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  1. so much drama, I cry and cry too after reading. Review date means that they will decide if they keep you banned or unban you. about two brothers playing on same PC, you need to send proofs to the management and get their permission first.
  2. You either delete GTA file in your documents, or you try to a new GTA SA, but I suggest you try deleting your GTA in ur documents folder "Grand theft auto San Andreas user files"

    1. dellpacker


      u gon all religious or sommet now

  4. iMarcell

    0.3.7 or DL

    Just wait for open.mp.
  5. Bro, playing the server with the current staff team is worse than corona.
  6. #FreeEix

    1. Jake Randall

      Jake Randall

      Bro if I ever get banned I'll contact you, whenever you make a hashtag the person gets unbanned.

    2. iMarcell


      You see, unban.cs works 🌶️

    3. dellpacker


      eix stoopid no one like

  7. #FreeAiko

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. iMarcell


      Michelle ex snr admin.

    3. Jake Randall

      Jake Randall

      bro you have birthday 8th of May, in 9th of May we celebrate victory day in whole Europe

    4. iMarcell
  8. I need a good photoshopper.

    1. lukjano



    2. iMarcell


      dm me on discord Phenomenal#4550

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