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  1. Just saying now the current criminal roleplay we have is really shitty at the time all the mafia groups do is repeat and repeat the same roleplay >/sit 1 >driving in car >/sit 1 again but with more people >kidnap and robbing The group's topic is just being filled with same thing with same roleplay just different persons the group only has the story for the introduction and all of them are same like e.g: “ mr.man was rich live happy life mr.man's wife mr.wonman die mr.man got mad made a mafia now he kills people” nothing original at all the amount of useless groups we have is out of hand I mean you could make better story if you had played the SP without skipping the cutscenes or even if you didn't least understand them how great the story the SP had and you could just took some materials out of from SP story mode then improve it and make a great group in here. There is actually no criminal group which is different the only difference between each group are just the names and nothing else not even their roleplay is different Probably be better to let only those people make groups that are capable of making the group have a good reason to be a criminal organization and not every person who has no goal and by goal i don't mean that the group end their group on the goal when they complete their goal they further the goal of theirs and do more good roleplay and when they want to close it they can but least it don't end as a failure.
  2. is this still on going or what?
  3. reset the script
  4. ab koi tughe vote nahi de ga bhool ja bhai
  5. Your In game name: Syed_Hussain Possibility to attend: Mid
  6. heh no worst admin section?
  7. oh look at this mega CSC roleplayer best cup and curaiminal
  8. have fun playing with bots
  9. Subhan

    Eid Mubarak!

    Happy EID to everyone Staff eidi nikalo
  10. fortnite default dance retard it won't take your worthless time to just read it
  11. Subhan

    The Meme Department

    don't get me wrong @Silvester_Aaron @AndersCM i just forgot about some retards existence and also i couldn't find a image to fill you all in
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