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  1. Racist tryna fix da serva! I have seen the suggestions you stated in tons of servers, and it honestly didn't change a thing... People will DM, PG, RK, MG and break whatever tf rules the server has then cry about it later. If you're here to DM and troll around you shall encounter it often but if you're here to RP I am sure you will find people with the same interests.
  2. Tawgra

    Mudoo Players

    Okay mister smarty cup! First of all, you clearly didn't bother reading the first part, virtual game mode we are playing is based on real life and you clearly can't have a car accident while driving in 190km and still walk around or drive away like nothing happened , right?((I hope u got the freaking point, cup!) Poor RolePlay, RP is freaking based on real life and what he did could have been done by any criminal group. Thirdly I no dog sire, I HUMAN! Now GET back to My SWAT post and show me some love there!
  3. Tawgra

    Mudoo Players

    Man up kiddo, and Correct me if I am wrong
  4. Tawgra

    Mudoo Players

    Lemmme be honest here! DeathMatch is killing without a proper reason right!(Jamal was wanted, so that's enough). if RP is based on real life the killer wouldn't warn you and taking a gun out from their back will take one second max and clearly not a full 5 seconds like using /me ... and since JAMAL was wanted I think he had the right to kill the cup :v and he didn't even do it on sight... The RP we are using in the server is pretty old and emulates 80s-90s... Army-scale attacks:
  5. Tawgra


    Add more payment methods?
  6. Same shits happened to me, but when I killed this motherfuckers I got warned for not RPing gun fear, like they already killed me previously, and yet I have to RolePlay being robbed again, eh? none sense shits. Weapons are very easy to get, which increases DM/non-RP robberies. The funny thing is when they rob you in public places near the cops in broad daylight.
  7. Name: Weezy_Walker Type: Business Reason: Mostly for RP purposes, I also don't know if it's already owned by someone cause I can't see an icon.... Image:
  8. Name: Wallace_Miller Type: Other Reason: This should be like the gas station business, but It will be for AirCrafts at the airport. Since many players struggle with refueling their air crafts, this will make it easy for them. Image:
  9. It works with Burrito :v
  10. Tawgra: France 1x2 Belgium Croatia 1x0 England
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