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  1. You need to shine until you don't need to introduce yourself.

  2. I got cancer waiting tbh, if I used anything I would happily say, you want me to stream my gameplay I will happily do that, I do record my gameplay so there's no proofs on me doing anything wrong, you want any specific fight that I'm suspicious just hit me up and I'll upload it, because I've everything recorded, you dont believe me feel free to deny this, at least I'll know your decision, you feel like I'm an innocent feel free to unban me, whatever your decision is will be respectable. and as I said I wont promise you that the trigger will go off, because I dont really know which mod/file is causing it, but I promise you that I'll find out quickly and replace it or re-download my GTA. and if I was that type of a guy who likes to take an advantage over others, I wouldn't tell every each staff about my sniper bug which rapid fires and doesnt lose any ammo. thanks in advance.
  3. In life, you either adapt or you perish.

  4. iMarcell

    Server updates

    The command will be abused, taser would be a better option.
  5. And lets lay the cards on the table each one of you know that i record my gameplay everysingle shootout why would i use such a thing.
  6. I never did besides keybinder. And if you want me to stream my gta ill happily do that.
  7. But i was told by another admin that he was triggered while you being with me in teamviewer also I have no other pc and also you checked the date of editing any file of my pc, and if i get unban now i wont promise you that you wont get any triggers, because idk which file is causing this, but i can promise that ill findout.
  8. What do you mean? my intentions are to get back I've some plans which are ready for RHB and a new rp group that I'm gonna open if i got back, and there's no proof of me cheating, idk how accurate CAC is and I was told by an admin that he was getting the same triggers and he has nothing in his GTA, my pc was fully searched and nothing was found. @Marcus.
  9. Last time I heard I love you was when I walked on the valentine bear by a mistake.

  10. Name: Tommy Corzetti Age:27 Date of birth: 8th of May 1992 Height: 6.0 ft Hair color: Blonde. Story:Tommy Corzetti was born in 8th of May 1992, his dad was a carpenter and his mom was a housekeeper, Tommy had three friends, he was working with one of them as a mechanic, one day when Tommy and his friend Elijah were working suddenly a girl enters the garage to fix her breaks, Tommy felt in love with that girl. Tommy decided to start dating that girl and he did. Tommy's 3rd friend was called Marcus, this guy also fell in love with the girl that Tommy was dating, so he tried to steal her from him. One day while Tommy was serving at the military, they decided to make a casino robbery, it was well planned by them. The plan was this " Marcus will act drunk, he'll pull a gun at me so I grab the gun from him so he gets my fingerprints on it, then they go to the casino and do their crime, and they did that", Tommy was jailed for stealing 40,000,000 dollars and killing a guard, his jail time was 30 years. Tommy was getting beaten by jail guards daily, they wanted to know where did he hide the money. Tommy didn't say anything, because he has no clue where is the money at. There was an old guy called Caesar in the jail, this guy was teaching Tommy how to fight, how to gamble, how to be a liar, how to use people, how to feel nothing..... One day criminals sat the prison on fire, Tommy was taken by jail guards to a room, they started to scratch his face with broken glass. Tommy managed to kill a guard, and he was taken to the hospital by Caesar, Tommy got his face changed in surgery and his voice too, many prisoners were killed during the fire at the prison, so they faked Tommy's death because none could recognize the dead prisoners, they were fully burnt. Tommy has changed his name to Augustus, people know him as Augustus now, and now he's out, he's seeking for his revenge from his friends. To be continued.
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