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  1. Could you provide me with information about the amount of items which are in stock of the 24/7 shop? ((screenshot))
  2. Name: Herman_Giddens Property: Tool Store Location: Glen Park BuyOut: 200k It doesn't make a lot of profit(I don't save profit), but eh, maybe you want it
  3. Wtf Bro No. DrBrain The Best. We Can't Just Remove Him. But seriously. Wtf are the elections. There were 2 retards (Denzel and Brain) and Brendan. Neither Denzel or Brain know how to do shit while Brendan does. But yet Brendan lost. And guess why? Because Denzel had sapd behind him. Brain was there to be a clown and most of the votes were from trolls. And Brendan was hated about the farms/Finney Agriculture where they made everything and everyone had a chance to do it (if they were smarter)
  4. Didn't you leave the server?
  5. bro we still full support you. you da best ever bro i vote u
  6. the server is full of pakis nigger
  7. N is for normal players shame we don't have any N's niggers
  8. well at least there's someone who still somewhat mapps on this server by the way, instead of using the thing you use, you should use this guide to make screenshots tip: make more screenshots from different angles so you show all the things you have mapped edit: also watch this for being better
  9. Turfs should stay. Smuggle is stupid, because you either can deliver it without any struggle or there are like 10 cops blocking it and you have to waste a lot of weapons to kill them. So smuggle sould be removed. They are craftable. It's 30gp for granade and 100gp for rpg
  10. ChristianH_Maxwell 7450 Elegy
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