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  1. The patriot is armoured with the maximum level. 2000 Health. I demand $1,000,000 for it.
  2. You are not banned, your brother is banned hence your IP is banned as well. Now you have to wait for your brother to be unbanned.
  3. Make me an offer as well but I do not consider anything below $5,000,000. This is the evidence of the profit withdrawn this month.
  4. Name: Bruce McCane Property:24/7 Location:Pershing Square, west of LSCH Buyout: $6,700,000 It makes a decent profit. I will post a screenshot of the profit when I get home. I have withdrawn $500,000+ twice in the past.
  5. I really hope you will not ban evade again. To be unbanned on 17th of May.
  6. I have given you the reason two times. You have been banned 4 times in total, 3 times for hacking. You have no more chances here. Go find somewhere else to play.
  7. Mainly you were banned for aimbot. Why did you aimbot? Secondly I found you out while you were ban evading. Why did you ban evade? How can we trust you again that you wont use any cheats or break the rules?
  8. Let me requote myself. You have 4 bans and 3 of them are for cheating. Denied. Go find somewhere else to play.
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