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  1. Memory

    0.3.7 or DL

    Both merged is the best option
  2. What is your in-game name? Mary_Johnson Which player(s) do you want to report? Rodas_Takashi When did the rulebreak happen? 09/19/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? What happened? (quote what rule was broken) He roleplayed giving me the bag of money and after it he just called cops on me and i ran with the bag and he refused to give me money OOCly by /send after roleplaying everything and ignored me. Evidence [20:48:41] * Rodas takashi takes the money bag to Mary [20:48:43] Omar Alston says: True [20:48:45] Tayvion Delacruz says [Afro-American accent]: Iss me, Young, Smith. [20:48:49] Tayvion Delacruz says [Afro-American accent]: Whatever you gone call me. [20:48:50] * Mary Johnson extends her right arm taking the bag [20:48:52] * Mary Johnson starts counting [20:48:53] Omar Alston says: Man 20:48:53] Omar Alston says: Man [20:48:57] * 30min would pass (Mary Johnson) [20:48:58] Omar Alston says: Whas good. [20:49:00] Mary Johnson says: Aight its cool [20:49:01] (( Mary_Johnson: /send )) [20:49:03] Tayvion Delacruz says [Afro-American accent]: Ain nun. [20:49:08] * Omar Alston acts like he remember Tayvion. [20:49:16] (( Tayvion_Delacruz: do u remember me oocly? lmao )) [20:49:16] Omar Alston says: Good shi [20:49:19] Omar Alston says: How is faimly? [20:49:25] Tayvion Delacruz says [Afro-American accent]: Good, good. [20:49:30] Rodas takashi says [Chinese accent]: this is all very strange [20:49:34] Omar Alston says: Good shit fam [20:49:35] Mary Johnson says: I know right [20:49:43] * Mary Johnson wears the backpack of money [20:49:46] Mary Johnson says: aight this shit is good [20:49:48] Omar Alston says: Ayo [20:49:51] (( Mary_Johnson: /send )) [20:49:51] Tayvion Delacruz says [Afro-American accent]: Sup? [20:49:54] Omar Alston says: Nice shirt dawg. [20:49:58] Tayvion Delacruz says [Afro-American accent]: Thanks fam. [20:50:00] {B00EC9}[VIP] {FFFFFF}Steve_Andolini (1){FFFFFF}: ned? what's happend today? i mean in the morning, what's happend to you? [20:50:01] * Omar Alston chuckles. [20:50:06] * Tayvion Delacruz smirks. [20:50:10] Tayvion Delacruz says [Afro-American accent]: Lemme go git sum real quick. [20:50:13] (( Mary_Johnson: /send 0 350000 )) [20:50:19] Rodas takashi says [Chinese accent]: lets do this in half [20:50:26] Mary Johnson says: I already got money [20:50:26] Mary Johnson says: man [20:50:33] Mary Johnson says: hold up [20:50:37] Mary Johnson says: i'll get yo da stuff [20:50:39] (( Mary_Johnson: /send )) [20:50:45] Online Administration: [20:50:45] * Senior Administrator: Marcus_Martinez (9), Status: Playing [20:50:45] * Administrator: Mika_Williams (17), Status: {FFCC00}Paused [20:50:45] Use "/helpers" to check online Helpers. [20:50:49] Tayvion Delacruz says [Afro-American accent]: Got this bitch yesterday. [20:50:51] * Omar Alston drinks some soda. [20:50:54] Don Delacruz says [Mexican accent]: yo [20:50:58] Don Delacruz says [Mexican accent]: put the tec away infront of those cops [20:50:59] * Tayvion Delacruz has a custom made automatic [20:50:59] ** Nicolas Cage o< [American accent]: Drop the weapon ** [20:51:01] ** Nicolas Cage o< [American accent]: Drop the weapon ** [20:51:02] Don Delacruz says [Mexican accent]: you gon fuck around get arrested again [20:51:03] * Omar Alston changed the radio station.
  3. In-game name: Mary_Johnson Date of when you discovered the bug: 07/09/19 What feature is the bug relevant to: job Explain how does the bug occur: When i try to /fish it says i have to be idle and not moving while i'm not moving Additional content: Nothing.
  4. Starting bid : 1.3mil Bidstep : 100k
  5. your IG Name : Rad_Clawy Your discord name : SMoKe.#0234 your number (1-30)
  6. K dont ask me for a rpg case later
  7. i would like to buy that turismo or buffalo
  8. Starting BID : 150K Bid-step : 25k In[G]ame[N]ame : Rad_Clawy
  9. TEAM NAME: The Trollers TEAM MEMBERS: Cap_Wilson Bret_Maverick Nikolas_Spasimirov Andeey_Cake
  10. Memory

    Roleplay is dead?

    i think if you make roleplay more easy more people will come these days u have to rp everything or someone will report u and theres many scripts to do and shit if u just miss one thing u will get warned or banned i dont hate that but its just confusing new players and they have to understand all shit i never saw a new player playing mudoo rpg from a long time everytime i see a new player he gets banned after 5mins for hacking so if u make the script more easier to understand more players will come first time i played a roleplay server i was so confused when i asked how to find a job (not in mudoo) they told me u have to fill an application and send it to the boss and shit so i left and i joined mudoo (like 8months ago) and i found that its much easier to understand the script then new updates and shit were changed so now i dont enjoy the game alot so everyday i play like 3hours 4hours while i was playing up to 7hours
  11. Memory

    Upcoming Events

    Me : shit i became broke* Mudoo RPG : *Makes Events and Auctions*
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