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  1. I am renting out 6 houses with garden around LS/ Dillimore. The cost of it is 200k/week per house. For more details, contact me via e-mail ((Forum PM)) or call me - 4000 Currently there are 5 houses available for new tenants.
  2. Interesting. Why was no one informed about it?
  3. When Kacper will be satisfied with the offer, he'll probably sell it. And this isn't auction. And since when can you buy AP PnS? Weren't they supposed to be state owned?
  4. Shut the fuck up. LSC wasn't bullshit. It actually brought RP into the server as players were supposed to be forced to RP. The thing that runed it all was the players themselves. They would come to the garage and OOCly asked to repair their cars which I personally refused to do, but there were some retarded fucks who came on dudty and did it. He got his garage same way Bruce got it. And anyone could get it that way or just use already the structures that are in San Andreas. He did not get the group because he is a mapper. He only got a garage faster and the way he wanted because he was mapper. He did everything the same way as other groups did. He waited the 2 weeks which everyone did. Just because you have problems with someone doesn't mean he is idiot. He dumped the whole mafia thing because it failed the goal they wanted to make- a mafia which would actually do what mafia is supposed to do . The leaders decided that it would be smart to add pakis in the group just to have active group.. Which was the biggest mistake they did. At the end the Tabacco mafia got bad reputation due to the pakis being punished/ them DMing others and not staying on the path they decided to stay on which is still a big problem these days with some groups.. And that is unavoidable in this server. And the leaders became inactive. That's why they closed it. Most people who can't do something as good or if they can't do it properly as person x can do will get bullied. No matter if it's dyslexia (Dimos) or they are just plain retards(you, Derek).
  5. If no one bids in next 6 hours, it will be sold.
  6. Will be sold to him if no one offers more in next 6 hours.
  7. The mighty don ned gambino offered 3.3.
  8. Contact me in game. Phone number: 4000
  9. Going to sell it to Don Ned Gambino if no one places higher offer in next 6 hours.
  10. Not interested in NRG as I already have one. Noted.
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