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  1. Alright, I'll handle this case and talk to him once he's in game.
  2. What will you improve on your attitude and it won't happen like that again?
  3. To be unbanned on 16/11/2018. Last chance, I hope you will improve.
  4. Are you still interested? You have 24 hours to reply this.
  5. To be unbanned on 16 november. This is your last chance.
  6. Your answer doesn't make any sense at all, we've made you fainted and have taken all the items on your body all of a sudden you call the police without / me / actions, all you do is whine so SCENE is quickly completed and you can spend yourself making money all day, again this is not a money server but this is a ROLEPLAY server and you have to respond to anyone who wants to play with you properly.
  7. You died by [TCL]JosephFrans and you were returning after death and car killed him. It's still same scenario. Also you got tempbanned, not a full ban.
  8. "Roleplay is that actions which you do in real life. So according to it when someone kidnapped me in real life the first thing which I will do is to call the cops and I did the same in the game but you said it is illegal not allowed " Do you even read what first time I said to you? Do you understand this?
  9. If you really love this server you won't do anything like this, just the logic. You are not a new child on this server. You know a lot about the rules in it, but you break it for fun and don't think about what will happen in the future, so PLEASE what you gonna fix/do in the future to avoid like this again?
  10. We often give you the chance to change, but you keep repeating your mistakes, it's useless to beg us. what we want to know from you is what you will really do in the future not to make the same mistake and I want to know what "ROLEPLAY" is for you?
  11. Hello, me and Keith were robbing you and we've done a lot to make you faint and other things and you still avoid it Example : [TCL]Arthur_Andolini shouts [British accent]: This is robbery, hands up! JawwadKhan says: bro do it fast Is this a RP? Also you pm'd me on discord Jawwad KhanToday at 7:43 PM Why you always doing rp with me? Don't do it with me let me do just my safd job(edited) All you want is to earn some money? to be rich? well this is a roleplay server And also final. Did you learn from your mistakes? Maybe you didnt. Explain to me what you gonna do/fix in the future?

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