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  1. Selling Market bar Custom interior made by 0 with furniture
  2. Value:381k Buyout: Offer
  3. I really want to be unbanned from the server and by the task given by Kacper, I will complete it. Roleplay means that you are acting like a person or character in-game, you can be whatever you wanna be and you can do whatever you wanna do(basically the reality that we live in.) I'm acting as a criminal in Gambino and has a criminal life meanwhile others try to live as a cop, medic, farmers and so on. It is basically living in the virtual world and that you will have to interact with players like you do in-game. I can't come up with something better than this but I can take examples from all kind of roleplaying. People should be the one they are acting in-game and if they don't do it they will just ruin the roleplay which many people are doing in-game and which I've done for the past, but anyways people should act like cops if they are cops and criminals if they are criminals, you'll have to live the life you have chosen but that doesn't mean you can change your roleplaying act as well, you can become a cop if you've been police and you can become a farmer if you've been a cop, like nothing matters in roleplay on games, you can basically become anything in there like you can become something in real life, but here it is easier than real life because you don't have to study that much as you have to do IRL, but its two different things and it shouldn't be brought up, but I did it anyways so you can understand that I know what roleplay is for me and for you.. I should comply in the RP scenarios that are occurring in-game and don't be a douche about it. I wanna apologize to the ones who could stand out with my bullshit for a little while more till I got banned and I wanna personally apologize to the administrators that have stood out for my stupid behaviour, It won't be repeated and I know the consequences now. I will not repeat this and I know that you are already dealing with other ones that are exactly like I am, and I wanna make it one less that you will have to worry about. I won't be doing stupid shit again and If I do, I will take the punishment as you give me, I hope you all administrators understood my apology and that this will not be repeated once more, I will take a step down on my stupidity and think before I talk/do any moves in-game that can cause me getting punished once again and getting your time wasted on me once more. I should've let you guys play out this scenario that was playing out and just comply in the beginning, because it isn't just me that is getting smitten by this stupid act that I'm acting like a douche for the administrators/players, it's them as well and I should've thought of that for a long time ago and not now, but I know now that you are the one who is deeply getting smitten by this type of activity and it shouldn't be repeated once again. I shouldn't avoid roleplay because it basically ruins most of the scenarios and players experience on the server which I stated above. I've come under an understanding that being banned 2 weeks for this is actually for my acts and I will have to act up if I still wanna play with my lovely family Gambino and have fun as they have, I have super boring days without playing with Gambinos and they are the one who lights my day up. I shouldn't be flaming in the start because I know how it affects the whole player base and the administrators. It deeply affects the administrators because they have to stop fights 24/7 because toxic players like me and others talk shit in the chat all the time and aswell towards each other in /b which is really unnecessary for the administrators to handle, it is total bullshit for us to make you handle this and we all should stop with it. I've figured out that if one starts to flame another player, it continues with the other one's replies with something that is toxic as well and it keeps going like a chain reaction, people are joining and supporting on side of that fight meanwhile the administrators sit there and have to take in all of this bullshit from us players. I understand why its bad for the server environment and I will stop with my toxicity in-game and try to be a lot friendlier towards everyone and not cause a fight. I really want to be unbanned and this is my apologies for Mudoo Gaming.
  4. Yeah , I regret my punishements which were given with a proper reason I was already punished for all of them . But now , I don't consider I should be banned because firstly , I was lied OOC by police to be arrested and I didn't quit the game to avoid RP , I quit because you left me alone in the room and tried to relog 1-2 minute later but you hurried to ban me.
  5. I just said you punished me for a short time of being AFK
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