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  1. Quavious

    0.3 DL

    Sounds cool.
  2. Don't bother @CraZe yourself with him.
  3. U're presence shouldn't be felt by the groups, admins should stay away from inside group matters and do their admin job.
  4. Matthew needs to be a proper community owner and do his job. Stop using ur position for your own benefit and stop going overboard with ur ideas. U can't tell group owners to break their alliance and u can't control everything that goes on the server.
  5. Name: Alexei_Pavlychenkov France 1-1 Croatia (C) England 1-2 Belgium
  6. Name: Alexei_Pavlychenkov France 2x2 Belgium (B) Croatia 2x1 England
  7. @LeonardoDon't i get points for France, Belgium and Croatia?
  8. Name: Alexei_Pavlychenkov Uruguay 2 - 2 France France to go through Brazil 2 - 2 Belgium - Belgium to go through Russia 1 - 2 Croatia Sweden 2 - 1 England
  9. @LeonardoLeonardo why do I have only 3 points?
  10. Name: Alexei_Pavlychenkov Uruguay 2 x 1 Portugal France 2 x 1 Argentina Brazil 3 x 1 Mexico Belgium 2 x 0 Japan Spain 1 x 0 Russia Croatia 2 x 0 Denmark Sweden 1 x 1 Switzerland, sweden will go forward Colombia 0 x 1 England

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