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  1. Ye, I was childish about it and proved a very high level of immaturity, My fault and i admit it, But, I'd like to have a chance to improve, Denying it is one of your rights and i deserve it, But, Think twice about it and act if you was in my place
  2. What is your in-game name? Tarek_Cesairo Which staff member banned you? Salvatore_DeLuca When did you get banned? 09/18/19 What is the ban reason? Quitting to avoid rp Personal comment I explained for him already in discord, We've had our conversation, I'd like if you take action now
  3. @Lilly $ Payment succed, @Jay * send me ur bank id later
  4. @Lilly @Jay * Im sorry for taking too long, Im inactive and the inactivity may take more 2 days, I'll pay you the day im back ig, Thank u
  5. ZR-350, Huntley, Hustler, Flash Buyout at 240k, Start your bid walkie talkie 3456, Buyout at 150k Start your bid
  6. how is that possible? the max i scamemd was 1.8 million lol
  7. Send me your bank ID on discord, i'll send you the money in bank
  8. @Elizabeth. Noted, Meet me after like 7 hours to get payed
  9. @Jay * Noted. Payment will be done after 6 Days from now or before, Depends
  10. @Christian Christian_Dickson? lol, i gotta talk to you later about some mattes, Since i see you see this, I didn't know its you tho, And however, You owe me 3 Millions as far as i remember? Don't you, Days when i was CSC friend, I'm marceline aka julie friend you idiot, In this case you gotta give me more 1.2M
  11. Well, ye i know, i was a dumbass okay and fuck it anyways, i know i scammed many peoples illegally and in casino also even in a legal matter Anyways, I'd like that anyone i scammed replies with this format and i'll set a date of the re-payment Your ig name : Discord : Date of occurence: Ammount: Proof or any additional informations :
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