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  1. i'm not cunt... Also the full situation can be found somewhere deep in player report foums (short: we crashed into each other's cars, me as a cop, anthony as a civilian, he gets out, pointing a gun at me and shouts: pay, pay, pay, PAY, I suspect him, he kills me) - if you need more detailed, go to the player report section it was somewhere in november
  2. He also sometimes says "pay" note: that was the full RP scene, seconds later I died (the screen is few months old)
  3. Why don't you move it to another day? Let us participate in both events... I will not move back to that server because of one event... I wanna just go and see old faces there, enjoy time with them. It will not make "that another server" magically alive again, and yours to lose it's players. I'm sure most of the players would like to attend BOTH events, and so am I, but just because of your unfair play, I'm gonna choose the second option.
  4. That's STRANGELY the same date and the same time when there's being held other server's 12th anniversary... Even the same events... And we all know what I'm talking about You're a douchebag for doing this... Alot of players would like to go and feel like in good old times and you have to destroy this? I'm personally gonna invite my friends to the 12th anniversary, because **** you for doing that.

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