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  1. Well, its all about English, this guy doesnt understand what is he doing, or what are you telling him, I used to be like that in 2008, I got banned 10 times not understanding what I was banned for, or what I have to change or how to follow the rules, a guy who doesnt understand English he wont be able to roleplay nor follow the server rules because he has no clue what he has to do at all, so instead of abusing your power on newbies remember that you were the same when you started playing, explain them what they have to do even if it requires to repeat that 100 times, or get someone who underst
  2. I doubt that sir, because the ban was bs and obviously planned, like how you took my farm, you said you didnt report that your farm has weed interior altho Matthew had it for 3 months when I was in hospital and obviously he has seen the interior, plus I was caught inside of it way too many times, but you hated me since day one even when we were in Argo**** , so I'll leave this to Mikro.
  3. Plus we had 3 admin sits when I said that @Derek, Eduardo was asking for logs, Matthew was talking with Rumen Gambino and Ezabila tp-ed Frank Hawk mid RP somewhere where I have no clue about we were talking to Frank meanwhile. [00:30:12] (( Richie_Kavanagh: Sending Eduardo logs so the chairs get removed. One sec Jethro. )) [00:31:33] (( Bery_Bumpkin: Hes sending the logs to eduardo sec )) [00:34:14] (( {FF0000}Eduardo_Santos{BF62DA}: Not really am here waiting from some logs )) [00:26:46] {FF0000}Ezabila_Stokes{DDA2F0} says: Frank [00:26:54] {FF0000}Ezabila_Stokes{DDA2F0} says: I ne
  4. How can you execute a "warrant" in an admin situation Derek blatantly said if he went back you'd get your "goons" on him, so he used admin situation and admin commands to his own advantage Who the fuck executes a warrant when 20 allies are next to him
  5. [00:36:21] (( Derek_Carter: not allowed to carsurf, get off. )) [00:36:28] (( Alyssa_Pareja: go idlewood )) And about me saying ban me I dont care everyone rages, I think that you dont know who it feels until you become hunted.
  6. I dont care about what are you saying here and if you wanna speak about horrible attitude I've screens shots of you insulting players constantly I can share them if you wish, and btw I was gonna roleplay if it was an appropriate RP scene I told you get me back to Idlewood and we can continue the scene from there, since I was there and I was taken OOCLY when I tried to carsurf on your car and you slapped me at Commerce altho I told you get me back at Idlewood before even you taze me but instead you slapped so its obvious that all that was planned, and I haven't insult anyone yet. A li
  7. As I said TP me to Idlewood and I'll continue since I was there before I was brought to Commerce OOCLY. But it sounds like you're butt hurt who's trying to hunt me for weeks now and I told Mikro about that before I get that ban.
  8. What is your in-game name? Alyssa_Pareja Which staff member banned you? Derek Carter When did you get banned? 05/03/2020 What is the ban reason? Refusing to roleplay Personal comment [00:40:23] (( Alyssa_Pareja: ure mixing now )) [00:40:27] (( Derek_Carter: why )) [00:40:27] * Derek Carter unbuckles their seatbelt. [00:40:27] [Ask] Helper Carl_Goldsworthy (15){FFFFFF}: /clothing > Activate the slot with mask item, then use /mask to take it on/off [00:40:32] (( {FF0000}Derek_Carter{
  9. USERNAME:SheWasntReady COMMENT:My pillow is wet, why mocking the best commander in Mudoo's history?
  10. 1 Mar 2020 at 22:41 Pablo_Gambino Warning Accepting death without rp
  11. There is if you shoot, combat cooldown.
  12. You have 120 seconds to revive if you failed, then they are allowed to accept death
  13. 1 Mar 2020 at 22:41 Pablo_Gambino Warning Accepting death without rp ok
  14. You should open your eyes wider, he said starting bid 1.6m, that means he doesnt want any offer below that.
  15. You either a retard or acting like one, he said starting bid 1.6m................

  17. Glad to hear that you guys are giving a damn fuck about the present issues.

  18. Ok

    1. T O M M Y

      T O M M Y

      did u die or from the time u joined MRP never die !

      holy alyssa add a video u die in it !

      why u show us only ur benefits ! 


    2. iMarcell


      my pillow is wet.

    3. T O M M Y

      T O M M Y

      what u mean hahaha



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