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  1. http://skr.rs/jss Here, it’s all inside. Just start up samp-server, add a server in ur server list with ip and connect.
  2. Fusez map editor 2. Fusez map editor 3 is fine too, but I work faster on the 2 one.
  3. You ought to start mapping privately maybe, if the furniture system limits you
  4. If you want a mapping like octavius’s, go get one. It’s like choosing between spotify premium and trial. Even after octavius made the current LSPD, people still came to me to ask me to make another one, like the one I did for FBI. My FBI interior has over 2600 objects, total of 3 floors(3 different interiors) Current LSPD has 1 floor and under 600-800 objects)perhaps even less) And there’s no need to say how most other maps made by the mappers you mentioned do not compare.
  5. TO BE CLEAR (you dumbasses) There s a total of 2 FBI ranchers that can be transfered/sold etc and they were both mine I gave andrew one cause he s my friend There are other ranchers like fbi/ems/sapd ones but those are only for special use Also, TIM has 1-2 as well, but those aren t transferable and will be deleted when the group is deleted.
  6. Hello! This topic has been created in order to showcase my marvelous creations to the members of this community. I would like to point out that I am taking requests right now, in exchange for real life money.(( Paypal, bank transfer, etc.)) If you'd like to make a request or buy a mapping from me, please contact me on discord at Dr. Sc. Maxwell#5039 or in-game at Jason_Maxwell, ph:77777. Images Los Santos Customs Garage FBI HQ US Congress interior
  7. WE NEED SPONSORS! Sponsors will be displayed on a billboard located in the NASCAR stadium. They will also be advertised in the event announcements. Sponsors are crucial for making the reward of the event high enough to be valuable and meaningful to strive for. In return, the sponsors will be granted exclusive access to the race plans, given space for own suggestions and as mentioned above, advertised. If you're interested to be a sponsor for the NASCAR event, contact Jason Maxwell, the organizer, on phone number 77777.
  8. What is NASCAR (in real life)? NASCAR stands for National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. It's a privately owned company founded by Bill France Sr. in 1948. The headquarters are in Daytona Beach, Florida. It hosts over 1,500 races at over 100 tracks in 48 US states. There are also races conducted in Europe and other countries. How does NASCAR racing work? A NASCAR race consists of 12 competitors racing for 30 laps, on the track shown below. credits to darles92 A total of twelve racers will be rounded up in the beginning, in
  10. see you in <amount of time until your unban>
  11. so briefly discord @everyone need backup in game come group up in game =come at x location guys /s stop /s stop dm
  12. isnt this a donator feature and selling shit like that isnt allowed
  13. imagine thinking you are funny
  14. imagine crying about wealth on an rpg server where its already easy af to get money on the illegal side and for cops, they get weapons, armor and vehicles all for FREE y all be out here retards smh question your existence a bit: were u really born to care about grinding money on a casual samp server?
  15. Introduction So, after I saw that the last event worked out decently fine, I got another pretty cool idea, to make one with RC vehicles! The event will be going around some parts of Los Santos, where I have set up a pretty cool track along with the help of in-game barriers. Besides that, nothing is really unusual, except the vehicles used. Information Okay, as I clearly stated, we'll be using only RC cars available in SA:MP, so only the following will be available: "RC BARON" "RC TIGER"
  16. unfortunately, i have to drop this, unrelated circumstances have rendered me unable to host it. any admin or player who would like to host this is free to, talk to LocMax in advance.
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