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  1. Vendrell.


    Pickup from your local Cityhall free of charge.
  2. Vendrell.

    | CraZe Media |

    nice videos
  3. a shit skin running the state is the biggest problem of all when you gonna hop on your flying carpet and fuck off
  4. he either: . buys them himself (probably not going to happen) . uses state money including collected taxes to buy them (already misusing state funds are we) . or hopes someone spawns them for him (most likely) I don't think he realizes that some vehicles are actually limited for a reason
  5. sudden increase of poverty aye maybe in your own country
  6. mfw some shit stain thinks I support anyone for Governor.
  7. do a protest in front of cityhall guys am sure they will take the farms off them then
  8. kind of guy to complain when someone owns Mayfair and Park Lane in a game of Monopoly
  9. Not even in Office yet and already lying and trying to bribe votes with free shit LMFAO
  10. dr shitstain and his wild conspiracy theories that management is out to get him, to be honest what idiots even voted for you anyway lol
  11. Hopefully they never will, the last thing you want is to have a bunch of goat fuckers come over and turn the server into a Bangladesh sewer.
  12. Beats a /buyclothes command any day of the week. Autism wins again.
  13. It's 23USD since when was that expensive.
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