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  1. Oh god mr.innocent oof i'm out
  2. Like i see the staff doing something better than me being 24/7 racist and treating players like shit when they are a little offended by them they just want everyone to lick their feet and those who don't are treated harshly if you say one bad thing to staff in /pm even if its not admin related they will literally ban you for it and when they fake ban someone they want the player to admit that they did it so the staff doesn't lose his asslicked earned "reputation"
  3. Remove the retarded staff who gets offended on the smallest thing ever and do 0 rp or barely has any knowledge of it keep the good staff with mental control and also look at reports instead of bitching about it
  4. Why don't we do a group reset at the least? i mean the "hard" earned stuff by the group members goes back to them or whatever not and we just remove every group at the moment and start a little new there because the groups in here only has weed shootouts and turfs we put some rules regrading groups which will not have every single person making one.
  5. wow if m.dogg saying this my god am so wrong
  6. wow i almost get a brain cancer hearing top dmers saying shit about roleplay as LeT we protrayed the most different unique and original roleplay we did something different instead of coping the one same /sit 1 rp from other groups like its a tradition of the low class rpers who only can make fancy SS and not actually rp at all it was a group argument we had and nothing much))
  7. hearing retarded comments from top class dmers on rp of others group why they themselves didn't do much then forum spam with chatlogs Lets do hope people actually start rping in game not in movie servers to get official on forum
  8. its wrong to say "a little" its really is this what a CnR is about? Lots of shooting between groups or cops robbing money earning money no roleplay lots of scripted things also turfs
  9. we should develop the server to CnR it would be more fun that way
  10. Subhan

    Roleplay is dead?

    Hmmm weapon prices be high? Seems familiar to me and i remember nothing had changed when some other people did it Thing is doing that will just make people do 24/7 drugs and again no roleplay at all what we need is to remove cancerous staff members who don't give a good shit about roleplay at all who become a bad example for new players the new players obviously will try to see staff for rp examples and when they see all they do is just /s fuck you "shoots" so will the new player will Adding too many scripts is also ruing the leftover roleplay everyone just hands up lay down /frisk /rob "kill" and done a done we need less script and more focus on the rules of roleplay also good staff Srsly at the start of the server mostly everyone was a staff member same is now but its less we have everyone as a staff member some are good and some are just not in their head who are here to troll
  11. Subhan

    Roleplay is dead?

    kek matthew sir it was i who was bombing Bone County and gave official status to /sit 1 rp
  12. we should remove deagle
  13. What is your in-game name? Bigg_Smoke Which player(s) do you want to report? Domenico_Calcaterra When did the rulebreak happen? 07/22/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Joseph_Profaci What happened? (quote what rule was broken) Me with Joseph Profaci was rolling on a Sanchez we saw Domenico walking we were going to rob him but when we wen't there he immediately wen't afk to avoid us at any cost he wen't afk for straight 6 mints and probably is still AFK he is already banned for some shit and now again he is RBing i got SS of him going afk so fast as heck -Avoiding interaction Evidence
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