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  1. Who would pay money and give premium accounts away lol. gimme some netflix like this then
  2. What is your in-game name? Zhifang Oshiro Which player(s) do you want to report? Mike Morgan When did the rulebreak happen? 07/10/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? /qing to avoid robbery (2x) - /accept death while i was about to rp with him What happened? (quote what rule was broken) Okay so basicly i was doing some drugs and this guy had stolen a shack (10x heroin) which was being produced by me , so i tried to talk with him and all he did was just take out his gun without any rp and started shooting at me while i was trying to talk (mid writing) , anyway i killed him and once he was downed he /qed straight away , he came back i tried to talk to him to give me only my heroin back and he didnt want to , i went back to his body but once i was close to him he /accepted death , once again i tried to ask him for my heroin still no answer. Implying that he must've had something in inventory which didnt want to be robbed for so I'd like for my heroin to be refunded. Evidence At the Last image as you can see in chat too , at "my" i was trying to write and he started shooting without any kind of RP and also proves that he /qed to avoid robbery first and second was when he logged in back after 2 /quits and i was going back to his body , he accepted death while i was close at him
  3. The Days are over and we have a winner Which is : Gandalf White Please contact me Ingame to collect the vehicle , Thank you.
  4. Yes! it is true , my name is Nicholas Dalapego and im looking out for peoples that dont have an chance to buy a car because of their low payments. Here's your chance to win a free HUNTLEY and you can drive anywhere you want. Hope you be the next winner. This is what the vehicle you are going to win looks like , just in case you dont know. Its really good and also its all moded but you can still upgrade it in future. ((A winning number has been choosen between me and an Admin , if you are lucky enought , the car will be given to you and afterwards ill post the screenshot of the winning number just in case peoples think we've changed it)) This Event is going to be available from Today 6/28/2019 till Tomorrow 7/28/2019 , Choose one number between 0-50 , if you luck you will win that beautiful car. 1.The rules are really simple : - Pick a Number between 0 - 50 - You can only pick 1 number. - (( If you are banned you cannot participate)) - (( If you are inactive also you are excluded from this event)) - (( Do not create new account just to win this or you'll be banned )) - (( Dont pm me for the winning number )) 2. Fill This Format. Full Name: Choosen Number: Phone Number: Peoples who dont use this kind of format are automaticlly excluded from the event and also post its not allowed to be edited. This List will be updated with the picked numbers.
  5. What is your in-game name? Nicholas Dalapego Which player(s) do you want to report? Rodrigo Corleone When did the rulebreak happen? 06/20/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? No one What happened? (quote what rule was broken) Okay , so basiclly i was producing some heroin and this Rodrigo shows up with a mask , i asked him to leave because it was mine, he said something on /s which i couldnt hear because i was too far but then i was not sure if he just left or going to do something so i chased him to the bridge where he called the cops on describing me, after that i was chasing him down and he stopped at ammunation so i went inside and had extinguisher so first i sprayed him then shot him with deagle , then he went into admin duty and just warned me for DM , i dont really think i broke a rule since it was his foult for calling cops on me. All i want its for my warn to be away because i had a reason to shoot at him. Evidence As you can see in picture , yes it was take late but at first i didnt think i would need a SC while i was following him and i took it after because logos can be edited. As we all know im not able to hear his phone if im not close enought Heres the logo [10:59:19] Mask_44907 says (phone): Some FD guy is producing at fern ridge shack *describes Nicholas Delapego*
  6. Your in game name: Nicholas Dalapego Possibility to attend: Mid
  7. Uruguay 2 - 2 France France goes. Brazil 2 - 2 Belgium - Belgium to go through Russia 1 - 2 Croatia Sweden 2 - 2 England England goes.
  8. Uruguay 0 x 2 Portugal France 2 x 2 Argentina - France will go to next phase Brazil 3 x 1 Mexico Belgium 2 x 2 Japan - Japan will go to next phase Spain 1 x 1 Russia - Spain will go to next phase Croatia 2 x 0 Denmark Sweden 1 x 3 Switzerland Colombia 0 x 1 England
  9. About the 400k that i gave to pacho and he gave me back - i was trying to buy his nrg but the command was bugged /transfervehicle so we tried a couple times untill we learned that it was bugged. About 3 M , i was buying his warehouse but i was not able to pay more than 500k for some time so thats it. During this time pacho had no idea about my money , he forced me to tell him they way i got the cash so yea thats it.
  10. What is your in-game name? Th3CrazzyRabbit Which staff member banned you? Ricardo_Pareja When did you get banned? 06/26/18 What is the ban reason? BugAbuse Personal comment Well , i dont really know if there's alot to say about this but ill tell the whole story about how i found it and why did i abuse it. Its been 5/4 years since i have started playing samp and i was too curious on how servers worked so i wanted to learn script so i did , launched my first server and i was doing good , learned alot of things by scripting and one of these was ways to get fast cash or by a glitch as you all know , i knew a few ways which had happent on my server and i tried them into Mudo , i found one of them which you already know about it.You will ask why i didnt report it ? uhm we all know that making money is kinda hard when the database is already made and script was hard to get into normal player level so i thoughts i'd get some fast cash by it , im sure that anyone of us would do it. This is the only reason why i did what i did. As about Pacho , i bought houses from Jason and i thought that once someone else buys somebodys proeprty the keys reset on its own but it didnt seem like that , i had store the heroin from this kind of bug into my house and also had planted seeds but it was the second time that Pacho was stealing my stuff , he was too curious to know about how i made it so i had to fake up something that i made it by group but since he had an idea of bug or atleast thats what i thought i told him how i did because he said that he was not going to do it also it was my last time i was doing what i did but if i would have reported it afterwards i would be banned anyway since i had aboused it so i had no other ways . Im responsible for my actions but not for Pacho's , he told me that he wouldn't be using it but seems like he did. Any Other Questions you might have , let me know ill answer all of them and honestly because im not really into lies. Mudoo is quiet good server but the script must be updated (Matthew) , i also had offered my scripting skills to leaders but never got a reply so.
  11. In-game name: Th3CrazzyRabbit Date of when you discovered the bug: 05/26/18 What feature is the bug relevant to: drugs Explain how does the bug occur: Okay so i had planted maximum of allowed seeds at my houses and i waited untill i had to water them , i watered the plants and quited the game since it was too late for me , when i logged in morning i spawned at one of my houses where i left and went straight to my seeds , once i was there nothing was planted it was like i never had planted. Additional content: Its second time it happens on both of my houses , the first time i found 2 of my seeds which i had forgoten without watering so it must be something after watering the plants or when they get ready. I had locked both of my houses and the locations are way too far from each house + only i have the keys and no one else and i dont think someone stole my plants. You can Ask Elias Walker since he was with me when i planted and watered the plants then left.
  12. What is your in-game name? Th3CrazzyRabbit Which player(s) do you want to report? Staz When did the rulebreak happen? 06/20/18 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? vladrm - his friend What happened? (quote what rule was broken) I had locked my vehicle and i was inside , i left my pc cuz i had to help my mom with something and when i came back i saw that these guys killed me + damaged my vehicle , after this i pmed him to reply on forums about his DM and he just replied "ur mom " , i got mad and insulted him back , i was going to leave him alone but he keept mother insulting me , i reported him ingame but admin wanted proofs that he did. After this they came to my house which is RK because they killed me and they tried to rob me , i took my vehicle and tried to escape but sadly they kept shooting my car and i was staying in vehicle and it exploded , i got warned for this because Devitt said that i broke Failure to RP rule , i didnt really know that i was forced NOT to stay in a burning vehicle , but this shouldnt Happent at all because Staz and his friend Killed me and then came to Rob me again. Evidence First time when they killed me. [21:33:21] Staz says: hey [21:33:25] Staz says: MOTHERFUCKER GET OUT [21:33:34] Staz shouts: GET OUT! [21:33:48] vladrm says: GET FUCKING OUT [21:33:50] Staz shouts: HEY YOU ! [21:33:52] Staz shouts: GET OUT! [21:33:59] [?] Tip: Use /help to browse somewhat detailed description of server features. [21:34:08] The vehicle engine is damaged and shut off. Try to turn it on with "/engine". [21:34:11] The engine became severely damaged. Try to turn it on with "/engine". Then i was dead. Here i told him to rp but i got insulted and insulted him back but he kept insulting me [21:38:58] Matching Players: [21:38:58] * Staz (31) - level: 8 [21:39:01] PM to Staz (31): reply for dm [21:39:10] PM from Staz (31): ur mom [21:39:27] PM to Staz (31): see you on forum motherfucker [21:39:40] PM from Staz (31): kill yourself piece of shit [21:39:47] PM to Staz (31): kid hahaha [21:39:49] PM to Staz (31): 10 yrs ? [21:40:17] Correct usage: /ad [content] [21:40:18] PM from Staz (31): ask ur mom [21:40:27] You made a report against Staz (31) for Mother insulting over PM. and after they killed me in first place they came back at my house to rob me. [21:53:32]Staz shouts: HANDSUP! [21:53:36] Th3CrazzyRabbit says: really. [21:53:43] Staz shouts: HANDSUP BEFORE I FUCKING RAPE YOU! [21:53:55] Th3CrazzyRabbit says: bye [21:53:56] You are not near a vehicle. [21:53:58] * Th3CrazzyRabbit unlocks their Sandking. [21:53:58] Staz shouts: HANDSUP MOTHERFUCKER! [21:54:01] This vehicle is owned by you. Use /v to view management options. [21:54:01] [?] Tip: Use /v to view vehicle options. Abbreviated commands can be used, such as: /engine, /lights, /window, ... [21:54:02] * Th3CrazzyRabbit turns on the engine of their Sandking. [21:54:06] The engine became severely damaged. Try to turn it on with "/engine". [21:33:21] - First attack by Staz [21:53:32] - Second attack by Staz. Im reporting him for DM , RK and Mother Insults + i would like my warn to be removed because i was warned for nothing , Devitt should have warned Staz for Rking and coming back to me which means i wouldn't be warned at first place.
  13. Yes , thats right i think groups should have atleast something that would make them special , make warehouses only for groups and no owners , every group member should have acess in it ( to craft / load etc ) , also the leader of group should have more acess to warehouse. Also you can make depending on player's rank , higher rank higher permission to warehouse if the leader wants ofc.
  14. i had a reason for hiding behind the shack because i was low on hp as i said and you had full armour , ofcourse if im producing and someone else comes im going to protect my production and thats why i kept aiming at you + if i told you to hands up means that i had a chance to rob/kidnap you which makes you forced to rp with me but you choosed not to rp with me at all , anyway im here just to know if i was wrong or he was wrong , i dont want none of us to be punished just to understand who was wrong in this so if im wrong i wont repeate the same thing over and over.
  15. What is your in-game name? Th3CrazzyRabbit Which player(s) do you want to report? =AV=James When did the rulebreak happen? 06/16/18 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? What happened? (quote what rule was broken) I was producing some heroin at Angel Pine , James came and told me to go away because the area and the shack was owned by X Faction/Family , i was waiting for my drugs to be completed and i was low HP + no armour so i was hiding behind the objects, why i did this ? i was afraid of him shooting me yea because he was full hp + Armour, so to avoid this i started a RP aiming at him , i gave him some time to rp but instant he was talking and i thought he was not going to rp back so i RPed shooting him in leg. After i shot him in leg i was going to as if he would fall down on ground or do something else but instant what i go was couple of bullets and i was dead without any kind of RP by his side, i dont really know about this server but in light servers , if someone starts the RP the other one is forced to rp aswell and if he doesnt then its called PG because at the moment he was shooting at me , he was not giving me chance to shoot back. Evidence Th3CrazzyRabbit says: go away [15:22:01] * =AV=James jumps out of the patriot. [15:22:02] You collected 109 grams of heroin. [15:22:10] =AV=James says: You better stop aiming. [15:22:19] Th3CrazzyRabbit says: why is that ? [15:22:29] =AV=James says: You are cooking in the territory of Flint Liberation Army. [15:22:29] Th3CrazzyRabbit says: i asked you to leave [15:22:35] Th3CrazzyRabbit says: and ? [15:22:42] =AV=James says: I suggest you to stop with whatever you are doing and leave this place immadiately [15:22:59] Th3CrazzyRabbit says: you dont own this shit , even if you own the territory. [15:23:10] =AV=James says: FLA owns whole Flint Country. [15:23:13] * Th3CrazzyRabbit takes out his deagle asking James to put his hands up. [15:23:17] Th3CrazzyRabbit says: put your hands up. [15:23:17] =AV=James says: We will not allow any production of weeds. [15:23:26] =AV=James says: Boy, you are making a huge mistake. [15:23:36] * Th3CrazzyRabbit shoots James on his right leg. After that , i was dead without atleast getting a warning , as far as i know thats PG.
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