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  1. Bro, release FiveM server alr
  2. Even the staff team, and SAPD by late 2018 was fine until shitheads became staff members lol. They rather wanna punish someone who dm’ed a person who wasn’t willing to RP when being dragged and got killed instead punish the person who was RP’ing and killed the person after being annoyed af for dm smh
  3. Back when Derek dealt with staff applications, I had been rejected twice and got a notice on each of the times I got denied, but hey, 2018 and 2020 have a huge difference.
  4. Why ban Mikal for racism when the community manager himself can’t control himself? @Mikaltf is this bro?
  5. What is your in-game name? Ricky_McGrath Which staff member banned you? Kacper When did you get banned? 09/10/2020 What is the ban reason? illegal modifications Personal comment Personally, I let Kacper check everything there was in the folder, my DMs as well as my downloads folder + history, and ingame too, just don't know why I'm banned. I thought I was clean, so I allowed him to check - IF I were to be using a mod, which is claimed by you for me to be using, do tell me.
  6. @Leonardoyou didnt do /me pats?????? WTF I REPORT TO ADMIN. Like dude, whether I write a short line or not, you’re getting robbed anyways. That’s the whole point of it, you clearly know you are gonna get robbed so why even bother like W T F.
  7. - I really try to host events, I swear to god I host events, and each time I try to do something good, “TURF WAR OMG OMG THRF ATTAK PLX HELP”. Oh, turf wars are over, let’s host the event now. SMUGGGLLELEEEEEEE!!!!!! Oh, okay lets just wait for it to be over, then we can host a RP event which promotes RP. Boom, finally hosted a RP event. OH CRAP, NO ONE GIVES A FLYING FUCK ABOUT IT! Just Ricky McGrath over there, with a few people with rest of the server unwilling to role-play, not even once. Moving on, I tried to host an event where we protest, everyone went wild like animals, getting on vehi
  8. Hm, I need popcorns.
  9. Ask half the players over here if they support voice RP, or text based. Perhaps you should take a look at servers like GTA W, or sorts like those which do not support voice RP. Besides, if you really want to play in such a server, you should rather join Eclipse RP and have fun with voice chat over there. Oh and, by the way, I have played, and do play FiveM, and RageMP both. Stop bringing up shitty facts based on assumptions.
  10. Voice RP is fucked up, and not supported by anyone. The most famous server of Rage MP doesn’t support it either, vc fucks up everything. Communication of PD, certain groups can use it from their own discords/TS, but no. Not needed, hell no. Besides, can we have a TS server already?
  11. Fr man, instead of wasting it, rather give it to me lmfao
  12. Lmao im poor give me it then dont waste it
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