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Ramez Salhab

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  1. Username: Diego Comment: The Fuck? Who are these guys?
  2. Ramez Salhab

    Fishing Guide!

    Finally someone made a guide For this
  3. Full Name : Diego_Mendez Phone Number : 3416 Vehicle : Blade
  4. In-game name: Diego_Mendez Date of when you discovered the bug: 10/13/18 What feature is the bug relevant to: properties Explain how does the bug occur: From me, i did /paytax to my house in Idlewood, I paid 12,900$ and it's all fine, Then i thought to see how much will remain when i pay the tax, then i find myself paying the same amount again! it might keep taking money forever if you kept /paytax Additional content: Image: https://imgur.com/a/ui1DRxS
  5. as i mentioned before, hiding dialer's name when calling someone that is not added on the contact list to (the Dialer) or (the caller) auto /me when /frisk someone, that will reduce the attempts to frisk the player from other players without doing a /me sentance
  6. Yea these are mostly all of the things i think we want (Criminals)
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