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  1. whoever can afford any of the property listed above will get it for free, Alfarizi#2656, dm me folks
  2. sadly no, lets just say that you can get all of the prop listed above for free, wait for them to get foreclosure. gl anyways
  3. Both of the property stated above sold to @Bruce | Inform me via discord whenever you're ingame to take the properties
  4. Those properties above will be sold to @Bruce at 10PM if no one else bid higher (UTC+7 if im not mistaken)
  5. ThEn DoNt pLaCe A BiD oN iT, WhAt sO hArD ?!?!?!?!??!?!
  6. Just a reminder, Big Smoke house (weed) will be sold this Saturday
  7. didnt i mentioned you that the starting bid is 5m
  8. lets see if there's someone else interested on those two, i'll take 2 or 1 week(s)from now on
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