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  1. *Name:Ricky Martin Alias(optional): *Phone number:6678 *Vehicle used:Elegy.
  2. Well, heavy weaponry can not be carried, hence it should not be in legal ammunations. Rather put it in a case? Because that's what has happened to heavy weapons.
  3. @DeanC color mod/enb, please.
  4. Vision has Jarvis's metrics, Iron Man uses Friday now.
  5. Try ELM v1.0, altho if you have GTAV hud, you will have to delete plugin.asi.
  6. The following stuff which is written above is 100% true, and groups should be having ranks like that.
  7. Contact me through discord Ricky_Martin#8436.
  8. Well, everyone knows ARA, for those who don't, you should not . Well, sorry that I'm taking it from another community or whatsoever, we can add up Road Construction to the server.
  9. SUPPORTED, this is what I was trying to suggest from all these days.
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