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  1. You never ever explained how it was not a rule break as far as i know spawn killing is a rule-break. Someone just spawned and you taze him is not rule-break while shooting someone on spawning is rule-break? My actions were in reaction of that taze i thought i am being abused. Why i would hate someone when i don't even know him much but everyone around knows how much he hates Pakis he himself mentioned twice when he use to lead a Govt official group that i will not allow any pakistani to be in my group because i hate them. Well it's not a right place to discuss this. Yeah, i will try to resolve my anger issues and try to be a better person.
  2. You simply ignored 20 lines in which i have already stated what happened, The way i get tazed on spawning that's not rule break in your sight? Realize my mistake? My mistake was i was arguing to an admin who abused his tazer by spawn tazing me with zero RP interaction, i would have said nothing and get my inventory ripped off. Am not comparing my unban request to anyone else but i wonder on which bases you guys issue punishments, my in-game level which is 20+ with zero punishment history proves am willingly here to play and i have been contributing in others game-play without causing a disturbance. I am a calm guy i already mentioned i got triggered by the actions of one of your staff member which are being neglected completely. And my way of playing in server is fine tho which can be proved by my punishment history. This grave was digged by someone else for me. Jamal R
  3. Oh hey devit, Whoever banned me will not affect the story of my side. Getting tazed right after you spawn by an admin and then he starts forcing you to RP it will blow the mind of anyone in the server. Same thing happened to one of my friend as well in same shootout he crashed and relogged same time when he spawned outside the property he got spammed by M4 bullets and lost his armour with his half HP. Now you will say report it to IA. How am i suppose to report 6 masked guys to IA i don't even see their names i cannot report them ingame because 99% cases are redirected to IA no wonder why things are getting too much complicated if you talk about reporting a player from law enforcement. Server Rules should be same for each and everyone and it should be enforced by Admins of server instead of dragging IA as a shield to their punishment history. I was triggered for getting forced to continue the roleplay since i was part of shootout i got myself dragged out with magical powers. If you will get into someone gameplay and ruin it and then turn on your superpowers telling the person to confess that you /qued on purpose to avoid RP without even listening to my part of story i lost my temper thats what a normal person will do. 1) i thought it could be an easy way to get myself out of the mess. 2) i was trying to convince Elias from last 30 minutes that spawn killing is not allowed and you cannot just taze me on spawning without any interaction but instead of listening to me he kept on asking me to confess what he actually forced me to do so (/q to avoid is tazed RP) Additional Notes:- It's my first time am visiting this board so i found something really shocking i mean players with 10+ (20+ 30+) punishments in their history getting warned for the same reason a player who have neat punishment history getting a perm banned for. Jamal.R
  4. What is your in-game name? Jamal.R Which staff member banned you? Elias_Walker When did you get banned? 11/10/18 What is the ban reason? /q to avoid RP Personal comment Hello there I will start from the very beginning of the story i was rolling with my friends around commerce and there was a camping situation inside a house SAPD was setting up barricades outsides we were like seven to eight inside. My mom called me and i was forced to shut down my computer because of some serious in real life problems. After 25 30 minutes when i got free from all the stuff i turned on my computer joined discord voice call and asked my friends if situation is still going on or its over. I was told it is still going on so i quickly decided to login. As soon as i logged in and spawned outside the property i got tazed by Elias Walker. Tazing someone without any interaction might be IC matter but Spawn killing is rule break thats what i heard as being part of criminal group. Tazing me right on the moment and forcing me to RP getting Tazed is not fair enough in my sight because there are zero chances for me to escape or to avoid the scene. As Elias was forcing me to RP being tazed I purposely /qued to talk to matthew about the situation because for me spawn tazing someone who logged in after 30 minutes is not IC matter it should be counted as misuse of powers.well then i pmed Matthew about the situation and got a reply its IC matter report him to IA am using a low FPS PC no wonder how can i record my gameplay and report every cop who is rulebreaking just because they know they will not get punished instead of that IA will handle their reports. Logged in again and elias was not there so i jumped inside property and joined the shootout but elias teleported me outside the property and started forcing me to admit what i have not done. Maybe i am wrong at any place still i would request HQ to consider my unban request because i have a clean punishment history. Thank You Jamal.R
  5. What is your in-game name? Jamal_Patriarca Which player(s) do you want to report? Tony_Gambino & Sergei_Smrinov When did the rulebreak happen? 06/25/18 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Only Me What happened? (quote what rule was broken) I have nothing to say just watch video and tell me does that comes in dming or not i dont see whether i was given chance to type or not Evidence
  6. What is your in-game name? Jamal_Patriarca Which player(s) do you want to report? Tony_Gambino & Richie_Gambino When did the rulebreak happen? 06/26/18 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Maybe Justin_Castello What happened? (quote what rule was broken) I was at Arco del oeste shack with my friend Micheal_Patriarca.I left him there and was on my way to nearby shack to cook heroin but as i went down arco del oeste mountain i found tony and richie coming up in car.Somehow my car went upside downs due to uneven landscape of mountain and my car crasshed.Then i recieved some messages from micheal (and he also called for backup to castello's aswell as me from walkie talkie ) that i should come up and take him as he may have interacted with gambino and was ok to leave,but by the time i went up there he was killed.I didnt saw him dying by my own eyes so i pretended as i dont know anything yet i went up and found both of them coming to me(here i started recording) i tried to interact with them as i was looking for my friend, they said is that your friend, so i went closer to body to try rp a scene but the suddenly went handsup and shouted there i went to recognize the body and suddenly justin_castello came in heli. He didnt attacked not do any interaction but gambinoes killed me with knife by stating that i called for backup. (I can be wrong as this is my first rp server, but i feel that in this scenario i was dmed) Evidence
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