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  1. Is that not what we see in each of Billy's videos? His bullets do not spread, all the shoots go to the place he aims. How is that not spread, cs? I have the exact same thing as Billy, nothing else. Small crosshair, bullets go straight where you aim at. Hence seeing it from an administrator (not to start giving links of other community members who posted videos with the same modification), it convinced me even more that this would never be something illegal. As we are talking, I am re-installing a fresh new GTA:SA with CAC and no modifications. Will reply once again when done. Mario Edit: Fresh GTA SA: reinstalled.
  2. With all honesty, Craze, I was not aware of spread.cs being illegal, as always seeing people in this community post videos where they use spread file and other modifications, and admins never said a word about it. I will take no other exmample but Billy himself who is an administrator has his own topic where he posts video montages recorded ingame, feel free to check his videos in the following link as he can be seen using spread in each of the videos. With all sincerity, I never thought of spread being illegal. If I did, I would have removed it from my Cleo folder upon installing the CAC. PS: The spread file did not work anymore as I installed the CAC and new SA:MP version as instructed at mudoogaming.com/cac. Sincerely, looking forward to getting unbanned, Mario. Plenty of videos of Billy himself recording with spread, below:
  3. Hello again Craze. Thank you for clarifying. Yesterday I was forced to use the CAC, and I installed it without hesitation. In my cleo folder, all you can find is a spread.cs file, for the aim. (which most players use as it is not illegal)? I was shocked when I found myself banned honestly, because I was AFK, and didn't expect it.
  4. What is your in-game name? Mario_Soprano Which staff member banned you? winston_yang When did you get banned? 05/27/19 What is the ban reason? illegal mods Personal comment Hello guys. I was afk at 4D casino. When I came back I found myself banned for illegal modifications, even though im using cac. Awaiting some kind of explanation, thanks in advance.
  5. What is your in-game name? Mario_Soprano Which player(s) do you want to report? Edgar_Guzman When did the rulebreak happen? 05/02/18 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? - What happened? (quote what rule was broken) Was playing casino with Edgar Guzman (Waka Flocka xD), he wanted to do a M bet. He played it and lost. Then he takes out a deagle shooting at me (lol xd how desperate), I killed him. Then he rage /q. [16:45:51] Edgar Guzman says [Spanish accent]: 2m 2x. [16:45:55] Mario Soprano says: Go [16:45:58] * Edgar Guzman rolls the dice, which lands on {FFCC00}3{DDA2F0}. [16:46:00] * Edgar Guzman rolls the dice, which lands on {FFCC00}4{DDA2F0}. [16:46:01] * Mario Soprano rolls the dice, which lands on {FFCC00}6{DDA2F0}. [16:46:02] * Mario Soprano rolls the dice, which lands on {FFCC00}3{DDA2F0}. Evidence I'd like to add that this desperate Internet loner, who does anything for virtual money, lost excessive money against me in casino and he started insulting me and other players to the hardest a, giving an extremely bad example in public chat, while MatthewC and DerekC made fun of it and allowed him to continue. He used extremely unacceptable behaviour, insulting families, sisters, mothers, and whatnot. He was not punished. Instead the admins and managers available at the time enjoyed the show.
  6. Indeed, other players should enjoy using farms as well, considering Finneys have nolifed the shit out of them and made excessive money. Other players should be given a chance as well. The money should roll within all players.
  7. https://forum.mudoogaming.com/index.php?/forms/2-samp-rpg-ban-appeal/
  8. Cancerous replied from cancerous people are not accepted here, get out
  9. Finally someone judging this right. Matthew, I have admitted that I did wrong by responding to the situation non-rply, and I will apologise once again. I think you've said it all right, no need for other comments by my side. What's left for me is to wish an unban as soon as possible, but that's up to you. Sincerely, Mario
  10. If I accept the fact that I deathmatched, you have to accept that you DM-ed me back. Taking into account that you're the admin, I am the one in loss.
  11. As you do apologize for banning me offline, I do apologize for responding to a situation via a non-RPish way. I was a bit tensioned from a day before where [9TH]Shorty had been insulting my family in the eyes of whole server in /p, so I might have reacted wrong. What pisses me off is the fact that you guys shot me back and fell in compliance with the ''DM'' which you claim, and then ban me afterwards. You weren't leaving, I see you won't post the chatlogs of you guys threatening and taking guns out with the /me lines of reloading them. That clearly proves you were not leaving but were going to shoot sooner or later. However, I have presented my arguments very well for everyone. I am not looking to argue furthermore, I am looking to be Unbanned.
  12. Beautiful logs. But you weren't leaving. I will request you for the 4th time, before I contact anyone else who ha s access, post the full chatlogs, where you and your family members were threatening Andolinis for the apology, and Andolinis denying. Post the chatlogs of the moment you take out your guns and reload them, preparing to blast them on Andolinis face. Post the chatlogs where your members claim that the time is ''tick tacking'' as they reload their weapons with /me.
  13. Of course they would refuse, because nobody else but Aldo called me. That's enough for me to go and help them, I don't need to be called by all the /id andolinis ingame. As for kicking, I have been kicked way more times before that shootout even happened, I don't know, I have been told that they keep only _andolinis in the groupmembers, in this case I was not. Keith did not have to respond in my PM, I didn't ask him anything. I told him to shoot first, that's it. As I said above, being called via PM is not right, and here I do agree with you, even though Mudoo is a light RP server and this is not the first case someone gets called via PM. The only thing I don't agree with you is the fact that you banned me for DM. You are not answering my question, which is why did you have fun ''DM''ing me back, and after dying, you come and punishing me for DM. Why did you have to re-create the situation if you already shot back? You could have stopped me from shooting and continue your RP with Andolinis. Man up and admit your wrongdoings, I may be wrong here, but you wrong as well, for the only fact that you had fun DM-ing me back rather than stopping me and resuming your so-called RP ''We were becoming allies, but we had guns out and we were threatening them''. And again, if I was called RP'ly, how would it not be DM? Is it the way you are called, that differs the situation if it's DM or not? I think nope, Yet, it wasn't DM, for the fact that my friends were being threatened with guns and their time was ''tick tacking'' (as RPed by [9th]. I won't stand watching my friends get killed. If there's something that makes this case invalid, it's the way I was called (Non-Rply), not the ''DM''. Don't have fun shooting back and after dying claim it was DM.
  14. As for the point that I was called OOCly, yes, that's not right, but this is not the first time someone gets called OOCly and the situation goes just fine, is it? It didn't have to end this way. James, you are falling in conflict with your own words. Above, you posted the chatlogs of where Aldo called me in the situation, I did not come there in my own. How are you claiming now that Andolinis didn't know I was helping them? What about Aldo PM-ing me? How were they not aware? Once again, they called me, RPly or not, they did. They fully knew I was there to help them. Plus the fact that I PM-ed Keith ''shoot before they do''. Is that not enough for your to make up your mind that they knew I was helping them? You weren't there to be allies, you were there to shoot their faces, you don't become allies by threatening people and making them apologize, and then taking out weapons and reloading them, lol. Provide the rest of the chatlog so the whole server can see them. 20-12-2018 15:35:31 - [[TCL]Aldo_Andolini (4)(5680) -> TheMostHated (15)(959)] we're turning on 9th ~> Is this how you become allies? After taking out weapons and asking Andolinis to apologize, some of your boys were saying: ''Come on, tick tack, time is going''. I remember the scenario pretty well, hence why I request the rest of the chatlogs, which you are failing to provide. So, what else should I have waited for? For you guys to blast their deagles in Andolinis'face? I simply acted way faster than you, and shot first. How would it be fine if I was called RP-ly? Wouldn't it be DM anymore? DM is the fact that according to you, I shot without proper reason, not that I came via a NON-RP called way. Please, don't mix things here.
  15. Come on, is it the first time a backup via /PM happens? Are you saying that none ever responded to OOC backup and didn't get punished this way? That's why I wish we had a discussion about this ingame, I logged in the next day, not after 2 days, figured that I was banned. You were definitely going to shoot, hence why I request the rest of the chatlogs. As I mentioned above, all of your members were taking guns out and doing /me reloads his weapon/deagle/etc, upon Andolinis's denial for apologise. Why would you take out weapons and reload them, if you weren't going to shoot? Admit it already, the shootout was seconds away., until I shot. I did have a reason to be there, Andolinis are well known my friends and I've had previous RP beef with 9th. You were threatening the Andolinis by taking out guns, don't expect me to stand and watch you start shooting them. I won't report any of your members, I was just pointing it out. I'm not into reporting people unless they FULLY deserve it, I rather speak and solve it with them. As for Pearl, there's 2 things he's not banned, but this is not the point of the topic: Therés either no evidence on him but the whole server already knows, or there's no admin with big balls to ban him already. I may have been reported for many things, but least is the evidence on me. There's no people crying about me aimbotting on /p like they do on Pearl/NED, not to mention the fact Pearl/Ned himself claims he has aimbot and lag cs over /p and over corners, yet none cares. Sure haters do report you when they get killed once, twice, or thrice. But people don't simply cry every fucking day, non fucking stop, about a person in /p and surprisingly no one is bothering about him yet. As for the book, caling backup via /PM is not the DM which you are talking of. I will repeat my question: If it was DM (leaving aside that I WAS CALLED OOCLY) why did you not stop it? Why did you shoot back, and after dying, you claim it was DM? But first you had fun DM-ing me back, and then, all of a sudden, offline ban me for DM-ing. Nice one. So you are saying, if I was called RP-ly, but DID THE EXACT THINGS as I did, it wouldn't be DM?
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