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  1. Happy birthday you Bulgarian bastard 🌹@Marcus.

    1. Marcus.


      Thanks love

    2. Ricky_Martin


      Happy Birthdayy Bulgarian Bull! @Marcus.

    3. Marcus.


      Thanks lad.

  2. Happy Birthday Kacper @Steve Rogers

    1. Ben Blake

      Ben Blake

      Happy birthday ser, hoping you have a wonderful one and you get all the presents you wanted

  3. I should back off then
  4. Thats not a mod, same as samp addon customized skins. @Mikro
  5. Addon vehicles, its real life brand cars.
  6. Suggest a movie to watch...

    1. iMarcell


      Next time I use aimbot to get ur point 🤭

    2. M.Rochi


      The Purge (2013)

    3. M.Rochi


      Halloween (2018)


      My personal favorite 

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  7. @sTcoreybest male gangster character?
  8. What is your in-game name? Marcello_Corleone Which staff member banned you? Matthew_Carter When did you get banned? 05/20/2020 What is the ban reason? /q to avoid seizure Personal comment I tried to PM Leonardo way too many times without any response, so here I am trying to make an unban appeal if not possible now feel free to deny it.
  9. Your in-game name Tommy_Corzetti You real life age 24 Your country and timezone +3GMT, Israel. How do you describe yourself as a person Good person always loyal to my fellas, I've a bad habit that I rage quickly, but I'm working on controlling myself. What are your motives for becoming a moderator? I was senior admin in Mudoo RP I made a mistake which made me get kicked when I raged, what motivates me that I would love to give a hand to the community if I can. How will you deal with a friend that is as
  10. Happy 11th birthday @CraZe

  11. Happy 15th bday @Dizzy

  12. HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY @Dizzy

  13. @sTcorey Happy 13th bday

  14. Happy 12th birthday @sTcorey

  15. I agree with your point, OOC hate is taking it to the next level, especially towards BCR members, they got official status and they got harrased for few days by other groups. As you said losing and winning is common, you cant win all the situations no matter what. Toggling public chat isnt the solution as you said, we all should grow up and swallow the loss, or public chat should be removed completely, thats not the best solution its always fun to communicate with other players in public chat but that reduces the toxicity in the server.
  16. U wanna re make the situation I will happily do it as I told you on discord. First time getting breached since I started playing SAMP, I thought that they MUST approach me in order to breach, not directly to the gate, none have spoken to me when they stopped at the gate, and ye as I said I was afraid to lose my stuff thats why I took my stuff and left, but I thought they came for dexter and I didnt want to get involved in the breach I was scared for the items I had so I took them and left. And I wanna clarify something, I didnt know that I was the target until Dizzy sent me a m
  17. My point is that Im not lying here. And I want you to clarify this to me if I was standing for a minute and cops havent interact with me what prevents me from quitting?
  18. I wasnt aware they were following me like I said since none interacted with me, I knew both ways if they were after me or not they gonna raid hq if they find Dexter's c4. If they interacted with me I wouldnt leave obviously, I will die and lose half of them. Im not a liar I had a ban five months ago and the truth was proven few minutes ago and it was expunged so my point is that I'm not lying to you right now.
  19. Yeah, check how many c4s he planted before cops approach and he was coming back to hq to store marked money and load c4s what made me confused is cops came they didnt approach me i was at door entrance and they went to the gate. if it was for me why nine of them spoke with me a single word that we recieved a call and we are here to search your HQ?
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