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  1. Matthew stated himself "quantity over quality" he will rather have more retarded players than a good community
  2. good job but i said majority of staff do that, there is always good and bad apples and our staff is mostly bad apples or even worse. Also saying getting insulted 12 times like you broke a goal or outdid yourself or you are not worthy of insults and shouldn't be insulted, you should see the players who were abused by management and admins both and were not unable to say shit because if they did, straight ban.
  3. The staff members are literal kids, kids who can't handle death and insult, they will insult players 24/7 but if you say 1 thing against them you will be banned or warned, if you want change you need to change the whole staff, we need staff who are mature and won't cry over a shootout because our current one do, so did the previous.
  4. It's the topkek irish mafia, the mafia wants to hide it's identity and be in shadows while killing people whenever they like, that's the state of the server, it's give shelter to shit groups and let them go away with rulebreaking because half of their members being admins and some being the very best asslickers in history.
  5. lmao i understand this. "mass shootout going on between terrorists and SAPD, hydra, hunter and rustlers" "you get killed" "high rank SAPD comes running up you, does /me searches for license" "suspend weapon license" "kill" bruh
  6. Told ya that you won't make sense in your next reply, i stated atleast 4 things and i got 0 idea what you are talking on.
  7. You choose this position to handle reports, not to let your friends sneak away from punishment for the rules they are breaking, there have been many times where admins abused cmds and warn/ban people for fun and many times staff don't investigate properly at all just listen to the side which have "low ban/warn history" and judges just by that, now you don't want to listen to something because you don't have a answer for it, your next reply will probably won't make 0 sense at all.
  8. I really don't understand anything at this point no more, you make a topic which is about a different thing and people come in say the stupidest thing they can and which is not related to the topic and then their roaches friend hop in the topic and start spreading disease words, like try to understand what i'm talking about and instead of saying "hahah u don't rp, u dm ban hahaha" well that is because of the state of server which leads me any many others to DM because when your really trying to rp either your effort is ignored and made fun of or the next person just takes the oppurtunity of you typing a /me to scroll down to his weapon and shoot and you still middle of typing, then you would know what it's like, now instead of doing what you poo poo heads are doing, we should talk on how to help the server, this is the goal of my topic but looks like no one is interested in it and if you don't got anything good to add just go and do what you regulary do and be a stupid d-head you are. Even the managers of the server didn't add much instead of shit words the only thing they can say, even i don't like @Silvester_Aaron that much but i be honest, he really was the only one who was talking about helping the server and how to fix it instead of quoting everyone bans.
  9. Hahahahahahahaahhahahhah
  10. This server is really filled with dictators, guess that's why matthew use the guy from dictator movie as his profile.
  11. @Lilith First of all you didn't warn me to stop killing someone, the warn you did gave me was because some gambino couldn't land on the ground with a heli without killing himself and i already agreed i did some weird shit killing those cops but don't be thinking the players are at fault for the dm state of the server, it's the management fault because they didn't hire the right guys for the right things, the management just hired them because they brought players from another server and them being incharge basically a$$fu**ed the server with their constant dm and some actual players who were really new to this server and didn't come from Argo, start to learn dm from them which led the server to it's current CnR state which i don't see why people keep ignoring, @Silvester_Aaron it's no conspiracy of mine about matthew and others, it's the truth, there were times where he would ask my group sometimes to cause some mass dm events so his server could be active and just to keep his numbers he let them do DM and whatever they wanted, now that it's on hosted tab he's trying to be a totally different person like some saint but still punishing the wrong people and letting others go undetected because their groups keep the server active. Either they improve the management, staff and rules or let everyone DM they should stick to one thing instead of going RP then DM and RP again.
  12. One of the things about this server, people keep on quoting eachother bans to prove a point when there isn't any, i'm talking about the server and yet people are still trying to not make sense at all, do you people even know before u tell "haha u got ban for DM", if you would know how fucked up the staff team or any management here is then you should know that getting a DM ban doesn't mean shit, only the people who are banned for hacking (like flying with machine guns) are banned for a valid reason but most percentage of bans here are just corrupt staff teams being members of a group, who tell them to make bans against their rival group members, our server doesn't want to do heavy RP yet want to enfroce heavy rp rules, and sometimes the management ask the players to cause event so mass dm can happen, so their group can have the fun "eyes matthew and mikro", and then start talking about dm bans while themselves not being a shit penny worth to judge others, if anyone can make any sense at all when replying, please go ahead but if you want to say "haha u ban for dm, u not rp" then it be better if they just shut up.
  13. so you just rp the /me frisk and kill him off?
  14. uff, tha'ts not the problem but the main problem is that no one is our server is rp material except some few who are eliminated by staff because our staff isn't that good, our staff isn't mature at all some are still passing puberty and shit, our group have CnR scripts and all, it be better to become CnR rather than RP, it's the best option, our players who make good groups which do interact with others don't work because how shitty the players are, driving like crazy taxi on road and police giving ticket while other players are killing themselves, the managers trying to prevent this wih more scripts have turned it into more dm.
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