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  1. Mr.Pacho

    Hello there.

    Hey Everyone, I would like to start with my brief introduction. I'm Pacho and was part of Corleone family back then. I was part of the Mudoo when it was created and was quite an active player but left because I was caught in some bug abuse I don't remember, the player count was aswell decreased substantially & few other personal reasons. Anyway, I'm too bored of attending my online classes, watching netflix and reading books I thought to spend some of my spare time on SAMP. I'm glad to see around 70 playercount. Do we still have players from June 2018? Excited to see you all in game. Best Regards,
  2. No, I've not avused 17 million worth of stuff. My calculations can be wrong but I'll appreciated if they are corrected please. (Approx calculations done below) I abused around 26.5kgs of grapes and I believe I've never sold for more than 98 per grape thats 2.56M I've abused around 10.5kgs of weed and they are not even touched I've them in my storage you can check it, exact amount so it can be removed. Logs will confirm they are neither sold nor exchanged or so. You can penalise by removing 10.5kgs I've in my storage and rest in worth of cash thats around 950k (thats the max pg before the new update). About cases I remember 10 cases of Sniper and m4, tho the logs posted by Mikro states 6 m4 cases and 10 sniper They are in the storage too so you can remove 20 sniper cases and 12 m4 cases considering the 2x of what I've abused. About the 50kgs I swear they were not abused by me, even the logs confirms that. I stole them stored in Rabbit's house and logs can prove it. I've screenshot of loading from his house. I was not at all aware it was even of bug abused until then. Those 10m worth of heroin please shouldnt be penalise by 2x, because believe me until then it was like a gift for me and it was like I was stealing his heroin from storage just like the weed he used to plant inside house. I was not aware it was bug abused. So, the calculation of after 2x be like 5m (the abuse on grapes) 20 Sniper cases and 12 m4 cases ( I've them just take them from me) 950k + removing 10kgs if weed from my storage (weed abuse) And take the 10m back because the heroin was bug abused. So I've around 4m in cash(1m in loaned which I will get back as soon as I connects) , and if you let me sell the skyscapper worth 12.3m that makes total of 16.3m. And calcuations after 2x to what I abused states 5.95m + 20sniper and 12 m4 cases. And 10m back because the heroin was bug abused by rabbit. I hope you got the calculations.
  3. Name: Pacho Corleone Uruguay 1x2 Portugal France 0x1 Argentina Brazil 2x1Mexico Belgium 2x1 Japan Spain 2x0 Russia Croatia 3x1 Denmark Sweden 1x2 Switzerland Colombia 1x2 England
  4. What story I wrapped this into? I mentioned the exact numbers of negative bug storage abused and the same exact number are mentioned by the logs. What story are you talking about? I was told to genuinely speak what I did, and I did so. Not sure where am I missing? (A quick note after reading rabbit's appeal I want to add that I get 3 million from him for the buyout of my warehouse there should be logs of the dealing). edit2: about the 400k dealing, https://imgur.com/a/fQSCl21. It was just a routine dealing but the /transfervehicle was bugged as you can see in the chats I've even made /support about it. I had no idea about any bug before sunday morning.
  5. No I was not at all sure if the heroin was by exploiting a bug but yes it was suspicious. I kept pushing him if it was a bug or he got it by cooking, and yes he mistakenly admitted it. Later, I forced him to tell the bug. Though, I told him couple of times to stop abusing it both when I knew he was bug abusing and when I didnt know he was bug abusing only on the basis of my suspicion. (if you want I can screenshot the chat and pm you on discord/forums).
  6. What is your in-game name? Pacho_Corleone Which staff member banned you? MattheC When did you get banned? 06/25/18 What is the ban reason? Bug Abuse Personal comment So I'll start from the beginning, no lies in here. Jason sold his houses to CrazzyRabbit. Jason can confirm I had the keys of his houses so yeah even after he sold I had access to the houses. Twice I have even stolen rabbit's planted weed. Once on my routine to plant weed inside home I thought to check the storage of Rabbit's and I found 50kgs of heroin from both of his houses. Yeah that was suspicious as hell as I myself never been able to cook that much amount of heroin except for buying it from people. But I wasnt sure if it was bug abused or not as I knew the group of rabbit's work together as a team and they buy properties together (they(scare and rabbit) told me this when they bought the warehouse from me). A day or so after I found the heroin I saw rabbit in-game, I told him to talk with me on discord. The chat was very unusual at start, I kept trying in many ways to make him say if he bug abused or not but he was tough and didnt speak it out. But after half hour or so he was trapped and he just mistakenly admitted he did abused the bug but the bug was still unknown to me. Talks went further and I gave him my word that I wont be snitching on him and I just want to know just for the sake of curiosity. I was told about the bug and I went in game to try it. Now that day what I did was totally unintentional to abuse the bug for personal gains and it was just an attempt to check the bug, what I did? 7kgs of grapes 10 cases of snipers and m4s. Later next day when I connected the bug was too tempting and I abused it for the first time, what did I abused? 10kgs of weed and grapes. Now after the bug abuse I could've abused it more whole day, could have made millions but nah I thought not to. I played after abusing for like straight 12hours more or less but I didn't abuse it. Even the logs after I was aware of the bug in game can confirm myself saying to people ''I'm done with buying properties and stuff, I wont be buying anything more now I will just RP or farm''. Now where all the stuff abused gone? Cases are still there untouched. Weed is still there untouched. Grapes are used yes. I regret what I did. The cash I received from the grapes is in my bank untouched. Not a single property or thing is bought from the bug logs will confirm it. I get numerous amounts that xyz manager said I have abused the bug. but I would like to clearly say I have not abused anything other than what stated above. I have not bought anything from the bug abused money. Now the question arrives why I didnt report it? People who genuinely knows me are aware that I do care alot about the 'Word given'. Yeah I did wrong not reporting but on the other hand I cant because its against my personal habit/rules. Some higher ups are aware of the bugs I reported and get fixed which were highly exploitable and money making machines but I didnt abused them. I know what I did is clearly wrong and against the server rules and I am guilty of it. I regret what I did. I'm up for any questions to be answered. I've screenshots of the amounts I've stated above except for the cases and that's the reason I'm not sure about the cases but as far as I remember it was 10. Logs will be helpful for both parties. I am genuinely guilty of what I've done and I regret doing it. But my past contributions should be considered when this ban appeal is being handled. I was too confused if I should appeal or not and how should I appeal but a friend whom advice I do give importance advice me to make a genuine unban appeal and here it goes. p.s I know I fucked things up. I was already being monitored and I knew it. I was already being purged and now I gave the chance. Thank You! Sincerely, Pacho note: I posted this appeal with the use of VPN as I am unable to access forums normally for unknown reasons.!
  7. Name: Pacho_Corleone Russia 2 x 0 Uruguay Saudi Arabia 0 x 2 Egypt Iran 0 x 2 Portugal Spain 3 x 0 Morroco Australia 1 x 1 Peru Denmark 0 x 1 France Iceland 0 x 1 Croatia Nigeria 0 x 2 Argentina Serbia 0 x 3 Brazil Switzerland 1 x 1 Costa Rica South Korea 0 x 3 Germany Mexico 1 x 2 Sweden England 1 x 1 Belgium Panama 2 x 1 Tunisia Japan 0 x 1 Poland Senegal 1 x 1 Colombia
  8. These hypocrites lol Jizzy acting like he play as an taxi driver and made millions out of it. While the reality is he himself pumps out millions from houses "owned by other people" with the help of keys. Btw all thos saying Buyouts shouldnt be return. Do you have any idea the work and time required to earn that buyout? Stop being selfish, players should get back what they have paid. Yday a guy bought a WH for a buyout of 3 or 2M now explain me how its fair for him to get his warehouse removed without him getting that back.
  9. Before the removal of warehouses or w/e please keep in mind some people have bought them for 'High Buyouts' and players shouldnt suffer the loss because the Warehouses were not managed properly. Everyone with proofs of buying Warehouses for High Buyouts should be returned the buyout they paid. Else you'll be just annoying and upsetting your players.
  10. Instead of relating it to Official Families just relate it to Notoriety/criminal level. Hence, not everyone will be able to craft.
  11. So technically you mean if I own a warehouse and I play solo, my warehouse is useless for me. We can have both the official + notoriety or w/e.
  12. Why only to official groups? For a second I'll keep my family affiliations apart. Just for say I want to play Solo so I'm unable to use warehouse am I right? That is not good. Why don't we add something like notoriety? After a peculiar notoriety we can unload and /warehouse. Only owner can do the /warehouse to avoid asking someone with required notoriety/criminal level to unload and /warehouse. If the thing I suggested is unlikely to be added, I do support what you said. Warehouses should be exclusive !
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