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  1. Why would you create a Faction Council in a server like this?
  2. Well obviously, If you use it from a long distance against a cop, he'll definitely call the heavy weaponry cops cause it'll look like he's getting sniped even though you aim for his car. @Bruce Actually its not.
  3. Raul

    0.3 DL

    Why do this when you have SAMP addon available?
  4. Raul

    0.3 DL

    Simply install SAMP addon which auto switches to both versions.
  5. Raul

    0.3 DL

    It might lower the player base.
  6. Stop asking cops for ransom in a hostage situation its pointless. Its more like you are robbing a bank yet you ask cops to give you 1 million dollars.
  7. dont watch if you're not 18+ thank you.
  8. i found chip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3v79CLLhoyE&feature=youtu.be&t=37
  9. A group rivalry barely lasts, remember the GAMBINO and PC rivaly? How long did it last like few minutes,hours,a day,two days? Is that even a rivalry? Huh? Gathering around a public place and waiting for the opposition to provoke the gunfight, seriously..
  10. Group rivalries and alliances are the decisions of group leaders, you're not the who should decide it. And what happened to this? Does anyone even remember it? Was it implemented for a short period of time? I remember having a situation where a SINGLE guy was being arrested at gun point by FIVE cops yet, he runs away, opens fire, dies, the end. He got reported what does the administration say? "Its okay everyone does that" and guess what that guy was once an Official Group leader.
  11. Mask system. This may cause less huntings and dm ofcourse because nowadays people mostly hunt each other cause of the nametags instead of creating a proper IC rp scenario and obviously group turfs restricted to official groups only.

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