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  1. Hey, I don't want to talk much about this, you have already made arrangements for some team staff and so on, but you keep breaking the rules constantly, and what I have seen so far is that you have not changed at all to be better or whatever, why we have to unban you?
  2. Come back again if you are already clean, and also you have to admit the mistake that you did. Denied.
  3. Good luck anyone who is in precipitation in this event.
  4. Hello, I'm the administration who's banned you , I've explained it in-game that you do copbaiting through your way like that so you can get attention from them (cops), so the point is you have violated the rules written on this server. - If you are a player who has been in mudoo for a long time, you will understand the rules, you have violated many regulations. and also I have never seen you do "ROLEPLAY" on this server except doing shootouts and such. Maybe you should read this section again.
  5. Unbanned, if you cannot follow the rules on the server or break them. I will permanently ban you
  6. Hi MrCookie, our anticheat has showed us that you have been using money cheats, I also believe that you have relogged that has changed your display money. Although, since you are new and you have proven to have a clean game, I will be unbanning you. Enjoy your time on Mudoo! - Kacper
  7. I don't agree with your opinion about criminal groups have to do / turfs and the like to get / official status /, yes right they are criminals but not all criminals want to do that, we also want to give the best with roleplay and so on. so don't assume that any criminal groups only know DM and others, not all groups do that.
  8. Yes that is called the race.
  9. Unbanned, don't repeat your mistakes. Try to behave and follow the rules on the server now.
  10. I will start deleting all your money in your account, and you said before if your brother has left this server so I will delete your brother account too, so you start from the beginning like fresh.

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