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  1. This server is slowly turning to CnR. Every time when you see cops chasing a suspect, nearby people will randomly aid the suspect. That's not what you do IRL. Traffic Stop. I know you can't stand for 1-2 minutes to just cooperate with cops and just want to evade. You can say that every evading situation will most likely lead to a shootout. (Most of the time cops win.) Then why don't you just cooperate with the officer who pulled you over and? Yep, you can drive away without any gunshots, mace in your eyes or bruises. I know I can't contribute any sort of help or ways to stop this. Because shooting is part of the game itself and you have tendency to kill someone with a gun. I know driving around, socializing with people over and over again can be boring as it is. But if you're going for a mass DM, TDM or CnR server is for you.

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