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  1. If you by any chance increase your budget to 6m, let me know. Mansion opposite fbi hq in temple for sale
  2. @dellpacker For discussion. https://discord.gg/UustPz
  3. Yes, so of instead of PD command driving around in bullets, their focus should be diverted into how you can manage troopers in the field. The only reason they respond like this is because there’s no one there to coordinate them and not because they don’t know what to do.
  4. That isn’t what he said. The suggestion is PD should react to certain groups in a certain way. Pd has the most resources available to them just because of the mere fact of their member count. All it requires is the time of experienced members to organise them and run proper organised patrols. It’s not hard to identify what sort of group is equipped with what sort of weapons. The cmd of pd to become active and manage their people better. You need to recognise those who know what they are doing and have the experience of running pd units. Example of such a person is Ben Blake. Your foc
  5. Why would fbi share anything. It is close to impossible to keep anything secret with anyone outside of the fbi. No one stops pd from running organised patrol operations and making patrol reports feeding you information of daily activities of groups in certain areas.
  6. As you say chief. There's a reason you're not. You are as naive as they come. You're right, all he does is sit with manager rights and relaxes. You already displayed your ability to understand what words mean by claiming the below announcement is trash talking. We got it, thanks. No need for more exhibits. "Corona virus is in-game and spreading rapidly - SAPD is refusing to equip their men with masks and refusing funds from Governor WE (the FBI) will provide YOU (the members) with masks so you can stay safe" Multi-a
  7. Yea you really shouldn't be getting involved in anything as if you give a shit. Yet we're some how allowing snakes to claim they are here out of the goodness of their heart to help this server. The claim is they are here to critique a person who pretty much spends a good amount of his day not only developing the server but also plays inside it to help it thrive. He may have his cons but his pros heavily out do those and he's a lot better than the likes of you, who intentionally come for chaos and make an effort in to jump on a band wagon when the time c
  8. According to you. Their job isn't to babysit you and SAPD. The SAPD has it's own structure and if they can't handle it, they can say so and ask management to take over. I see you are a huge advocate for this server but I'm still struggling to understand how you believe what you've written. Lets use 4 lines of /l to deduce if someone is a role model or not as oppose to years of service and effort to establish this very platform you're allowed to exist in. Please get a grip. Yes, if one was fired from the FBI why wouldn't he have an issue with it. Do you actually r
  9. Clearly this person has been waiting a long time for a day like this. Seize the day! Of course you're not posting here because you collect information to feed your vendetta against FBI. You're an angel who wants good for everyone.
  10. Funnily enough all the chiefs that resigned joined FBI. Wonder why if it was such a problem for them.
  11. Zero relevance? If you have issues with management regarding SAPD the go take it up with them. What does this have to do with FBI? All I can see is you have an issue with management being part of FBI. Your paragraph suggests they trolled him so hard that it's unbelievable yet it was 4 lines on /l which have ruined his experience and he literally followed what he was told to the teeth? Doubt it. Clearly you have issues with FBI. The above is just large moan without any solid background where FBI has "flaunt their power" to SAPD. I hope it doesn't stem from you b
  12. Another example of someone who doesn't know what he's talking about. 1. FBI has never initiated any investigation on SAPD unless it is promted by some sort of report, witness of situation or if it is something concerning FBI. 2. This so called witch hunt you claim has nothing to do with the FBI. A civilian filed a complaint against Audrey which was thoroughly investigated and the first time the issue of killing a knocked person was raised, and concluded that it is murder. It is exactly what should've happen as it is the job of the FBI to investigate breach of federal law.
  13. Wasn't an insult, it was context.
  14. Ajax


    Sounds like a pretty solid cry.
  15. Ajax

    Player map icons

    Only useful if a whole server reform is done and tested in one go. Any gradual business will only kill the server and annoy people. This of course requires a lot of management and for those people to be very active to allow implementation and test. Otherwise, if standards remain the same, this is shooting yourself in the foot.
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