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  1. FiveM will increase to 64 once OneSync has been fully implemented and is deemed stable. FiveM is the most popular GTA V mod out there, 32 may not sound like a whole lot but the server I play on has queue's of around 100+ waiting to connect every day. Sometimes you could be waiting up to four hours just to connect.
  2. Thirst and hunger? lol Diseases? HyperLUL Auto suspecting for speeding? OMEGALUL Go play DayZ or Scum instead. No. All its going to come down to is idiots blocking off same roads every time and standing idle looking like they're doing something.
  3. It's not that they don't like to it's that they don't know how too. Everyone got to comfy with typical Mafia bs.
  4. So? Any decision yet. Longer this takes the more it becomes pointless to remove them in the long run.
  5. We get it you don't want to lose however many WH you have but the point is you shouldn't have been able to get them in the first place. Notoriety? Did you get that from X server. Refund the price of it and extra. Only people upset about this are current WH owners, if your faction is as good as you think you'll get official and get one again. Ain't to late to remove them.
  6. You dug your own grave by letting anyone own a warehouse when they should have been for official factions. There's no point in having them for official only now, unless you removed the existing ones. Which is just going to provoke a typical upset response. I'm all for removing existing ones and just refunding the owners what they paid plus extra for any runs they've done. Else you could just make existing WH take longer to produce, materials cost more and take more to produce. Might annoy a few people but makes them less OP than official faction owned ones.

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