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  1. lol "propaganda" You got called out for how bad you are at managing factions/businesses and now trying to back track and make up excuses. Complete nonce. Your signature is cute, too bad your too much of a bum to even do anything.
  2. That's because it is shady, there is no way these dump list using scumbags paid $9.99 per account. I bet he can't even produce receipts for every account.
  3. nice bud giving away spotify accounts gained through stolen cards
  4. Vendrell.

    idk vid i made

    Garbage. Were you taking a fit while trying to aim or something or you just this fucking bad. nice lag though on a 15 year old game lol
  5. damn right I framed his picture and stuck it above my bed so everytime I wake up I see him
  6. Just vote Timon rest are fucking useless
  7. did you expect anything less from people who want to retain a full iron clad grip over the server lol
  8. light RP is just a made up term you either roleplay or you don't, end of
  9. Pickup from your local Cityhall free of charge.
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