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  1. 1 and a sister which doesnt play samp at all.
  2. We spoke on discord about that why u wasting time and extending my ban as much as u can ?
  3. Banevade using keybind, lying and anything you think ive done @Billy
  4. Everything I did, I do apologize for everything that I have done, I hope you all forgive me. @Billy
  5. Sorry for things I did, wont happen on future I assure u.
  6. Sick and tired.

    1. Subhan


      Go to doctor no? stop acting like 14 year old white girl complaining "oh my god life bad UwU" 

    2. iMarcell


      Wanna sit on my dick ?


    3. Subhan


      If you had one

      You can sit on my eiffel tower tho

  7. I do apologize for whatever ive done @Billy
  8. I already lost my properties, I'm ready to communicate @Billy
  9. iMarcell

    HBD Leonardo

    Happy birthday Leonardo Cater!
  10. All I asked is to get unbanned, I banevaded and used keybinder yes, if you think for a second I used something here I am playing by CAC
  11. You guys gave every banned player a chance in a few days after his ban, when it came to me I spent 28 days, people advertised their own server instead I advertised your server and they got unbanned in few days and here I am still here thats what I'm sick of. @Derek @Dylan
  12. I'm just sick of accusing out here, where is the problem if I play with CAC? like everyone else
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