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  1. If i dont get a reasonable answer to all my questions within 48 hours I will have to close this report.
  2. Answer all my questions please ----- 1-Did Cotty ask for this report to be made? 2-You lack awareness of the situation, why did you make the report? 3-There was an admin in-game, why make a forum report?
  3. One of our helpers witnessed the incident stating LeT were after Cotty due to "A scam in a drug deal" Cotty sought a safe zone thinking that would make him immune, the scene had started outside of it anyway (Gambino HQ) totally disabling the rule. -so, why did you make the report, Have you witnessed something else was done wrong ? or just trying to get LeT in trouble? -Why didnt Cotty report this himself? Did he ask you to report it? Does he have a forum account or no? -------- Plz answer as soon as possible.
  4. Ayo I'll be handling your report, please be patient.
  5. Hello Enes, I'll be handling your report. Please be patient until i talk with the reported players regarding this situation.
  6. Dizzy warned you verbally about it and didnt ban you straight away, doing you a great favor. Still you just went on betting with money you never had despite being warned and being totally aware of the rules. Also you have a very bad reputation that you scam a lot, Be careful next time and try to play fairly. ---------- Anyway, Unbanned.
  7. -Hey Raza, today is the review date. All i want is a picture that shows your GTA SA folder is clean (Has no illegal mods or hacks/trainers) and i will unban you. -Also make sure not to download anything you dont know the background of, you might download smth illegal without knowing.
  8. -Will be unbanned on 1st of March 2019. (1/3/2019) -DONT pm any staff member about your appeal or ban-evade or your application will be extended or even denied. -You have been given too many chances, please show a change once unbanned.
  9. -You have 48 punishments, Thats your 6th permanent ban along with 5 temp-bans -How should we trust you not to break rules again and to follow server rules? -Why should we consider unbanning you? thats your 2nd ban in less than 10 days -Why do you keep breaking rules despite numerous amount of warnings you got? -How will you improve your RP in the future to suit the server?
  10. *Review date set for 12th of February 2019. -DONT ban-evade or PM any admin about your unban application or it will be denied. -Also clean all unfair mods, trainers, hacks and cleo folders than aint necessary from your game folder.
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