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  1. What is your in-game name? Macon_Ravenwood Which staff member banned you? Matthew_Carter When did you get banned? 07/29/19 What is the ban reason? only in mudoo to spread constant toxicity and bitch over everything, go celebrate argo bday Personal comment Just because Matthew abuses every single thing his ass can it does not mean I am bitching over it, not if it is legit. If there's something toxic in the server, it's him. So, I got shot while driving from Vinewood towards LS-FC tolls by the police without any interaction at all from their side, no roleplay, none of us was wanted or committing any crimes. The police was at Rodeo, having a shootout with some suspects at Richman. We basically drove below and between both parties and got sprayed by the cops. I immediately stopped but yet they continued to snipe me, lowering my HP to 80 or so and totally removing my armour. The vehicle was also pretty much fucked up. I asked Jo to check on it since it was pure DM and Mister Carter here who everyday tells people to promote roleplay or they will be punished/weapon banned says "this is how every aid begins", which for him, driving on a main road is a reason to shoot down to death a vehicle and the occupants inside. I was blatantly DMed and instead of getting justice, I get punished and suppressed for asking for my rights, which apparently if it's against the interests of the "dicktarted" it's called bitching and spreading toxicity. *addition: whether I celebrate argo bday or not, or play in any other servers is all up to me and won't be asking any of you for permission. For as long as I play properly and by the rules (those that apply to everyone and not just the criminals as it happens de facto) I don't have why to be removed just because some people don't like me *addition #2: this was not even the first time for this to happen. I've also been blatantly DMed by the police before. One occasion was during the president's visit at Fort Carson. I was simply driving in my car on the main street, and it happened to be the moment when the corrupt officer tried to kill the president. I had no idea what was going on, was simply driving, and got blatantly Dmed by any officer who had a point of view on me, including the "elite", SWAT. I stopped and got DMed to the point that the car died and I got knocked down. After that I got revived by Kacper who assured me that the ones who DMed me were copbanned but none of them actually was, and it was blatant DM, not some regulation breach. SAPD apparently does not know how to act under stress, so they shoot anything that moves, forgetting this is a roleplay server, so they end up blatantly DMing people and not getting punished afterwards.
  2. 1. My motives and interests in Mudoo are very little in quantity, all that interests me is to join and play with fellow friends of mine who play there sometimes in certain occasions. I did not comment positively on the acts from Caster, nor negatively, and don't recall any public comment on it by myself at all so I am unsure where you are coming from with that. 2. It was not my idea and I had nothing to do with it, or the legion, just as I told your Server Manager when he informally contacted and insulted me after the attack had happened, where apparently it was thought that either Sam or myself were multiaccounting or whatever and did this, without any evidence at all but simply your suspicion. ((https://imgur.com/pfr8TlG)) 3. There's no assurance but my word, as I can't care much to waste my time in shit-posting or trolling here.
  3. What is your in-game name? Macon_Ravenwood Which staff member banned you? Matthew_Carter When did you get banned? 04/01/19 What is the ban reason? "bye legion" Personal comment Why am I banned?
  4. Exactly. Want to develop the server as a ROLEPLAY one? Why add turfs that cause turf-wars, thus, more deathmatch? Why make bank robbery a thing? The only thing that it will cause, which is inevitable, is mass DM. Doesn't matter which side wins, there will be PLENTY of bodies and just plain DM.
  5. How about the time back then when you sent a Volunteer to FLA so they could kidnap him and we could have a shootout? Wasn't that
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