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  1. Reset to zero? I have told you the exact amount of exploit cash @Mikro @LocMax
  2. I used another laptop and connected it with the mobile internet by hotspot, i have different internet on mobile. So that was me only and no one helped me creating a new account.
  3. I don’t know where did chaudry’s cash go and why did ahmed gave that much money to chaudry may be they are close friends I gave exactly 12m to aiden, 7m once when he lost from enzo so i paid for him and 5m again in the casino when he were losing, he kept asking me for money and I couldn’t say no cause he is my friend and i gave 2m to ricardo that too in casino and some millions to chaudry which were 5 or 6.
  4. We two did it together we neither had any idea about others doing it nor we ourselves leak this info to anyone. we kept this bug to us only and i do know you have everything thats why I’m telling all the truth. I told u everything i know about
  5. Chaudry is my cousin we both together abused this bug just to get the fame of to be called richest person on the server. We did not leak this bug out then everyone would have rich like us and there was higher chances of admin awareness by leaking so we did not leak it. I told you all the truth in very clear words all i seek is un unban now.
  6. What is your in-game name? Asif_Zardari Which staff member banned you? Don't know When did you get banned? 09/01/18 What is the ban reason? Bug Abuse to Gain Money Personal comment Greetings, I have no words to explain this, all i know is i found this bug and abused it right away which is actually a fact. I won’t cover myself by giving an excuses like others, i did a mistake and i’ll be straight forward admit it.I haven't all the bug money there is more that i have earned by legal way.I’m more than just embarrassed i could have simply reported it to forums but money made me blind. From this mistake i simply learnt that I won’t ever get through any bug where logs can catch all. In the future if i find any bug i assure u guys that i’ll report it instead of misusing it for own sake. I’m so guilty that i did a mistake like that and with all the head down i promise to not repeat again. All i seek is a chance to be back on the server Sorry!
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