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  1. SELLING : Binco Clothing Store - Market Los Santos Value: 727k Buyout : Offer
  2. Yes , It's understood and agreed.
  3. Yes , I used it only once at turf and I was verbally warned so I haven't used it once after that at any situations. And yes I used it for climbing to stairs but ONLY when I was alone with malcom , never used it to climb somewhere to kill people or to obtain shits.
  4. You can have guarantees 100% because I have never used it with bad intentions , only for fun and while I was only with Malcom.We didn't use it to harm anyone , never used it in front of people. I will have it removed without and objections. It was a modification used mostly for getting out of bugged situtations , recording videos or mapping higher points of objects.
  5. What is your in-game name? Andrew_Gambino Which staff member banned you? Derek When did you get banned? 01/04/20 What is the ban reason? using illegal modifications Personal comment I got banned for camera mod , which I used for mapping / videos . I have to say also that Matthew Carter had already known me and Blake(Malcom) had been using the mod for a long while. But of course , when you don't listen to his orders , he wants you banned.
  6. Value : 975k Starting buyout bid - 1.2M
  7. Gas Station 1 - Las Venturas Value : 285k Starting bid : 1.2M
  8. Andrew


    Value : 691k Starting bid: 800k
  9. Selling Market bar Custom interior made by 0 with furniture
  10. Value:381k Buyout: Offer
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