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  1. Michelle

    Some new changes

    Here we go again, another DM system ( /hitman) - at the beginning you want to change the players' point of view to do roleplay, but then at the end of the story you created the DM system again lol you clearly hard call this server as a roleplay server but in fact it is not. It's obvious like CnR or DM server
  2. it wont happen, mate
  3. What is your in-game name? Aiko_Kannareth Which player(s) do you want to report? Ray Walker, Jack Krauer When did the rulebreak happen? 11/10/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Dexter Glidrig, Declan Finney Deathmatching They told me to "LEAVE" and I did comply and then went to Declan's rancher - wanted to get in but they just directly shot me on foot so I'm not able to enter the rancher. Evidence Logs.
  4. Michelle

    0.3.7 or DL

    high quality roleplay not exist bro
  5. lol, I have clean punishments I've no idea the management tempbanned me for small issue like this, which is not very fair, different from people who don't understand RP at all and concept on this server who just do farming simulator 24/7 then ruined it all, They just do verbal warned them compared to ban them
  6. What is your in-game name? Aiko_Kannareth Which staff member banned you? Management When did you get banned? 11/05/19 What is the ban reason? Deathmatching Personal comment Bullshit, where is the DM? f.y.i What's the difference keeping people who don't know roleplay at all while they have a very high level - you only do verbal warn them. Get your straight.
  7. Michelle

    Mudoo Gang Wars

    it's been seen for a long time too if they only prioritize playerbase over quality
  8. Michelle

    Mudoo Gang Wars

    altaf bro, roleplay doesnt exist in here - even if you try to force people to do roleplay, they only speard toxic and such at you - the mentality of the people in here won't reach there (roleplay), management only gives scripts that they want to so they can keep their playerbase and that's a fact here
  9. Michelle

    0.3.7 or DL

    more roleplay or not?
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