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  1. And Chip said... let there be Mudoo! Good to be part of this community since it’s birth.
  2. Team Captain Name: Thomas Gambino Team Members: Thomas Gambino, Ned Gambino, Ace Gambino, Nicolas Gambino
  3. Tommy

    Fishing Guide!

    I will have a look and update the topic.
  4. Tommy

    Group Turfs

    Should be even more than that 2-3 days maybe.
  5. Tommy

    Group Turfs

    Thanks for adding the /turfs command! I've got another suggestion. Instead of taking 10 mins to capture the turf - every turf could get a bit of mapping and to capture a turf you need to destroy a mapped building with guns and molotovs which has alot of HP - not something that can be destroyed quickly. Would make things more entertaining when capturing a turf if there are no defending turf players are online. Even maybe destroy a mapped building to be able to use /capture ..
  6. Tommy

    Group Turfs

    There should be a command to see all turfs and current owners, something like /turfs. Also suggesting add Black or Dark grey colour to /groupcolor.
  7. Tommy

    Fishing Guide!

    Fishing is a good job to do in San Andreas, especially when you are tired of the violent cops and rude gangsters of Los Santos. You can take your boat far into the sea and earn some money in peace and quiet! How to fish? First of all you have to visit any 24/7 shop to buy yourself a Fishing Rod! Command: /buy when inside of a shop. Next thing you will need is a boat – any boat will do. Head to Santa Maria Beach and there should be some fishing boats provided by the state nearby. Get on your boat and head to the fishing area and you’re ready to catch some fresh fish! The fishing area is not too far from the beach, you have to sail down South in order to start fishing. Command: /fish when you’re in the fishing zone. How much can I earn fishing? You can earn a decent amount of money, but you need to be patient. You can get a bonus per sold fish when selling more than a certain amount of fish which you can check at the factory in Blueberry. Estimated amount: 100,000$ in a few hours. Known fish prices: Tuna – 100$ Sturgeon – 150$ Halibut – 200$ Ray – 200$ Salmon – 250$ Swordfish – 250$ Octopus – 250$ Squid – 250$ Bluefin Tuna – 450$ Atlantic Salmon – 450$ Pacific Lamprey – 500$ Steelhead Trout – 550$ Sea Turtle – 550 Marlin – 10,000$
  8. What is your in-game name? Pablo_Gambino Which staff member banned you? Kacper When did you get banned? 11/01/18 What is the ban reason? /q to avoid rp Personal comment Greetings administration team of mudoo rpg. I’m posting this unban appeal in behalf of my friend and group member. Pablo is aware of the rule breaking he did and he admitted he quit the game to avoid the roleplay, because he got angry he apologises for what he’s done and confident that it will never happen again. Please keep in mind that he’s new to samp and samp rpg in general. Sincere apologies.
  9. Why not something like fantasy rpg, L2, Aion, WoW, Guild wars, Mu online etc, etc. I would love to play those games again.
  10. And make /plantc4 usable anywhere... maybe allow a custom timer instead of the original 10 seconds too.
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