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  1. Okay. Banning you was a rushed decision. Yes, I will unban you. I became an admin by showing quality unlike people like you who only bitch and cry for everything that happens against them. Unbanned, my apology.
  2. You need to read with your eyes instead of doing so with your ass. Like I said to Doom on his PM I was desynched. I am not stupid to drive around a weed field with 10 people in there. [18:29:53] PM from [9th]Doom (29): One man army?? [18:30:05] PM to [9th]Doom (29): Am I driving around you lol [18:30:09] PM to [9th]Doom (29): I am desynced as fuck [18:30:11] PM from [9th]Doom (29): yes [18:30:12] PM to [9th]Doom (29): -_-' [18:30:16] PM to [9th]Doom (29): I didn't even see u lol [18:30:23] PM to [9th]Doom (29): let me relog and I'll get out of here [18:30:25] PM from [9th]Doom (29): we are 10 here [18:30:39] PM to [9th]Doom (29): rip I didn't even see that I was desynced how nice -_-'
  3. One more time. I back off from the field, I grabbed a camera to check who it was and when I peaked I was instantly shot. I never called any backup. Cause everyone else was dead. And stop getting your friends to PM me in game. Ty.
  4. Yes, I hid behind the trailer and wanted to check who you all were. I grab a camera, I peak out and I instantly get sniped by you.
  5. So yes. The first time I came at the field I wasn't even aware of you even being there because I was desynced. Even PMed Doom about it and I told him I will relog and I will drive away, which I did. About your shooting. I was going from Los Santos towards Angel Pine again and when I saw you there, I drove a bit off road, returned back towards LS and when I parked at a trailer park there I was checking with a camera and I instantly get sniped. I did admin duty because what you did is Blatant DM.
  6. Your review date will be 12th of January, 2019. During the time do not file another unban request or ban evade. Ban evading will get your unban request denied. Good luck.
  7. Tell us in 400 words why should we let you back in the server.
  8. Hello Martin. I am the administrator who banned you. have noticed your horrible attitude during different roleplays and your inability to perform roleplays properly. You have been noticed constantly trolling. And the same thing happened yesterday when myself and Arslan were cuffing you. And this is whole within the 1 minute time frame. And there is way more from the past situations. What will you do to fix this? Another factor that made me file the ban on you is your high amount of punishments. You have 34 total punishments in a range of two months. What will you do to improve that? Answer these two questions first and we'll proceed further.
  9. Hello there. I am the Administrator that will handle this report. I have read all thr logs and I will comtact Edward about the situation. I will post here once again once I have taken a decision.
  10. I asked you 3 times to tell me why were you insulting people for no fucking reason via PM and later on via WT and you failed to do that. And you're not fully banned, you're tempbaned. Wait for it to expire.
  11. You died by [TCL]JosephFrans and you were returning after death and car killed him. It's still same scenario. Also you got tempbanned, not a full ban.
  12. Farming Simulator 2 🤣 Get a dedicated server hhhh Jokes aside, I really liked Insurgency lately it's a nice game. Or maybe a Arma 2/3 server for the sake of old times
  13. First of all my name is Ricardo Martinez. Whatever happened with you, I saw you dying at the field. In no way you should not return after death. If you got car killed neither me or Arthur did not get any report coming from you, but instead you start flooding main chat because why you were mad that you got killed at your field. I muted you for that reason for 200 seconds, which was later reduced because you returned after death at the field and was harvesting your weed field where you died at. You claimed Sylvester was there at the field and saw what happened but no, he wasn't. I gave you the chance to explain but you were too upset that you died at your field. You even went and insulted me and then started calling backup via WT on a situation that you died at. If you think I am a bad admin go file reports at appropriate places, don't call me shitty admin in public because you're the one breaking the server rules and I stop you from doing that. You are temporarily banned for 2 days.
  14. I will be handling this report. I will talk with Alfonzo as soon as I see him in game and then Ill come back here with the decision.

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