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  1. In-game name: Ryan_Quaid Date of when you discovered the bug: 05/19/19 What feature is the bug relevant to: vehicles Explain how does the bug occur: My vehicle's fuel level was at 74% before purchasing new vehicle color for my car. After purchasing, my vehicle's fuel level decreased significantly to 21%. I asked an admin about it, to which the admin told me to report this bug at forums. Hence this report exists. Additional content: Fix this.
  2. What is your in-game name? Ryan_Quaid Which player(s) do you want to report? Ali_Profaci and his group mates When did the rulebreak happen? 05/16/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Husnain_Ali What happened? (quote what rule was broken) I was going to buy armor so I went to both Montgomery and Palomino ammu to see which one is cheaper. I went to Montogmery first because it's nearer than Palomino. As I was leaving Montgomery I saw Ali waiting for me. I ignored him and drove to Palomino Creek. After I bought armor Ali stopped his bike right next to me and then this happened: [12:11:52] You paid an entry fee of 0. [12:11:56] {FFFFFF}Syed_Hussain (1){FFFFFF}: he come from furristan [12:12:01] Ali Profaci (walkie-talkie): at ammu. [12:12:13] Ali Profaci says: Hello. [12:12:27] Ali Profaci (walkie-talkie): stay there, I'll remind you. [12:12:35] {FFFFFF}Syed_Hussain (1){FFFFFF}: man they should remove the fire around mosque [12:12:35] * Ali Profaci eyes Ryan. [12:12:50] Ali Profaci says: Hello? [12:13:09] Ali Profaci (walkie-talkie): Aight. [12:13:18] Ali Profaci says: Hello. [12:13:25] Ali Profaci says: What're you doing here/ [12:13:34] (( Ryan_Quaid: Oh I'm back. )) [12:13:44] Ryan Quaid says [American accent]: Buying some kevlar vest. [12:13:46] * Ali Profaci eyes Ryan. [12:14:00] Ali Profaci says: Uhm, How can i trust you? [12:14:04] Ryan Quaid says [American accent]: Excuse me? [12:14:14] Ali Profaci says: I don't wanna take risk i have field here. [12:14:21] Ryan Quaid says [American accent]: You come to me asking how can you trust me? [12:14:32] Ryan Quaid says [American accent]: I haven't even spoken about joining something. [12:14:32] Ali Profaci says: Because, I have field here. [12:14:53] Ali Profaci says: How can i trust you, You're not gonna call cops. [12:14:56] Ryan Quaid says [American accent]: Thanks for the info, I wouldn't have known there is a field here if you haven't told about.. [12:14:56] .. it. [12:15:06] Ryan Quaid says [American accent]: Discretion. [12:15:13] Ali Profaci says: You gonna tell cops? [12:15:23] Ryan Quaid says [American accent]: What do you think? [12:15:31] Ali Profaci says: I think you're gonna do. [12:15:41] Ryan Quaid says [American accent]: It's up to you. [12:16:09] You consumed Sprite and restored 4 health. [12:16:09] * Ryan Quaid drinks some soda. [12:16:09] You used a(n) Sprite. [12:16:13] ** {8D0C0C}[SAFD Dispatch]{ED2C2C} Reports of a trash bin fire at Blueberry, Red County. [12:16:13] ** {8D0C0C}[SAFD Dispatch]{ED2C2C} All available units respond, Code 3. [12:16:19] {8D0C0C}[Radio]{ED2C2C} SAFD Volunteer Ryan Quaid: Responding. [12:16:30] This vehicle is owned by Civilian. [12:16:37] {8D0C0C}[Radio]{ED2C2C} SAFD Volunteer Ryan Quaid: 10-76 to last Code 3. [12:16:48] {006FED}Jacob_Oliver (6){FFFFFF}: yawa [12:16:55] {006FED}Jacob_Oliver (6){FFFFFF}: ador yawa [12:17:44] {8D0C0C}[Radio]{ED2C2C} SAFD Volunteer Ryan Quaid: 10-97. [12:17:50] Ali Profaci says: Listen fucker. [12:18:00] Ali Profaci says: You call cops? [12:18:21] Ali Profaci says: Well, Your time is our now. [12:18:29] (( Ryan_Quaid: what type )) [12:18:32] Ali Profaci says: Hnadsup now. [12:18:40] ** {8D0C0C}[SAFD Dispatch]{ED2C2C} Fire has been extinguished. Situation Code 4. [12:18:40] You extinguished 100 percent of the fire and earned 00. [12:18:45] Ali Profaci says: You fucking call cops. [12:18:45] {8D0C0C}[Radio]{ED2C2C} SAFD Volunteer Ryan Quaid: SIt is code 4. [12:18:48] Ryan Quaid says [American accent]: Listen fucker. [12:18:55] Ryan Quaid says [American accent]: Check your field first before coming to me. [12:19:02] Ryan Quaid says [American accent]: If you think I called the cops. [12:19:11] Ali Profaci says: Man Mazen, Our weed. [12:19:13] Ryan Quaid says [American accent]: Wouldn't they have ripped the field clean? [12:19:28] Ryan Quaid says [American accent]: Check the field first for confirmation before. [12:19:29] Ali Profaci says: What can we do with this fucker? [12:19:35] * Ali Profaci eyes Mazen. [12:19:35] Ryan Quaid says [American accent]: Excuse me? [12:19:38] Ryan Quaid says [American accent]: Brain cells? [12:19:39] Mazen Profaci says: Finish him [12:19:42] Ryan Quaid says [American accent]: You come to me. [12:19:46] Ryan Quaid says [American accent]: And say that. [12:19:49] * Ali Profaci locks their FCR-900. [12:19:50] Ryan Quaid says [American accent]: How can I trust you? [12:19:56] Ali Profaci says: Handsup now. [12:20:01] Ryan Quaid says [American accent]: And now you're gonna rob me? [12:20:04] Ryan Quaid says [American accent]: Holy shit, Mafioso. [12:20:14] Mazen Profaci says: Why you didnt comply what a rp [12:20:19] Ryan Quaid says [American accent]: I lost my brain cells after this conversation. [12:20:20] * Ali Profaci takes out his Glock-18, reloads it. [12:20:28] (( Ryan_Quaid: What comply )) [12:20:34] (( Ryan_Quaid: If I haven't finished my words. )) [12:20:47] * Rodrigo_Corleone (7) logged in to the server. [12:20:47] *** [#85] Rodrigo Corleone just logged in to the server. [12:20:50] Ryan Quaid says [American accent]: Check your field. [12:20:50] Ali Profaci says: Now, Handsup. [12:20:53] Ryan Quaid says [American accent]: Holy shit. [12:20:55] {006FED}Jacob_Oliver (6){FFFFFF}: bobo tanga inutil [12:20:55] *** [#85] Ryan Quaid: Oh hey wassup. [12:20:59] *** [#85] Rodrigo Corleone: Hi [12:21:00] *** [#85] Ryan Quaid: Welcome back. [12:21:01] {006FED}Jacob_Oliver (6){FFFFFF}: /me kinantot si miak [12:21:04] *** [#85] Rodrigo Corleone: Ty [12:21:05] *** [#85] Ryan Quaid: You gae fuck [12:21:07] *** [#85] Ryan Quaid: ahahahhha [12:21:09] *** [#85] Rodrigo Corleone: :c [12:21:10] Ali Profaci says: I'll count Three. [12:21:20] Ali Profaci says: One. [12:21:23] * Mazen Profaci punch a deagle into ryan head and turn into the ground and pull his both arms. [12:21:25] Ryan Quaid shouts [American accent]: Fuck you! [12:21:26] Ali Profaci says: Two [12:21:26] *** [#85] Rodrigo Corleone: wru <3? [12:21:27] * Mazen Profaci {42D43D}succeeds{BF62DA} at the attempt. [12:21:39] *** [#85] Ryan Quaid: BLUEBERRY [12:21:45] *** [#85] Rodrigo Corleone: coming [12:21:48] *** [#85] Ryan Quaid: PROFACI [12:21:54] *** [#85] Rodrigo Corleone: wat [12:22:09] * Syed_Hussain (1) logged in to the server. [12:22:18] You have suffered severe injuries and passed out. [12:22:18] After 120 seconds, you can "/accept death" if you wish to give up on life. [12:22:23] {CD5C5C}Ryan_Quaid (5){FFFFFF}: 10/10 [12:22:25] {CD5C5C}Ryan_Quaid (5){FFFFFF}: would RP again. [12:22:28] * Eduardo_Williams (8) logged in to the server. [12:22:35] *** [#85] Rodrigo Corleone: died? [12:22:36] * Ali Profaci pats down Ryan, Start frisking. [12:22:37] {CD5C5C}Ryan_Quaid (5){FFFFFF}: Dear Profacis. [12:22:47] Ali Profaci robbed Weed Seed (64 quantity) from you. [12:22:47] * Ali Profaci robs Weed Seed from Ryan Quaid. [12:22:54] Mazen Profaci robbed Sniper Case (1 quantity) from you. [12:22:54] * Mazen Profaci robs Sniper Case from Ryan Quaid. [12:22:55] {006FED}Jacob_Oliver (6){FFFFFF}: profagay is back wtf? [12:22:58] (( Ryan_Quaid: Alright pretty reasonable right? )) [12:22:59] Ali Profaci robbed Coca Cola (169 quantity) from you. [12:22:59] * Ali Profaci robs Coca Cola from Ryan Quaid. [12:23:06] (( Ryan_Quaid: You're just baiting )) [12:23:13] (( Ryan_Quaid: Coming to say "How can I trust you"? )) [12:23:19] (( Ali_Profaci: /report )) [12:23:22] (( Ryan_Quaid: Even though I didn't even know there's a weed field. )) [12:23:25] (( Ryan_Quaid: Of course I'm gonna do that )) [12:23:26] Ali Profaci robbed Water (67 quantity) from you. [12:23:26] * Ali Profaci robs Water from Ryan Quaid. [12:23:35] Ali Profaci robbed Sprite (193 quantity) from you. [12:23:35] * Ali Profaci robs Sprite from Ryan Quaid. [12:23:36] (( Ryan_Quaid: If my report is valid. )) [12:23:41] Mazen Profaci robbed Fanta (10 quantity) from you. [12:23:41] * Mazen Profaci robs Fanta from Ryan Quaid. [12:23:41] (( Ryan_Quaid: I'll see you in ban appeals. )) [12:23:42] Ali Profaci robbed Acetone (4 quantity) from you. [12:23:42] * Ali Profaci robs Acetone from Ryan Quaid. [12:23:44] (( Ryan_Quaid: Soon. )) [12:23:48] (( Ali_Profaci: sure )) [12:23:55] (( Ryan_Quaid: Alright. )) [12:23:58] Ali Profaci robbed Calcium (11 quantity) from you. [12:23:58] * Ali Profaci robs Calcium from Ryan Quaid. [12:24:01] (( Ryan_Quaid: Finish me off so I can report now. )) [12:24:02] Ali Profaci robbed Sodium (7 quantity) from you. [12:24:02] * Ali Profaci robs Sodium from Ryan Quaid. [12:24:07] * Rodrigo Corleone turns off the engine of their Turismo. [12:24:09] (( Ryan_Quaid: Greedy fuck. )) As you can see from the log, I didn't even know there was a weed field. I think they're baiting me to call the cops which I didn't do, all I did was enter a restaurant. OR he's mad because I refused his offer before the rulebreak happened [11:59:00] PM from Ali_Profaci (0): Ryan come with us. [11:59:01] You removed the siren. [11:59:08] PM from Ali_Profaci (0): We'l be a best brothers. [11:59:13] PM to Ali_Profaci (0): You mean joining Profaci? [11:59:18] PM from Ali_Profaci (0): yes. [11:59:52] PM from Ali_Profaci (0): We'll be a best brothers. Someone DM'd me in Discord, he told me that Profaci always kills him because he's new, insulted him, accusing him, and maybe spawn killing. I'll provide his evidence below. Evidence My evidence: Provided His evidence (Husnain_Ali): I'll admit his evidence is kinda lacking here but you get the picture.
  3. This server is slowly turning to CnR. Every time when you see cops chasing a suspect, nearby people will randomly aid the suspect. That's not what you do IRL. Traffic Stop. I know you can't stand for 1-2 minutes to just cooperate with cops and just want to evade. You can say that every evading situation will most likely lead to a shootout. (Most of the time cops win.) Then why don't you just cooperate with the officer who pulled you over and? Yep, you can drive away without any gunshots, mace in your eyes or bruises. I know I can't contribute any sort of help or ways to stop this. Because shooting is part of the game itself and you have tendency to kill someone with a gun. I know driving around, socializing with people over and over again can be boring as it is. But if you're going for a mass DM, TDM or CnR server is for you.
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