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  1. Bruce

    Tik tok haha

    Paki with Albanian song...nice..
  2. Yeah go cry about asspulling in lsrp. I can roleplay decent enough instead of retarded pakis who can't roleplay for shit and then cry that they get killed after other people roleplay.
  3. Bruce

    Staff applications

    Yeah I can see your great activity hhh
  4. Am wtf stop calling idiot...am offend!
  5. I have verbally warned Toph/Remsey about what happened. Also regarding your actions, if you take someones car you don't just drive around here to piss people off and shit. Report closed.
  6. Player has been verbally warned. If he repeats it again do contact me. Thank you for reporting. Locked.
  7. Bruce

    Staff applications

    Nice joke... Welcome to the team fellas
  8. Hello there. I am the admin who will handle this report. Please be patient until I talk with Toph regarding the situation.
  9. You got banned last time for poor roleplay and for having a huge amount of punishments. In 18 days you have gotten punished 6 times for you doing poor roleplay. Last time you qere banned you asked "Can I get unbaned" and Derek did unban you. Wd give you another chance and you still show ZERO change, INSTEAD you go do your crappy ass roleplay by ruining other peoples roleplay and lastly you come in the server and hack. Why should we even consider you once again when you have proven nothing but rulebreaking to us?
  10. Right...thats why they failed my sd academy for not roleplaying enough when I roleplay more than other stupid kids...i regret even playing there lol
  11. Hello there. I am the administrator who will deal with the report. Please be patient until I talk with Teen.
  12. Hello. I am the administrator dealing with this report. Please be patient until I talk with Marshall about it.
  13. Taevion has been verbally warned about the situation. If it gets to be repeated he will be punished.
  14. Oh yeah..they do it when there 3 players online. Ok. We have taken down Rustlers every time they have deploy.
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