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  1. I think postponing it to a later time would bring more people. Like 1900 or 2000
  2. Who do you think you are by mentioning someone elses personal information? Would you be haopy if someone comes one day and starts mentioning your name yoyr families name and so on? We wont tolerate anyone who starts breaching someones privacy.
  3. U people will always start arguing with each other over a 2005 game. Chill the frick out.
  4. Wow i see how this is going. $100k whoever votes for me!!!!
  5. *Name: Bruce McCane Alias(optional): none *Phone number: I will add this once im home *Vehicle used: Jester You should add Sultan at that list.
  6. Locked. Banned player did not show any interest on getting unbaned. Feel free to file another appeal when you are back.
  7. Bruce

    Group Council

    Stop going off topic. If you dont want to apply do not post at all.
  8. Review date is 5th of March, 2019. In the meanwhile, whatever app that is remove it. See you on 5th. Ban evading or bothering any staff member regarding your unban will extend it with 15 days.
  9. It's not even funny when people were already warned before the auction even started.
  10. Everything happened today was only because of YOUR OWN actions. Not because of staff punishing you on a way or another.
  11. Hello there. I am the administrator that requested the ban on you. So, you were first approached by a few people and you were AFK without pressing Escape or ALT+TAB. Elias kicked you for "AFK without tabbing". A few minutes later I found these 4 people and started interacting with them at the same location as they interacted with you. You log in the server, you saw the 4 people and myself were still there and you instantly /q. In a period of around 40 days you have 22 punishments in which 14 of them are related to poor roleplaying from your side. I need you to answer a few questions for me. What is roleplay What is deathmatch What is inappropriate behavior in terms of roleplay - what is acceptable and what is unacceptable to do in a roleplay server
  12. Are you interested on this unban request? You have 24 hours to respond.
  13. Bruce

    Racing Event

    I think I made a picture or two at the starting line, will see and will post if so.

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