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  1. Instead of thinking about new games and shit you are still thinking about minecraft. Nice.
  2. Motherfucka why u ignore my messages! Fingers crossed for something good.
  3. What is your in-game name? Bruce McCane Which player(s) do you want to report? Omar Altson When did the rulebreak happen? 01/31/20 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Leonardo Palmieri, Solim Townes, Julien Gambino, Tarion Smith, Ivor Callum What happened? (quote what rule was broken) 1. The guy constantly pretends to be AFK just on the middle of a role-play scenario. Meanwhile he sometimes he just talks in main chat and completely avoids the people RPly interacting with him. 2. The guy was cuffed and he just places a music box on the floor and changes the radio station completely ignoring people interacting and talking to him on local chat. 3. The guy just says "Back" and checks around and just quits and re-logins like 2-3 minutes after. And no, he was not desynced or something. It's not the first time this guy acts like this and idk why admins just keep verbally warning hi Evidence Video Evidence 1: On this Video Evidence, Omar just pretends to be AFK the whole time that cops are interacting with him and just comes back, places a boombox and plays music with his hands cuffed. Video Evidence 2: On this video Omar was very well aware as seen on Video Evidence 1 that there were cops trying to interact with him and just pretends to be AFK and quits, just to come back 2-3 minutes after.
  4. Woow he did that? Thats low af. He should have been punished for ruining the event.
  5. The players are the main core of the server and they are to be blamed for thr current status of the server, which as you claim to be is DM. If the players and their mentality wont change, the server will remain the same.
  6. Give it two weeks since the time this thing goes live on the server and youll see a topic which will say how FPS drops near the tower, am have potato pc, my cpu got on fire when I went near tower pls refund.
  7. This is your very last chance. Do not waste it. Unbaned.
  8. Okay so. I have spoken with the rest of the staff team regarding the current status of your account. We have gotten into a conclusion to give you your very last chance to behave and respect other players. I need you to promise me that you will start behaving and creating a better atmosphere for the people that are around you instead of going trolling and dming for no reasons. I will come back here once you have promised me what I stated above.
  9. Okay so. I spoke with other staff members and this is the outcome: - Everytime you ban evade, you will have 1 month added to your review date. - Everytime you tag, message or contact any other staff member you will have 1 month added to your review date. Your review date is 25th of December, 2021. You and your actions achieved this outcome so do not be sad about it. You are lucky you have a chance to even he a review date.
  10. I will discuss it with Kacper and I will come back at you once I have spoken with him. Until then, please be patient.
  11. How many chances do you need? Why should we even consider unbaning you? You have said "it wont happen again" everytime you were here and it still happened.
  12. Nice posthunt bro. Bella and her friends are retarded so no need to worry anymore. Someone lock this shit.
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