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  1. Thoughts?


  2. Yeah I agree, he should post some quality rp screens like you do.
  3. Be ready !! i will come tomorow make sure to record and let DM in TDM muddo cause i will not use my gun on MRP only for self defense or smuggle..turf only won't get in troubels since i have no more extenssive punish my punish score is 1,5 now so its time to stop that after looking to my punish history i see that the robs and the kidnapps are the 1st source of my punishments so its time to stop and i will do it only for RP issue if needed wait me idk when but 16+ of the night cya there ❤️ 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. iMarcell


      im banned

    3. Ahmed_Waheb


      OMG why bro why another time 😢 and Reason to ban ???

    4. iMarcell


      @Luzziz reported me for DM-ing, so I ended up being banned.

  4. Ahmed Waheb is a legend, havent seen anyone reaching his level.
  5. Cat mafia recruiting.

    PM Dizzy or Richard Griffin in game.

    1. Hariz


      ofc u forgot me..

    2. iMarcell


      Ure just a soldier bro

    3. Ahmed_Waheb


      /pm 34 Richard pls i wil join set my rank as high rank pls.... :D  

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