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  1. All Muslims and other shit skins races should be lined up and shot then their bodies burnt.  Facts.

  2. guys its on gta wiki it must be true /s
  3. Vendrell.

    0.3 DL

    >stable playerbase same amount of players for last year or so and it's just staff and retards who no life that trash server
  4. Vendrell.

    0.3 DL

    the only quality thing about that server was when you /q at the end of the day
  5. Vendrell.

    0.3 DL

    To make the servers own ones probably not. Though I doubt anyone's going to care if the server used publicly available skins.
  6. Vendrell.

    0.3 DL

    Long as we're going to be using low poly models to keep in line with the base game then sure.
  7. Where you pulling 80% from? And being a cop is fucking boring, especially if you're a boot licker who doesn't stray over the line. You know why being a civilian gets people nowhere? They don't try hard enough. There's no unique, creative or original ideas being done by anyone on this server. Period. I don't know why you label civilian and criminal separately since both fall under the same umbrella, they're both civilians one just does dishonest work. I don't think anything is unbalanced, you're never going to have it 50/50. It just doesn't work like that. PD aren't overpowered, just look around there's players on here who can drop double figures of cops before they get slapped. Sure they have script support but that shouldn't matter. There's a magnitude of ideas factions could do to promote more roleplay and promote their own faction to the server. Personally I'd like to see players create more diverse factions, move away from typical nigger gangs, spics and italians and try something else.
  8. This. Calling cops for ransom in a bank robbery is fucking stupid. Only reason you would call them is to roleplay that silent alarm went off or something, not to ask for money.
  9. The same shit happened on the other roleplay (lmfao) server most players came from. I knew it'd happen eventually just didn't think it'd take this long, staff just need to put the foot down and say enough is enough. Just saying about it on the forum isn't doing a thing, people will nod and agree but go back to do the exact same thing. Deathmatching on a roleplay server shouldn't be taken lightly, no matter if first or tenth time doing it. As for roleplaying, players need to get away from grinding out drugs and weapons, stop with petty faction beef between one another like robbing back and fourth or kidnapping. That's shit tier roleplay for boring people who don't want to step up their game. I'd give some good examples of what people could do but I'd be wasting my time.
  10. who the fuck cares what player names are even though personally am all for players using standard first/last names it ain't going to be mandatory here.
  11. If you're going to call someone a retard for powergaming then at least know what powergaming means beforehand. For future reference it's performing actions that are not possible (i.e jumping 100ft in the air then flying away like Superman). Also can be forcing someone into something without giving them a fair chance.
  12. Logging in just to pay tax so you don't lose your property lol fucking absolute degenerates. Hope someone just removes properties from the players doing this, whether it's "special property" or not.

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