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  1. Yeah, plus Dexter gildrig was nuking atms during that time he left hq literally few seconds before fbi approached, I thought they came for him since none interacted with me once they appeoached. I even called him on discord that fbi might be looking for u because u blew around 20-30 atms
  2. What is your in-game name? Marcello Corleone Which staff member banned you? Matthew Carter When did you get banned? 05/21/2020 What is the ban reason? Q to avoid seizure Personal comment Explained on discord.
  4. my ass, I wouldnt say that if I dont have proofs
  5. Username: certerintelligenceservice69 Comment: im a fan of adolf hitler too
  6. @sTcoreyis top 5 rich

  7. This server is based on OOC stuff, every information being gathered prolly oocly, I have many proofs, check court case that Flynn made it explains alot, a criminal has his phone off and wearing a mask and being caught somehow. TIM member stores drugs in a specific HQ out of the 7 HQs they have while his phone is off 24/7 and this guy is always wearing a mask and FBI members raid that HQ only, so it aint getting any better. I hope it gets better but I doubt that.
  8. Best drug dealer goes for the governor, Ace.
  9. If it was legal ban I wouldnt be here in the first place And I have total of 8 punishments 4 of them bans, people having 25 punishments with a ban or two it shows how much I'm being loved.
  10. I have no idea why its taking so long for bs ban, both sides shared their proofs, take your decision already if I was guilty do whatever you pleased.
  11. You posted that in general, there is a section called "report a staff member" if you wanna talk to admins.
  12. There might ne 2-3 invalid punishments, but you have over 30 valid.
  13. If they were spectating, they dont need an explaination from you.
  14. What whole story bro? Corleones and Gambinos were enemies we approached that guy in order to rob him, your buddy aimed at him so what should we do? Give him some flowers and wait till he opens fire ? P.S: Corleone is still running but we are tagless and we are combined with Irish Mob.
  15. I totally disagree with that, we all were horrible at the beginning of our roleplay experience.
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