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  1. iMarcell


    Your comments wont help you get unbanned pal.
  2. Thoughts?


  3. Yeah I agree, he should post some quality rp screens like you do.
  4. Ahmed Waheb is a legend, havent seen anyone reaching his level.
  5. Cat mafia recruiting.

    PM Dizzy or Richard Griffin in game.

    1. Hariz


      ofc u forgot me..

    2. iMarcell


      Ure just a soldier bro

    3. T O M M Y

      T O M M Y

      /pm 34 Richard pls i wil join set my rank as high rank pls.... :D  

  6. I invited some criminals from other servers too, so dont worry.
  7. iMarcell

    Mudoo Players

    Our beloved judge is saying facts.
  8. iMarcell

    Mudoo Players

    I dont consider it that bad since people can lie to get themselves free, thats why self defense isnt a thing in Mudoo.
  9. iMarcell

    Mudoo Players

    Once I got confused and killed 7 cops and I died after, sadly I asked why I was being shot back
  10. iMarcell

    Mudoo Players

    Whatever benefits PD is allowed, so they will not be taken care of so dont even bother. Mazen told me that its an IC issue , which I came to a conclusion that regulations are made to protect their asses from getting punished.
  11. Live long Pepe Netanyahu

  12. Happy bithday Hilly Flores @dellpacker and @Jamal Raza

    1. Julio


      Happy cello day lads.

  13. @LocMax I've a suggestion that suits everyone, change the name from General to Bitch and moan.
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