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  1. Matteo

    DaniGamer3013 banned by Arthur_Fleck

    Your in game name is DaniGamer.exe. You were advertising another servers and that is not really acceptable, why we should unban you for?
  2. Matteo

    Unbanned Tony_Cannario banned by Teo

    Unbanned, last chance. If you break 1 rule you will immediately be here for a long time. Keep that on your mind
  3. Matteo

    Unbanned Tony_Cannario banned by Teo

    Hello there. What do you mean it was miss understanding? You've been broken the rules several times in the server and also you said " I thought I can comeback every 1h if I already died " Is this still miss understanding?
  4. Matteo

    Unbanned Grave_Trip banned by Teo_noil

    Unbanned, don't repeat behavior like this.
  5. Matteo

    Unbanned Abbas_ibne_firnas banned by teo oniel

    Unbanned. This is your last chance if you broke any rules again, you will be longer in here.
  6. Matteo

    Unbanned Abbas_ibne_firnas banned by teo oniel

    Why should we give you another chance? You keep repeating your mistakes and broke almost all the rules that already exist.
  7. Matteo

    Unbanned Abbas_ibne_firnas banned by teo oniel

    You were banevading and begging to get an unban in game, stop lying or you will soon be denied.
  8. Matteo

    Unbanned Abbas_ibne_firnas banned by teo oniel

    Why you did ban evade last time?
  9. This is your final chance to behave. Unbanned.
  10. Again you got tempbanned, not a full ban.
  11. Denied. Disturbing other staff to get UNBAN after being told not to do it.
  12. A very short and solid answer, can you be more clear whether it is ROLEPLAY for you?
  13. Hello. Yes, you have broken the rules that have been on this server several times, you often lie to admins to avoid the problem and acting like that is not wrong at all, and anyway I have warned you not to do it (You have also TEMPBANNED the cause this too) I will ask what will you improve in the future to avoid it?
  14. Don't duplicate an unban appeal.

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