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  1. Nice posthunt bro. Bella and her friends are retarded so no need to worry anymore. Someone lock this shit.
  2. If he does a decent job as chief why would you want to change it? Also, how can you even complain about the chief and what he has done when you don't even know what happens inside the department... You all crying about PD being corrupted and shit but no one has the guts to actually go and follow the proper procedures, instead you go kill or be killed by cops and cry...keep crying because your tears is making this PD stronger.
  3. Bruce

    Some statistics

    Criminals Get Shittone Of Money We Dont It Unfair.
  4. The only thing that needs update is peoples mentality. If people come in the server / bring people in the server only to DM we will never have a proper server.
  5. Hello there. I will be handling this report. Regarding Ray he is a staff member and you should file a report on the "Report a staff member" section. I will talk with them both and I will post here once I have handled it. Until than, please be patient.
  6. Username: B.M. Comment: Why don't you show us the whole video of the situation from the very beginning but only the part where it favors your side.
  7. Bruce

    Mudoo Gang Wars

    This happens when you have people like Carlo leading groups. People who have 0 sense on how to do a proper roleplay.
  8. Gambino does good RP. What you mean?
  9. Username: B.M. Comment:There was never an interrogation. (( As a matter of fact Carl is utery retarded and he wasnt even supposed to be there and our lovely staff member Marcus was too busy turning an OOC situation into IC situation. But hey, he has the power right...))
  10. Maybe if you were in game you would have known because it was announced there. There were 30-40 people in game when that happened. First come first buys Unlucky you.
  11. They were made purchasable two or three weeks ago.
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