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  1. isnt this a donator feature and selling shit like that isnt allowed
  2. imagine thinking you are funny
  3. imagine crying about wealth on an rpg server where its already easy af to get money on the illegal side and for cops, they get weapons, armor and vehicles all for FREE y all be out here retards smh question your existence a bit: were u really born to care about grinding money on a casual samp server?
  4. Introduction So, after I saw that the last event worked out decently fine, I got another pretty cool idea, to make one with RC vehicles! The event will be going around some parts of Los Santos, where I have set up a pretty cool track along with the help of in-game barriers. Besides that, nothing is really unusual, except the vehicles used. Information Okay, as I clearly stated, we'll be using only RC cars available in SA:MP, so only the following will be available: "RC BARON" "RC TIGER" Both of the vehicles have the same stats, such as speed, handling and health. The players will be able to pick one of their choice, just for aesthetic purpose, and they will be supplied by me or other organizers of the event. The event will be held on 13/04/2019, Saturday, 16:00 CET.(/td in-game >> real time) Rewards 1st place- $1M; 2nd place-Turismo; 3rd place-Buffalo; Rules Regarding this subject, there is not that much to say, rather than the usual: -Ramming is not really a thing with RC vehicles, BUT lagramming is NOT accepted. -No shortcuts, you have to stay on the exact track designated by the race barriers. -The only usable vehicles are the ones listed earlier. Track The race barriers on the track will be placed on the day of the event, therefore I can't really showcase it fully right now. Also, there is the issue of the way paths are drawn on the map of GTA, therefore I can't make a scheme either. I made some screens of the zones through which it will be going, and the track itself will be showcased on the day of the event. Note: If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the event, make sure to comment down below. Created solely and partly organized by Jason Maxwell, also known as soimanitorul.
  5. unfortunately, i have to drop this, unrelated circumstances have rendered me unable to host it. any admin or player who would like to host this is free to, talk to LocMax in advance.
  6. he s the only one in that shitty group anyways :lul: Tl dr i tried to make a decent topic and maybe highlighting the problem of the server to the admins by having other players show their thoughts, in order to make a change Instead some fucking paki retards came around and bragged how one is a good rper or bragging about being accepted in certain servers the kind of people i would not hold any remorse in torturing them
  7. >application gets accepted after 17 tries >UuUuUuU hurr durr Am Hardcore Rper..
  8. too bad we can’t change it now doing random metagaming in /l and targeting people you know oocly is already mainstream It’s like trying to change someone’s religion people already got the mindset for these things, and im pretty sure it cant be changed anymore.. sadly
  9. you do realise that just because you re not from a mafia or a gang, doesn’t mean you can’t do illegal stuff? there s plenty cops even irl who are corrupt, blackmail and commit crimes
  10. I remember the topics that Matthew made ”A talk about the deathmatch” ”Let’s have more rp” omegalul seems the staff abandoned these topics
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