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  1. Looking through SAPD regulations, I found this, which clearly states ''Server rules restrictions''. So please..
  2. I understand that tasers are regulated by SAPD, but they shall not be misused. Just for the hate that you cannot stop someone, doesn't mean you should go against SAPD rules to stop the person (Don't tell me go report him to IA or whatever). It's common sense. Especially when it comes from an admin like Elias_Walker, he did it in the eyes of 15 officers, which is not a good example to give. Blowing ATM's is part of the criminal scripts, which I enjoy doing. I also enjoy pursuits. I'm not into shooting, plenty of officers told me ''keep up'' with the pursuits as they enjoy chasing me. I don't cause DM fests, I simply try to evade the whole LSPD. As for roleplay... I am part of a gang led by Kacper which we have daily RP scenarios - if not with other players, we RP at our hood with ourselves. I'm always open for Roleplay, I don't deny. But not when I'm mistreated. I sure do let cops frisk me if they want to do it the right way - but not I run with a SMG for 15-20 seconds, I get tased and guy claims that ''he did not see the weapon''.. As for quitting, I acknowledge it. I requested to get banned before quitting. Because I wish to handle the situation here, so the whole server can know what's the situation about and judge based on their opinion who's right & who's wrong
  3. What is your in-game name? DonMarioSop Which staff member banned you? matthewc When did you get banned? 09/17/18 What is the ban reason? quit to avoid arrest Personal comment I requested a ban on myself, rather than getting jailed unfairly. Due to being the biggest head of this server, cops have a dream to /frisk me. Unfortunately for them, I never give them the chance to. I was being chased by the whole LSPD, they blocked my vehicle and I got out with my SMG in the hand, didn't shoot as I was surrounded by 15 officers. I ran for about 15 seconds, Elias_Walker takes out his taser, tasing me. I asked why did he tase an armed member (obviously displaying a gun in his hand) - he claimed: ''I did not see the weapon'' (xdd). Sorry guys, you won't get to frisk me, this is the reason I am here right now - the guy did not see a big ass SMG for 15 seconds

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