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Macon Ravenwood

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  1. 1. My motives and interests in Mudoo are very little in quantity, all that interests me is to join and play with fellow friends of mine who play there sometimes in certain occasions. I did not comment positively on the acts from Caster, nor negatively, and don't recall any public comment on it by myself at all so I am unsure where you are coming from with that. 2. It was not my idea and I had nothing to do with it, or the legion, just as I told your Server Manager when he informally contacted and insulted me after the attack had happened, where apparently it was thought that either Sam or myself were multiaccounting or whatever and did this, without any evidence at all but simply your suspicion. ((https://imgur.com/pfr8TlG)) 3. There's no assurance but my word, as I can't care much to waste my time in shit-posting or trolling here.
  2. What is your in-game name? Macon_Ravenwood Which staff member banned you? Matthew_Carter When did you get banned? 04/01/19 What is the ban reason? "bye legion" Personal comment Why am I banned?
  3. Exactly. Want to develop the server as a ROLEPLAY one? Why add turfs that cause turf-wars, thus, more deathmatch? Why make bank robbery a thing? The only thing that it will cause, which is inevitable, is mass DM. Doesn't matter which side wins, there will be PLENTY of bodies and just plain DM.
  4. How about the time back then when you sent a Volunteer to FLA so they could kidnap him and we could have a shootout? Wasn't that
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