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  1. Quavious


    We can see that Mudoo staff team is very mature.
  2. Quavious


    I said i couldn't take him seriously too because im bashing the "Carters" on a public topic and they don't like being bashed on public, we can all witness that.
  3. Quavious


    It does, for exmaple a 10 year old kid from x country can't have as decent english and perspective of how the game works compared to a 20 year old from x country.
  4. Quavious


    Your a "C". Neither can i...
  5. Quavious


    Yes because i requested it as a special group request, does my group get access to other special group requests - no. In the end everyone has access to it now, so...
  6. Quavious


    Selfish? I created the map on my own and contributed something to the server. Selfish is not adding that peace of work to the server for more than a month.
  7. Quavious


    The stuff that causes this community the shitty environment: 1. OP/ABUSIVE FBI AND SWAT; 2. "The Carters"; 3. UNEDUCATED AND UNDERAGE STAFF MEMBERS; 4. SAPD WITH THE WORST ROLEPLAYERS ON THE SERVER; 5. THE UNFAIRNESS BEHIND ALL OF IT. And the list goes on....
  8. Quavious


    Negotiating and finding compromise? You yourself alongside few other people tried clowning me on discord for no good reason. I have seen tons of other staff members not controlling themselves in a proper way, the job is not an easy task to do I completely agree but you must be very careful who you add in your staff team. As I said above people with no experience actually create this shitty environment. You can't deny the fact that almost 80% of the playerbase is dissatisfied with the current management.
  9. Quavious


    You clearly don't know jack shit, I suggest you keep quiet on this one and let the veterans bash heads.
  10. Quavious


    We all know who decides for everything, when we try to voice our opinion about it we get muted. The fact that 90% of the management turns a blind eye to this person is just shameful. A message for the management - you guys aren't doing good, you need to improve alot of stuff if you continue to argue with you're players insted of trying to sort the issue out, you will eventually lose all of them. Management's duty is to create a non-toxic and fair environment for everyone, when these people with rights start to abuse their rights to satisfy their own agenda they should immediately lose their ri
  11. I reported Eduardo for killing us on active turf, no good came out of it. Not going to bother again.
  12. What is your in-game name? Ricardo_Perez Which player(s) do you want to report? Charles_McCane When did the rulebreak happen? 07/02/2020 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? TIM, Gvardia and TJC members What happened? (quote what rule was broken) Cops entered an active turf and killed everyone. There was more cops shooting us, Charles wasn't the only one. I want managers to check damage logs and see who else broke the rule. Evidence [13:45:04] You hav
  13. Team name: The Jefferson Cartel Player 1/Leader: Ricardo_Perez/ @Quavious Player 2: Hector_Palma/ @Hector Player 3: Carlos_Joseph/ @Ak_47 Player 4: Brendan_Finney/ @Setrakian Player 5: Eduardo_Lopez/ @shomisossa Sub 1: Juan_DelPotro/ @Gucci_. Sub 2: Carlito_Gustavo/ @Borisss Sub 3: Wesley_Snipes/ @WuZi
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