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  1. Stop with that nonsense, you always do trolling in-game, and absolutely don't do RPs and such. I've seen so far. what happened earlier you were blocking the police car so that the police chased you (Copbaiting) and trying to create a "shootout" . furthermore you have violated many rules on this server, and have not changed at all, why we should unban you?
  2. Hello, I have read it, all I have seen is your group or others just to do deathmatch, kidnap, rob and shit. you still don't get bored with it will ya? you can try to make something unique by roleplaying as a gangster, there are some roleplay you can do besides deathmatch or looking for reasons that don't make sense to kill someone, just last night I tempbanned someone who did this, you better thank you to kacper cause he just tempbanned you. You should have been banned from a long time ago because of the way you act on the server. Addition from me I hope this will be the last time I see you like this.
  3. Start bid : 200k+ Buyout : 500k
  4. Mafias are sucks.


    #Mafias #sucks #roleplay #Freedom #NoSayToDM #Rebel #StopDM #FocusRP #OHYEAH

    1. Ray


      nazi grammar

    2. Nick Alvin
    3. Subhan


      #focusrp while the rest of admins teach dm to newbies 

  5. Sold it to Jennifer Andolini.
  6. Michelle


    I bet you will comeback to Mudoo again, since you still care visiting forums.
  7. Starting bid : 200k Buyout : 1m-+
  8. I am gonna die.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Nick Alvin

      Nick Alvin

      Who cares 

      Me Jk Ok .?

    3. Jinnah


      wtf nooo pls!

    4. Nick Alvin

      Nick Alvin

      Ey nigg' make sure to give all of your in game money to me, before dying. Thank you. || jk ||

  9. Well, they just driving around and farming money 24/7. Even when someone tried to do RP - they don't care at all and bark in public chat lol. I've been active for a week but I didn't find RP AT ALL.
  10. 2 hours ago I got killed by a volunteer because I called 911, and also it was his wrong he shot randomly in front of LSPD lul
  11. Mhm let's see hehe.
  12. the server is now a Criminals & Cops RP Server Fact.
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