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  1. Revenge of the fallen. Nice try but its irrelevant.
  2. Wedding canceled. The couple broke up cause Bella broke them apart by raping Kacper...damn rapists.
  3. The wedding will be held this Sunday, 20th of October 13:00CET. The wedding ceremony will be held on Jefferson's church, Los Santos. Everyone participating is to obey the event rules below. -Weapons are strictly forbidden inside the church. Leave you weapons and sins outside! -Shouting and disturbing the wedding ceremony is strictly forbiden. Do so and you'll be thrown outside. -You are to be wearing serious clothes and please do not come on your swim suit.
  4. Good luck to all the participants...you're lucky that my Mudoolympics team is not a team anymore...else we would have won this as well...
  5. @Leonardo Is there any chance that you can pass the organisation of this event to some admin or manager so it can be finished?
  6. I actually suggested to let main chat open only during official events made by staff members.
  7. The only thing that has to be fixed in staff is they need to be 100 times stricter.
  8. These are the main problems. People get upset for loosing stuff over a game. The most fun I habe ever had in these 7 years of playing samp was when I was a victim of a robbery or kidnap. Unfortunately here noone bothers to do a proper kidnap/robbery without it ending on a shootout.
  9. Another topic another shitstorm. You can add the most heavy roleplay features but its not the features that makes the server, its the people that play in it. In here it doesnt matter if you get kill by doing the most heavy roleplay situation ever, the victim will still involve a staff member just because he is salty as a motherfucker that he died by his enemies. What would help the server is heavy roleplay rules and people to actually start punishing with serious punishments, not ban people for 1 week. That wont change anything. Give people heavier punishments and they might learn a thing or two.
  10. This topic is full of crying and bitching. Im just gonna lock it. If you do not roleplay urself at all stop crying about being shot.
  11. This is partialy true but cops shouldnt be blamed all the time. We have shouted at people to give up but instead of that they just shoot the fuck out of us. I personaly have always been a fan to talking to suspects and I have suceeded multiple times in the past. For example, a few days ago me and some other cop were at FCPD to jail a suspect which gave up by himself. As soon as we were about to exit 4 people rushed with weapons inside, I immedeately did put my hands up cause outnumbered and I didnt get shot at. The other cop just shot because why not...this is the kind of shit we need to avoid. People are just trigger happy af. I am honestly totally against of people always have to end a scenario with shooting. It is way more fun and enjoyable for everyone to just roleplay being kidnapped or even stop a shootout by just talking to people.
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