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  1. Unbanned, We hope that you learned from your mistakes and not to repeat it in the future. Be good and stay positive to others.
  2. Don't say anything like you said because of your brother's fault, blamed him rather than you admit what you did, I believe it isn't your brother at all, Let's get this straight, do you want to be unbanned? then you will have to wait until the review date. Review date set on 09/12/2018. Don't PM any staff members regarding your ban appeal again or it will result in straight denial.
  3.  From what I see based on punishments record, you had temp banned 3 times, and one of it clearly says you will be banned permanently, and you also have punishments of Avoiding Roleplay which I believe either one of us from the Administrator had warned you before and gave you many chances to fix your shitty attitude but you didn't which is so unfortunate to be seen, you should be ashamed to people who are willing to Roleplay. When I came up, then that's the time you should've shown yourself to comply with their RP instead of kept AFKing which lead you into this condition now. You should've been aware from the first place, even you should've learned from the past punishments you had, you should change yourself to be better. And now how can I trust you if you won't do this again in the future? what makes we have to unban you? elaborate 200 words.
  4. I will be handling this case, you are banned on Friday 9 November 2018 for Avoiding to get arrested (/q) and provoking. I know you are not a one day player who didn't know or wasn't aware of the server rules, you know exactly what is Roleplay and why should we Roleplay, because this is a Roleplay server, not a CnR or something that you can easily end it with /q without interaction or some kind like bad attitude to respond to the scenario. At the scenario when you were a suspect and were about to get arrested, instead of getting arrested by the Officer you mocked at him and saying "Bye" and the worst part is you provoked him in other languages and I think it is obviously not a Roleplay desire. We can see on the chatlogs below regarding your provocation and the picture that depicted you saying that. 13:26:34] saadkhan says: khol [13:27:34] saadkhan says: me baad me aonga [13:27:41] saadkhan says: bye [13:27:54] saadkhan says: yar mujhe parhane aagae And then you /q'ed after that. Your recent punishments show you a terrible record and were similar to the current situation now, you should've learned from your past but you don't which makes me wonder why are you even still want to play like that? Even you ever had in the same condition like this (You've been banned once). Explain what makes we have to unban you in the future and how would you interact with people in the future?

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