LSPD Garage. Me and David responded. After doing some talking, we were told to go patrol and this is where it starts. This has happened quite some times, but I decided to not let it slide today. Deltax, started doing what he always does, treating officers like crap, calling us names, and shit like that. I stood up to it, and he continued. The chatlog explains more. I won't take this kind of behaviour and no one should. I realise that I've done some shit talking and mistakes as well while on nerves, and since he didn't want to solve it in game, here it is. I want action to be taken. This shouldn't be accepted from a high rank in the SAPD, like him. @Leonardo Evidence
  2. Why is this even being discussed here? You can play wherever the fuck you want.
  3. Tony Gambino France 1 - 2 Croatia England 2 - 1 Belgium #HRVATSKA
  4. Tony Gambino France 1 - 2 Belgium Croatia 1 - 1 England , Croatians go through
  5. Name: Tony_Gambino Uruguay 1 x 2 France Brazil 2 x 1 Belgium Russia 1 x 2 Croatia Sweden 1 x 2 England
  6. Why is he even a staff member anyway, but sure.
  7. Does it really matter? Are you seriously going to do this?
  8. What is your in-game name? Tony_Gambino Which player(s) do you want to report? =AV=Mike_Kevin When did the rulebreak happen? 07/03/18 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Sergei_Smirnov, Staz_Clarke, Aleksandr_Reznikov, James_Gambino, and the cops that were present. What happened? (quote what rule was broken) Gonna describe it clear. So, we started interacting with Rahem_Patriarca, told him to come in our car, roleplayed the thing, he ignored us, laughed rply, and called BACKUP via /PM. This isn't what disturbes me the most since we're used to them not roleplaying properly. His backup came, and while i tried to report, they started shooting without saying a word, or in other words, they started deathmatching. We won the shootout. Now as we left, Sergei got issued a warning for DM. As this wasn't enough for Mike's ego, while we were on a cop chase WHICH HE WAS PART OF, he kicked Sergei for " relax " or something, while Sergei was preety calm and didn't talk much in /p, don't know if he actually discussed in PM, which should be fine even if he did. He kicked him, I told him that we're in a copchase in /p, and he said: " It can be paused ". I told him to pause it, they started shooting. Sergei logged in but too late. Eventually we died. I'm requesting him to be removed from his admin duty, as he obviously doesn't have enough experience, and he only issues pointless punishments. Evidence * Showing this part to prove that Sergei's punishment was pointless * * Sergei_Smirnov rolls down their window. [17:14:16] Sergei_Smirnov says: Get in the car. [17:14:23] Tony_Gambino shouts: Don't make me force you! [17:14:27] * Staz_Clarke rolls down their window. [17:14:31] Rahem_Patriarca says: Are you talking to me? [17:14:34] Sergei_Smirnov says: Yes. [17:14:34] Tony_Gambino says: Yes. [17:14:36] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-786.png [17:14:39] Rahem_Patriarca says: Hahaha. [17:14:46] Rahem_Patriarca says: You dont know who i'm? [17:14:47] Sergei_Smirnov says: Something funny? [17:14:48] Tony_Gambino says: You're coming with us. Otherwise you're going to hell. [17:14:51] Tony_Gambino says: My dick? [17:14:52] Sergei_Smirnov says: You're a piece of shit. [17:14:55] [WT 333] Staz_Clarke (18): His backup incoming [17:14:58] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-787.png [17:14:58] [WT 333] Staz_Clarke (18): Watchout [17:14:58] [WT 333] Tony_Gambino (13): idc [17:15:01] Rahem_Patriarca says: I didn't say anything. [17:15:03] * Rahem_Patriarca laughs. [17:15:09] [WT 333] Tony_Gambino (13): How did he call backup [17:15:12] * Sergei_Smirnov slaps Rahem forcefully. [17:15:12] Rahem_Patriarca says: You dont know who iam. [17:15:14] [WT 333] Staz_Clarke (18): Pms? * Backup arrives * [17:15:39] AlPacino_Castello shouts: hey yo negas! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- [17:19:15] AdmCmd: Sergei_Smirnov has been warned by =AV=Mike_Kevin. Reason: Deathmatching. [17:20:52] [WT 333] Staz_Clarke (18): COPS [17:20:53] [WT 333] Staz_Clarke (18): MOVE [17:21:11] [WT 333] Staz_Clarke (18): open fire? [17:21:15] AdmCmd: Sergei_Smirnov has been kicked by =AV=Mike_Kevin. Reason: Relax. [17:21:18] [WT 333] Staz_Clarke (18): i dont evne have fucking m4 [17:21:23] Tony_Gambino (13): {FFFFFF}MIKE ARE YOU SERIOUS [17:21:27] Tony_Gambino (13): {FFFFFF}WE'RE IN A COP CHASE [17:21:32] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-789.png [17:21:35] ** Daniel_Andrade o<: This is the Police, stop and put your hands in the air! ** [17:21:36] =AV=Mike_Kevin (33): {FFFFFF}It can always be paused. [17:21:41] Tony_Gambino (13): {FFFFFF}pause it * Sergei_Smirnov (25) logged in to the server. [17:21:51] [WT 333] Sergei_Smirnov (25) has rejoined the channel. [17:22:42] You spawned at the group HQ.
  9. Name: Tony Gambino Uruguay 1 x 2 Portugal France 2 x 0 Argentina Brazil 2 x 0 Mexico Belgium 3 x 1 Japan, Spain 3 x 1 Russia Croatia 2 x 0 Denmark Sweden 1 x 2 Switzerland Colombia 1 x 3 England
  10. Name: Tony Gambino Russia 1 x 1 Uruguay Saudi Arabia 1 x 2 Egypt Iran 1 x 2 Portugal Spain 2 x 0Morocco Australia 0 x 1 Peru Denmark 1 x 2 France Iceland 0 x 2 Croatia Nigeria 1 x 2 Argentina Serbia 1 x 2 Brazil Switzerland 1 x 0 Costa Rica South Korea 0 x 2 Germany Mexico 1 x 1 Sweden England 2 x 2 Belgium Panama 1 x 1 Tunisia Japan 2 x 3 Poland Senegal 1 x 2 Colombia
  11. Impressed by the progress of the server, keep it up!
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