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  1. You were banned by MatthewC for hacking, be patient and wait for his response. Bumping your unban request will lead you into instant denial.
  2. I tempbanned you for 3 days. main reason for tempbanning that I spoke with you twice about your actions ig, you're abusing your duty weapons into deathmatching innocent civilians which is forbidden here. So I suggest you take a break for 3 days, read the rules once again make sure you understand every meaning of them.
  3. iMarcell


    Good luck, farewell.
  4. I've couple of questions here, me and 3 different admins asked you if you're using anything, you denied it. Why did you lie in the first place? we tried to give you a chance by telling us the truth, instead you keep lying. Why would you use illegal modifications in RP server if you're really here to roleplay?
  5. why would I spend 2m for nothing ? I can give others permission to work at it, doesnt that work ?
  6. Ohhhh jack nice to see you around !!!
  7. I dont agree with the idea.
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