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  1. iMarcell

    Last night

    Im speechless. Why, because everyone is crying about everything. *Not just you.
  2. iMarcell

    Last night

    Another snowflake thread.
  3. iMarcell


    Still don't see the point, but thanks for clarifying.
  4. iMarcell


    Just for curiosity, whats the difference between FBI rancher and Huntley? both can be DB'd by cops since both of them have +1k HP.
  5. I'm not the one who is complaining here.
  6. Its not the lack of education, its the changes in rules that happens every week, last time I visited change log was early 2019, changing rules/adding new rules that makes people get confused of what to do.
  7. Whoever thinks that I go someone and shoot randomly I might say that he is a complete retard, everyone of us getting into shootouts for certain situations "atm nuking, turfs...." so he can suck my dick horizonal I have 0 punishments about dming.
  8. It doesnt matter what they script, ppl will bitch and moan both ways, because its what they are good at.

  10. He forgot which email he used, I see no issue by me appealing since he is telling me what to write, all I do is just copy/paste.
  11. About non rp name, most of the player having non rp name. No idea what is gonna happen when I get unbanned, but I wont be repeating my mistakes, but everything that I did has a specific reason behind it.
  12. He bought new pc, forgot his username and password.
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